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Instagram, with over 2.4 billion monthly active users, has become a severe content marketing, selling, networking, and audience-building tool for individuals and brands.

It has become a cornerstone of many brands’ social presence, driving profitable traffic to landing pages, growing conversions, and building an engaged audience. That is why, it is also a competitive place if you want to boost your engagement, gain more followers and grow your account.

However, growing your Instagram account may not be as easy as it used to be, especially in 2024, when you’re just starting an online business. It can be exciting to imagine how you can successfully sell your product through Instagram, how to make your business stand out, show off your brand, and get more followers on Instagram. But how can you gain more followers on Instagram in 2024? In this blog post, we’ve covered the top tips to gain followers on Instagram in 2024. Keep reading out to know…

Instagram Statistics For 2024

  • By the end of 2024, Instagram is projected to reach 2.5 billion.
  • Every day, over 500 million people use Instagram.
  • 61% of Instagram’s users are aged between 18 to 34.
  •  An average Instagram user spends 24 minutes on the platform every day.
  • 49.3% of Instagram users are female, and 50.7% are female.

Tips to gain followers on IG in 2024

Followers are people who want to stay connected to your business, brand, or product. When people follow your Instagram account, your posts appear in their Instagram feed. Each time you share a post, there are potential buyers watching what you post.
To expand your audience, find and follow people who are already in your community. Here are some simple tips on how to gain more Instagram followers in 2024.

1.) Optimize your Instagram account

Before anything else, the first and most important step in gaining more Instagram followers in 2024 is to create an engaging and informative Instagram profile. You should provide relevant information about your business, niche, and content in your Bio to capture the attention of target audience members. Think of your brand’s Instagram bio as the “homepage” of your account. Also, add a link of your Website to your Bio so that the users can directly visit your Website or landing page.

2.) Choose a Quality Profile Photo That Reflects Your Branding

Your Instagram profile photo must represent who you are. For a brand, choose a brand logo that’s instantly recognizable. Your logo is also the easiest solution because it helps you stay visually consistent across all of your channels. However, if you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, or blogger, choose a picture of yourself that communicates who you are and what you do. Make sure your profile photo is high-quality, not pixelated, and looks good on any device.

3.) Include a Keyword With Your Name

Your username is your @handle and your Instagram identity. It’s a part of your Instagram profile URL ( and holds a prominent location at the top of your profile page.

To ensure people can find you, make sure that the name you share on Instagram is in fact your name, not your Instagram username. Because people who search for you on Instagram will use your real name or your company’s name, matching your name to your Instagram handle decreases your searchability.

Keyword With Your Name

4.) Bio

This is the section under your name where you get to express yourself (or, in this case, your brand personality). Because your Instagram bio takes less time than an eye blink to make a great first impression, making your Bio easy to scan helps people quickly understand what you’re all about.

You should also take advantage of Instagram’s recent feature that enables you to add hashtags and profile links in your Bio. It’s a perfect place to promote your branded hashtag. Because people can follow your hashtag, your community includes not only your account followers but also the tags and followers of your branded hashtag.

5.) Website

This is the only section of Instagram that allows you to add a clickable link, so make sure you use this space wisely. While you can always add a URL to your homepage, you can also update this link more frequently by posting new products, new content, new projects and more.

6.) Call-to-action buttons

Call to action is a marketing term for any design to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. A CTA most often refers to the use of words or phrases that can be incorporated into sales scripts, advertising messages, or web pages, which compel an audience to act in a specific way.

This allows people to take action straight from your Instagram profile when on the mobile app, making it easier for customers to convert on actions – from buying tickets to booking tables.

7.) Contact Info

According to Instagram’s Privacy Policy, even though your phone number is marked as private, it’s used by the service to help you be “found” on the network. So, anyone who happens to have your phone number could use it to try and find your personal Instagram account if you have this information included.

Contact options provide prospective customers with the info they need to connect with your business. Make the most of the email and call buttons to highlight your business contact info without taking up precious space in your bio.

8.) Creating a Content Calendar

Knowing when to post on every social platform is one important way to stay a step ahead in 2024 and make sense of the content overload that seems to be occurring on many channels.

A content calendar can be anything used to plan, schedule, and organize content and other marketing projects.

Just think about this: when you plan ahead for your future content, the likelihood of your content being significantly better is astronomical. This is because you have more time to research, draft, and add finishing touches to your final product.

9.) Join Instagram Engagement Groups

An engagement pod is a group (or ‘pod’) of Instagram users who band together to help increase engagement on each other’s content. This can be done through likes, comments, or follows. Whether you’re looking for something more general or even something exclusive, chances are there’s a pod to cater to it.

This tactic is best for entrepreneurs in 2024 who are just starting to learn how to get followers on Instagram.

You can find engagement groups for travel, beauty, fashion, and more. In these groups, you can get followers and likes from people who have shared interests. But if you’re serious about getting their attention, you should also return the favor by following fan pages for people who join the group.

10.) Repost Others’ Content to Get Free Instagram Followers

One of the best aspects of social media is being able to share something with your followers.

However, Instagram also says, “You might also be able to use someone else’s content on Instagram if you’ve gotten permission (for example, a license), or if your use is covered by fair use or some other exception to copyright.

The guidelines then get a little vague. “It’s generally a good idea to get permission before posting content, and to get that permission in writing.

Why would you want to repost someone else’s content? Well, reposting is a great way to shake up your feed, as well as take the pressure off you to come up with original posts. It’s also a fantastic way to show that you appreciate the work of your peers.

11.) Work with Micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are individuals who have between 1,000 and 1,000,000 followers/audience members and are considered experts in their respective niches.

They could be a food blogger, traveler, a local fashionista, or a fitness guru – to name a few.

Micro-influencers aren’t typical celebrities, experts, or public figures. Their audiences are hyper-engaged, so if a brand works with a highly relevant micro-influencer, it can extend the reach and user engagement significantly. No surprise: consumers are more likely to buy from someone they know and trust.

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12.) Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are one of the most effective ways to build your community and grow your reach on Instagram in 2024.

Instagram Reels allows users to create engaging, fun, and short videos using a catalog of music and user-generated Reels media on Instagram. Reels are 15-second, multi-clip videos that can have sound effects and music added to them.

13.) Introduce Branded Hashtags

A branded hashtag is a hashtag that’s unique to your business. It can be as simple as your company name, tagline, or the name of one of your products or campaigns. Or it can be a hashtag that has nothing to do with your brand name, but has everything to do with your brand identity.

Hashtags play a crucial role in developing interest in your social media accounts and are used on a number of social media platforms. From a business perspective, it is your chance to be noticed in such conversations and establish your company as a voice for specific topics

  • Engage with Your Audience: 

Gaining loyal Instagram followers requires active audience participation. You can accomplish this by replying to their comments, enjoying and sharing their content, and taking part in pertinent discussions in your niche. You might establish a sincere relationship with your followers and build a sense of community around your brand by doing this.

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