Why Should Brands Rely on Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2023?

We are heading to the future, where you will see flying cars, automated homes, brain-reading robots, and whatnot. In this technological world, relying on traditional marketing methods to attract an audience is a foolish maneuver. So, what can different brands do to make a spot in the highly competitive world? Enters Instagram influencer marketingin 2023 – a sure-shot way to cater to a large audience.

It’s 2023, and you brainstorm ideas to boost your social media following in a board meeting. You have spent hours planning and creating content for Instagram, and still, you managed to get only a few likes and followers. So, now you are thinking about how to get more followers on Instagram? Why not give Instagram influencer marketing a spin-off?

Influencer marketing has existed for a long time, but trust us, it’s not going anywhere soon. The only way to make big bucks from the marketing strategy is to find new ways to collaborate with influencers.

The path to success is quite bumpy, but to make your way, you need a well-curated strategy, i.e., a mix of influencer marketing and other growth tactics.

So, let’s talk about these strategies one by one.

Instagram Influencer Marketing VS Classic Advertising: Let the Numbers do the Talking

Instagram Influencer

Trust us, celebrity Instagram marketing can take your brand to new heights, while traditional marketing will only misbalance your budget. Here are some statistics that show why influence marketing is a must for brands:

  • Recommendations influence 70% of consumers
  • You will get 11% more ROI compared to other channels
  • 79% of brands have a separate influencer marketing budget
  • 62% of brands have spent more budget on influencer marketing

Traditional Marketing statistics

  • 96% of consumers don’t trust ads
  • 26% of internet users have Adblock on their PCs
  • -18% spend on print media advertising
  • -2% spent on TV advertising in 2019

The data clearly shows the need for businesses to shift from traditional marketing methods to influencer marketing.

Why Should Brands Invest in Instagram Influencer marketing?

Brands Invest in Instagram Influencer marketing

Is influencer marketing worth your investment? Does it provide any satisfactory results? Find answers to all your questions in this blog.

Enjoy real-time results

With influencer marketing, you can track your marketing goals in real time. If you are selling fast-moving consumer goods, there is a high chance of generating more conversions through influencer marketing. The decision-making process for such products is significantly less.

Create Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Instagram influencer endorsements help in increasing brand awareness. Thinking how? When your favorite blogger recommends a product, you get inspired and motivated to buy it and recommend it to your friends and family.

Generate More Value from Customer Interaction

Customers generated from influencer marketing have a higher CLV (customer lifetime value) than customers generated by other media. Customers you generate from influencer marketing will stay with you for a long time and are more valuable for the brand in the long run.

Reach out to New Markets Faster

Influencer marketing is quite effective in building your brand in a new market. For example, Swedish company Daniel Wellington successfully gained global awareness through their influencer marketing campaign. Without the social media channel, it would have been difficult for the brand to create a global scale for its business in a short time.

Better Return on Investment

You will get a high ROI if you use influencer marketing in collaboration with other marketing campaigns. Your social media marketing will generate better results, the cost of Google ads will go down, and website traffic will increase. This is a win-win situation and a significant benefit of influencer marketing.

More Credible Marketing

Influencer marketing is considered to be more relevant than TV or newspaper advertising. Influencer marketing provides an active choice to the consumer to decide their next action after reading a blog or watching a YouTube video. Also, influencer marketing is more relevant to consumers who show interest in the content posted by the influencers.

What’s New in Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2023?

Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2023

Now that you have read the benefits of influencer marketing, let’s see what the Instagram marketing strategy in 2023 will look like.

2023 will Become the Era of CIO (Chief Influence Officer)

In 2023 you will see the rise of the Chief Influence Officer. Influencer marketing will become a field on its own that will be common to different corporate functions. Influencer marketing will be done at every level of communication. Influencer marketing training and qualification have become new, and soon, CIO will be a part of the business.

Use the Concept of all Influencers

In 2023, companies will use and promote 100% of stakeholders as their key opinion leaders. Firms have in-house talent; some are content creators, influencers, or key opinion leaders. The firm’s responsibility is to identify and encourage them to develop their talents.

Also, firms use UGC to increase the credibility of their brand and take feedback from them to improve customer interaction. B2C brands use UGC, and B2B brands partner with customers to optimize their power on social media as KOLs.

ROI Driven Influencer Marketing

ROI-driven influencer marketing will be the new norm in the coming years. Influencer marketing is the new media channel that brands must optimize and measure their progress regularly. The financial stakes of an influencer marketing campaign are high and generate high ROI. In the upcoming years, the influencer marketing budget will increase from 30% to 50%, and it will be a huge market in regional and local markets.

Focus on Following Preferred Creators across Multiple Channels

Almost every creator has their favorite social media channel; however, they operate across multiple networks. This is the thing of the past; what’s new is that influencers have created super fans interacting with them on every platform.

So, successful creators will have a loyal audience who constantly interact with them. Influencers have become specialist creators who showcase their work to fans across the web. They use different social media platforms for different purposes.

Lines Between Influencers and Affiliates will Become a Blur

Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing were considered two different activities in the past. But, in 2023, you will see a close relationship between the two marketing strategies as influencers integrate with e-commerce platforms to increase awareness and drive sales. Earlier, the affiliates were bloggers or publishers who relied on product demonstrations, walkthroughs, and reviews. They would promote multiple, even competitive, affiliate programs to increase the referral fees.

But, there has been a change in the Instagram influencer campaign strategy. Now, influencers only promote products they would use themselves as they don’t want to alienate their followers. This is why influencers are considered true champions for promoting a firm’s products, increasing credibility and trust amongst followers. Many affiliates have started to work with influencers to promote their affiliate products.

Live Shopping will Be a Part of Influencer Campaign

Live shopping will become even more popular in 2023. Influencers and key thought leaders promote products to their communities using live video and interactive content. You will find live stream shopping tools and partnerships on every social media platform.

What More Can Brands do to Grow Instagram Followers in 2023?

Brands do to Grow

Yes, influencer endorsement is a sure-shot way to increase brand awareness and social media followers. But what more can brands do to gain organic followers for Instagram? Let’s find out!

Make use of Reels in your Content Mix

Reels – the fun short videos you share on Instagram can boost your follower count and can be great for increasing brand awareness. Reels have audio, effects, and creative tools to make them more engaging. To make the best use of Reels for promoting branded products and services, brands can use the following tips.

  • Create unique content and trend drive
  • Make relatable and simple content
  • Educate your audience

Cross Promotion is the Key to Success

Post similar content on various social media channels to save your time and resources. This tactic is an effective way to increase brand awareness and grow your Instagram account.

An example of cross-promotion is Justin Bieber’s dance challenge. In 2022, the famous singer posted a dance challenge on TikTok and Instagram. On TikTok, the video received 9.8 million likes, and the same video received 4.8 million likes. He got in front of more people by posting the same video on two different platforms.

Make Use of Get-On-Feature Accounts

Instagram feature accounts curate the best content in a specific niche. It’s like a photo journal with a massive following. You will get more Instagram followers if you can feature on the account. The featured account is for every niche: travel, fashion, photography, and more.

Engaging with the Audience can do the Trick

The best way to increase followers on Instagram organically is to engage with your audience. If you receive a comment, tag or message, respond to it. Note: stay away from spammy messages and handle negative comments properly.

Also, create engaging content that will entice customers to comment and interact with your brand. For example, you can create polls and quizzes, add question stickers for Ask Me Anythings, share links to your product pages, and more.

The key is not only to engage with the audience but engage with your content. You can find relevant accounts and comment on their post to get your name out there. Organic engagement is a two-way street, and you have to interact with others to set the ball rolling.

Why Not Try Your Hands With Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads

To boost your Instagram growth rate, create an advertising budget. We know organic growth is important, but with ads, you can increase growth by two folds. To create ads, you can use Facebook business manager as long as your FB page is connected with your IG business profile. There are several types of ads you can create like:

  • Image ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Video ads
  • Story ads
  • Reels ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Explore ads

If you need help with Instagram ads, contact Social Sensei. We offer social media marketing for businesses, including ads management, influencer management, and more. We will make sure you get maximum value from your social media strategy.

You Can Interact with your Competitor’s Followers

One of the best ways to attract new followers is to seek out your competitor’s followers and engage with them. These people have already shown interest in your products, so why not interact with them? But how do you attract your competitors’ followers? There are three types of engagement on Instagram:

  • Follow a user
  • Like a photo
  • Comment on a photo

Use Geotags for Local Discovery

Along with hashtags, make your Instagram stories discoverable by tagging the location. Locations have their feed on Instagram and story. Post regularly on the feed if you run a local business to get the most value out of the location tag. Also, engage with posts from a customer perspective in your vicinity.

Organize your Stories as Highlights

When followers land on your page, they will stay there for a few seconds. To attract them in such a short span, use stories as highlights. Highlights give your stories a second life and entice others to follow you. To use stories to grow your Instagram followers focus on:

  • Creating trailers that provide information about your account
  • Organizing your stories into themes
  • Explaining your products through pictures and videos.

Organic Growth Strategies vs. Buying Followers

Organic Growth Strategies

There are two ways to grow Instagram followers: organic growth strategies or buying followers. Many social media experts are tempted to go down the buying follower’s route but only provide short-term success. You develop genuine relationships with your followers through organic growth strategies, leading them to interact further with your brand.

Build an online community to attract other followers who have similar interests to your current social media followers. This way, you will get more engaged followers in the long run who will love to develop long-term relationships with your customers.

On the other hand, if youbuy Instagram followers, you will get quick followers, and buying followers can be cheap. But the cons are more than the pros. When you buy followers, you get bots or inactive accounts, your account may get flagged, and your image will be tainted forever.



What will be the future of influencer marketing in 2023?

In 2023 and beyond, influencer marketing will see a massive rise in micro-influencers popularity. In the coming years, people will trust influencers more than any pushy ads or sales technique that reaps zero results.

What is the impact of influencer marketing on consumer behavior?

People are curious about the life of influencers with a huge following. Influencers promote product awareness; they act as social proof for buying decisions and provide information about promotions, discounts, and deals on social media.

How to work with influencers in 2023?

To partner with influencers, brands must find the right influencer whose values align with the brand message. Before entering the partnership, set clear marketing objectives and make the most of influencer promotions on any social media platform.

How to calculate the ROI of influencer marketing?

Regardless of the marketing campaign, you run to calculate ROI. Brands have to focus more than on a single number or percentage. Defining KPIs like sales, sentiment, and brand lift is essential to determine campaign ROI.

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