Instagram Reels & Influencer Marketing: Everything Brands Need to Know

2024 calls for a new era of marketing. Many new platforms are rising to the top, and consumers are behaving quite differently towards brands. Is this an opportunity or a threat? The answer to this question depends on your ability to meet customers’ expectations by using out-of-the-box instagram marketing strategies 2024. This is where Instagram Reels marketing comes to the forefront.

Instagram Reels, one of the trendiest features of Instagram, offers a unique way to create and discover short-form videos on the platform. You can record and edit 15 seconds of multi-clip videos with custom audios, effects, and tools, like filters, with Reels. Influencers, as well as brands, are going ga-ga over this new feature.

Reels’ content is similar to that of TikTok but still, it’s not direct competition to the app. For Instagram influencers, Reels provide an opportunity to share their content with their target audience. After putting time and effort into gain followers on Instagram, influencers have to maintain their followers by sharing genuine content, which is possible through Reels.

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What Are Instagram Reels? How Are They Different from Instagram Stories?

Want to know the difference between Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories? Honestly, there is not much difference. Both features allow you to share short video content with your audience. Instagram Reels offers a wider range of video editing tools, effects, and speed controls than Instagram Stories. It is a one of the best ways to grow your instagram followers. 

With Instagram Reels, you have the power to seamlessly combine multiple videos into one coherent clip that tells a story. But, unlike Instagram Stories, Reels only allows for video content – no photos are permitted. While Reels and Instagram Stories share some similarities, they do have notable differences. For example, Reels allows you to share your creations with your followers exclusively, whereas Stories are visible to everyone who follows you. Additionally, you can add your Reels to the Explore page, where they can be viewed by the entire Instagram community, giving you an even wider audience to showcase your skills and creativity.


Why Are Instagram Reels Important for Businesses in 2024?

What makes Instagram’s new feature buzzworthy? Why should brands use it immediately? To answer these questions, let’s look at the statistics that make them popular amongst brands.

  1.  Reaching an audience of 2.35 billion people every month, reels have become a popular medium for interaction.
  2. India has the biggest user base for the Instagram reels feature.
  3. Users can now upload reels of up to 90 seconds.
  4. Instagram Reels are a great way for brands to showcase their products or services and connect with their audience.
  5. The feature offers a new way for brands to reach younger audiences who are increasingly consuming short-form video content.
  6. Reels can help brands to increase their organic reach on Instagram and potentially attract new followers.


What Is the Role of Instagram Reels in Influencer Marketing?

Reels have become the go-to feature for creating fast, fun content. Influencers can use Reels to share DIY hacks, recipes, and popular dance numbers in a short, 15-second video. With Reels, influencers can create, edit and share your videos with followers in just a few minutes. Here are some of the creative ways in which influencers can use Reels.


Re-Use TikTok Videos

If influencers already have TikTok content, they can re-use it in Instagram Reels. The video dimensions are already in a 1080×1920 format. You can find the same audio clips in Reels or add a new audio format. By doing so, showcase your content to a new audience or convince the audience that saw the clip on TikTok to watch the same content on Instagram Reels.

Create New Challenges

Online challenges, like the #SavageChallenge and #CeleblookalikeChallenge, have taken social media by storm. Influencers can create a challenge with unique hashtags as a way to interact with their audience. For instance, Sephora collaborates with influencers in the beauty/makeup online scene and posts challenges for the audiences to compete with, and they create Reels with that hashtag.

Showcase New Products and Share News

Brands can collaborate with micro-influencers to showcase their products and share exciting news with their audience through Reels. The short nature of Reels videos offers a creative way for brands to keep their audience up-to-date with any news related to their brand. ASOS and Sephora are two well-known brands that have incorporated Reels in their marketing strategy. Influencers use Reels to showcase a brand’s new collection and create their own promotional hashtag.

Keep Up With Popular Trends

Through Reels, influencers can stay current with upcoming trends and implement them in their videos. Influencers use popular TikTok trends to make Reels and with an appropriate hashtag, reach out to a broad group of people who don’t follow their page. Every Reel has a trend or challenge attached to it.

Five Key Benefits of Instagram Reels for Brands


Reels or TikTok? Can Reels help you grow Instagram followers organically? Do Reels work better than Instagram Stories on TikTok? In this article, we will answer all your questions related to Reels.

Reels are Easy to Create

We know creating video content requires a lot of time, money, and effort. The same is not true with Reels. Like TikTok, Reels are short videos that you can create without incurring much investment. Another advantage of Reels is that viewers get to know about your brand without investing a lot of time.

Share Educational Content

To increase engagement, brands can share educational content with their target audience. For instance, if you are in the hospitality business, share quick travel tips. If you are a clothing brand, share wash, and care tips. Reels offer an opportunity to share educational content to involve an existing audience. Brands can ask users for tips and create Reels based on their audience’s best tips, giving a shout-out to their audience for their contribution.

Availability of a Range of Filters, Audio Files, and AR Effects

With Reels, brands can get creative with their video content by using various filters and audio/music files that can be embedded in videos. On top of that, the AR effect helps increase the quality of the video content.

Get Your Content On the Explore Page

Instagram allows brands to be featured on the Explore page. The benefits of getting a video on the Explore page include an increase in brand awareness and conversions. The new Instagram feature allows brands to increase Instagram engagement with their followers. After uploading the video, the Instagram algorithm will promote more and more followers, thus increasing brand awareness.

Reels Content is Permanent

Like Reels, with Instagram Stories you can also create short videos but Reels offer the benefit of permanent content. Stories expire after 24 hours unless you use them as highlights. Brands are advised to create many different Reels and post them whenever they wish as a part of their marketing plan.

How Do Reels Work?

Are you all set to become part of the new trend? Yes, we are talking about promoting your brand by using Instagram’s new feature. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Find the menu between the default Normal mode and Create mode, or on the bottom menu next to the story.
  • Open the Instagram Stories camera and find the Reels icon.
  • Select your audio by clicking on the music icon.
  • To select the speed, press the play icon.
  • Select your clips by clicking on the stopwatch icon.
  • Start and stop recording multiple times by holding the record button.
  • Once you are done, edit your video clips.
  • Finally, it’s time to share your masterpiece with the world.

The Future of Reels is Looking Bright

The creative possibilities of Reels are endless. The new feature offers tremendous engagement possibilities for brands and goes hand-in-hand with the best Influencer marketing services. Creative content entices users to watch it again, share, and like, thus increasing brand exposure substantially. Co-creation allows brands to involve users in the creative process, encouraging them to reproduce content and re-share it. Music and Reels’ unique editing tools make it popular among brands and users. To make Reels catchy and engaging, brands need to choose the right song and AR effects.


Reels are the new TikTok in town that has got everyone buzzing for 15 seconds. The 15-second format is a hit in today’s times and has a bright future ahead. The popularity of Reels is the reason why brands flock around the new feature.

It’s the right time for brands to jump in and enjoy the mover’s advantage before it is saturated, like any other platform.

Instagram Reels Are they Bliss For your Business

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