Support Others & Gain Financial Independence

Partner with us to earn extra income while helping your friends and family grow their businesses.

Benefits of Being a Partner

Free to Join

No hidden fees or costs associated with becoming an affiliate for Social Sensei. It's free to join!

Easy to Refer

With custom url affiliate links and a discount code we make it easy for you to refer potential clients to Social Sensei.

No Earning Cap

You will never be capped on your earnings which means you can keep increasing your monthly payouts to infinity and beyond!

Built in Analytic

Review your growth month over month with easy to read charts and analytics.

Passive Monthly Income

You are paid for every month your referral remains a client with Social Sensei which means your passive income continues to grow over time.

Join A Community

Be apart of the Social Sensei community and create opportunities for yourself and others via cross promotion and other potential partnerships.

Earning potential with Social Sensei

Most affiliate programs only offer you a one time bonus for making a sale, but that's not so at Social Sensei.  With our affiliate program the sky is the limit because you are paid out every single month for every client you have referred to Social Sensei.  This means you can support yourself and your family simply by sending us business.

Here is what one of our top performing affiliates, Eduardo, has to say about our program.

"Working with the people at Social Sensei has been a lovely experience. Not only is their affiliate system accurate but full of extra data that has helped me better understand my reader’s behavior. Most importantly, they’ve been the most honest company I’ve worked with yet. Transparent and always pay on time. If something goes wrong, they are transparent about it and do their best to fix it asap. Having worked with a bunch of companies and affiliate systems that have left me hanging, this is something I truly value."

Eduardo Morales
Currently earning $1,500+ per month

How do I join the affiliate program?

You can sign up by visiting and creating an account.  Once you sign up our team will review your application and set you up within our system.  After your account is activated you will receive your own custom referral code, url link, and you can begin referring clients to Social Sensei.

I don’t know anything about social media how do I sell your services?

The great thing is you don’t even have to sell the service at all as you only have refer them to us and our sales team will handle the rest.  You can also use our website as a helpful selling tool if you feel the need to help in communicating what our service does.

What is Social Sensei?

Social Sensei is an engagement engine that drives targeted traffic to your Instagram account.  We promote organic growth which targets real people that actually care about what you post to follow your account.  This allows you to build your following, increase engagement, spread brand awareness, and helps you convert your followers into leads.  Social Sensei has helped gain over 25 million followers organically for our clients. We look forward to helping you and your referrals grow.

What type of people need a service like Social Sensei?

Almost anyone!  However generally people that want to sell a service or business are Social Sensei’s target demographic.  This could be an artist that is trying to sell his art & become more popular on Instagram. It could be a business with a storefront that wants to become more well known in their area and drive more foot traffic to their store.  It could be a brand that wants to expand its audience on Instagram to drive more sales for their website. The possibilities are endless as nearly everyone can benefit from building a cohesive social media strategy that helps grow their online follower base.

How am I paid?

You will be paid monthly automatically as we setup your payments using PayPal.  As long as your client is still using our service you will be a referral fee.

When are affiliate payments sent?

Affiliate payments are sent the first week of each month.  Payments can take up to 2-4 business days to clear after it has been sent.

What happens if a client I referred cancels their subscription?

You will no longer receive a monthly referral payment from that client.

If a client I referred cancels their subscription do I get to keep the money I’ve received?

Yes, any payments that you receive are yours forever.  We will never ask for you to send us money back due to a refund and/or issue with one of your clients you have referred.