Affiliate Program

Social Sensei Affiliate Program

Social Sensei’s affiliate program is one of the best on the web because it allows you to create an additional passive income stream without having to work for hours as selling or set up complex backlinks on the internet just to get started.  All you have to do is refer our service to people & businesses that are looking to grow their Instagram audience.  Let us help you create financial abundance that keeps coming in even if you decide to stop spreading the word about Social Sensei.  Our generous bonus structure rewards smart workers that know how to leverage their network, time, and ability to sell.

At Social Sensei we are about working smarter, not harder.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate to receive your unique referral code to start referring clients to Social Sensei let us know and we can help you get setup within our system

Commission Structure

Affiliate Commission

10% per month of the plan that your referral pays for

Referral Discount

Anyone you refer to Social Sensei will receive 10% off their plan

Bonus Structure

+1% commission when you refer 10 clients

+2% commission when you refer 20 clients

+3% commission when you refer 30 clients

+4% commission when you refer 40 clients

+5% commission when you refer 50 clients

Sign Up To Become An Affiliate


You can sign up by visiting and creating an account.  From there will be set up within our system with your own custom referral code and you can begin referring clients to our service.

The great thing is you don’t even have to sell the service all you have to do is refer them to us and our sales team will handle the rest.  You can also use our website as a helpful selling tool if you feel the need to help in communicating what our service does.

Social Sensei drives targeted traffic to your Instagram account.  We promote organic growth which targets real people that actually care about what you post to follow your account.  This allows you to build your following, increase engagement, spread brand awareness, and helps you convert your followers into leads.  Social Sensei has helped gain over 1 million followers organically for our clients.  We look forward to helping you grow.

You will be paid monthly automatically as we setup your payments using Stripes subscription service.  As long as your client is still using our service you will be paid out.

Payments take 2-4 business days to clear after your client has signed up.

You will no longer receive a monthly payment from that client.

Yes, any payments that you receive are yours forever.  We will never ask for you to send us money back due to a refund and/or issue with one of your clients.

Almost anyone!  However generally people that want to sell a service or business are Social Sensei’s target demographic.  This could be an artist that is trying to sell his art & become more popular on Instagram.  It could be a business with a storefront that wants to become more well known in their area and drive more foot traffic to their store.  It could be a brand that wants to expand its audience on Instagram to drive more sales for their website.  The possibilities are endless as nearly everyone can benefit from building a cohesive social media strategy that helps grow their online follower base.

The good folks at DNA ( whom have been in business for over 11 years.

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