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The Basics of SWOT Analysis

Are you a businessman wanting to evaluate your company’s performance? Or are you a project manager, planning out what needs to be done to meet deadlines? Whatever the case, you will have to do one thing—a SWOT Analysis. You’ve probably been around in the corporate world long enough to hear about this, but this time, […]

10 Failproof Ways to Keep Your Readers Reading

Having trouble gaining new readers for your blog? That sounds like a familiar issue. Let’s face it, people today don’t enjoy reading long posts. Ten years ago, that might be a different story. Back then, chances were high that people would care enough to scroll past your first few lines. But that’s a decade ago. […]

The Instagram Algorithm—How It Works

Are you smarter than Instagram? If you’re crazy about beating Instagram’s algorithm, we hear you! Rumor has it that it’s difficult to get past the algorithm, especially with the platform’s ever-updating codes. BUT, and that’s in all-caps for a reason, it can be done.  We’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of tips for […]