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Expert Tips on Creating a Successful Instagram Campaign

Thinking of running a promotional campaign on social media? Running one on Instagram would be a good choice. With roughly 800 million active users and some 80 million posts per day, Instagram definitely has the huge potential to help you reach out to a wider audience. Trouble is, running an EFFECTIVE promotional campaign isn’t that […]

The Latest Instagram Updates for 2020

Are your Instagram strategies for 2020 still up-to-date? Here are some key updates to Instagram’s features that you should know so you could continue monetizing your account big time. Upcoming Ads on IGTV One exciting update for IGTV is that soon you can start putting your ads on IGTV videos that perform really well. Right […]

How to Optimize Your Instagram Strategy for 2020 

So many things have been happening recently, and with the majority of the world’s businesses scrambling to command attention from their niche online, it’s important that you stay in the game. Especially when it comes to advertising your brand on Instagram.  As you probably notice, Instagram is continually changing and refining its algorithms to keep […]