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Social Media Manager will Take your E-commerce Business to the Zenith- How?

Did you get the views? Did you get the clicks and engagement? NO!! Hire a Social Media Manager Now!!!

Did you know 35% of millennials聽(and a significant number of older shoppers) make purchases via social media? Also, 93 % of consumers rely on social media to make a well-informed purchase decision. The data clearly shows how trivial social media is for e-commerce businesses. 

The idea of using social media in your e-commerce strategy is no longer a wishy-washy tactic. The belief that social media works for some brands and not for others is a thing of the past. Irrespective of the size of your business, if you own an online store, you must have a strong social media presence. 

However, despite the social media potential, e-commerce store owners still struggle to embrace its effectiveness fully. 47% of marketers say creating an effective social media strategy is their number one challenge. So, how can marketers overcome this challenge and use social media to their advantage? Your answer lies with a reliable and trustworthy social media manager who will do the job for you. 

Don’t have the time to discover and create interesting content? Don’t have the right tools to increase customer engagement? Fret not! Social Sensei, your reliable social media management company, will do the work for you!! 

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Statistics that Showcase Importance of Social Media for E-commerce Business.

  • The social commerce market will reach $604.5 billion by 2027(
  • 79% of shoppers consider user-generated content an important influence on their buying choices (Forbes).
  • 55 % of consumers learn about a new brand through social media.
  • 78% of consumers are willing to buy from a company after having a positive experience with them on social media.
  • 43% of consumers increase their social media usage to discover new products.
  • 44% of customers within the age group of 18 to 34 have bought a product based on a recommendation from a social media influencer.(Forbes)

How does Social Media help In Creating Powerful Experiences for E-commerce Businesses?.

Social media networks offer free built-in solutions for advertising, selling, and customer service- the tools you need to push the needle on your sales. But do you know how to use these tools or drive organic traffic through social media campaigns? If not, hire a professional social media assistant who will take your e-commerce business to the acme of success.

Still, thinking about whether to invest in social media? Here are some reasons that will make the decision easy for you.

Create a Buzz for your Brand

If you are all set to launch a brand new online clothing store, you first have to create a buzz around your brand to take that sales graph upwards. For this, you need a unique voice and consistent content posting strategy that will boost your brand awareness and help you reach your target audience. Statistics that show how social media can boost your brand awareness:

  • Through Facebook advertising, you can reach 190 million people
  • 140 million people through Instagram advertising
  • Reach 170 million people through LinkedIn advertising

Social Media Selling

Social commerce, AKA selling products through your social media channel, has become a new norm. Popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok allow customers to buy products directly from their social media accounts or shops. Benefits of social commerce include:

  • It’s free
  • Helps you create memorable and unique experiences for customers
  • Hassle-free shopping
  • It’s what users want

Make Purchase Journey Memorable for Customers

Your main goal as an e-commerce owner is to get new customers while retaining existing ones. Even after having an in-house customer support team, it’s not always possible to reach out to customers and solve their queries. This is where social media can act as an ad-hoc customer service channel. Through social media channels, you can provide information to customers; customers can ask questions and provide feedback. And for this, you must hire social media assistant who will handle the incoming comments and DMs.

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Track Brand Mentions on Social Media

Through social listening, you can scan brand or product mentions and conversations related to your brand on social media. If you know what customers feel about your brand, only then you can improve or even modify your marketing approach and your products; benefits of social listening include:

  • Know which products your customers like
  • Issues with your products
  • The sentiment of people towards your brand

Social Media Challenges E-commerce Business Face.

Managing Social Media Is Time Consuming

There are numerous business functions e-commerce store owners have to perform. And the last thing they want is to spend time managing social media channels which social media account managers can easily do. Social media experts use relevant automation tools to perform activities like content curation, enhancement, and duration with ease.

Is it that Easy to Gain Social Media Followers?

E-commerce business owners want their follower count to skyrocket, but it’s not that easy to gain organic followers. Constant interaction, quality content, and monitoring will lead to an increase in engagement. And, for performing these activities, businesses need time which may not be available all the time.

Do E-commerce Store Owners Understand Channel Dynamics?

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, you have to provide unique content to customers. Your social media strategy should be different for different platforms. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy for increasing social engagement. But is it that easy to follow a different approach for different platforms? No, it’s not! But, fret not! When you are social media assistants by your side, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Can E-commerce Owners Maintain Design Consistency?

If you want to run a campaign on social media, make sure your brand looks aesthetically pleasing. Without a visually appealing design, your strategies will bore people. This is where the social media manager will help you out! They have the right tools and the creativity needed to create branded templates and improve the delivery speed.

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Challenge to Build Trust and Transparency

Distrust is the prime factor customers switch to competitors. So, how can you build loyal e-commerce customers? Through genuine products, superior customer service, and constant customer engagement. However, lack of time makes it a challenge for a business to create an open and transparent system for customer feedback.

Insufficient Resources to Make Continuous Improvement

E-commerce business owners not only have to meet but exceed customer engagement. Even if you gain a lot of social media activity, there is room for improvement. E-commerce owners often ask, how do I increase the quality of social media interactions? This is where social media assistants will help e-commerce store owners.

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How will Social Media Managers Boost your E-commerce Growth?

Is it costly to hire a celebrity social mediamanagement company? Do you need a manager who will bring traffic to your website? Trust us hiring a social media virtual assistant will be less costly than losing customers because of the above-listed challenges. Still have doubt, read the following benefits of hiring a social media expert.

Bring Quality Website Traffic

Experienced social media professionals will bring traffic to your website. They completely understand how social media works and act as a traffic generator. They help increase brand exposure by highlighting what’s unique and different about your product or service. Once potential customers see your products, they will visit your website to know more or purchase products.

Support Content Strategy

Social media experts focus all their energy on mastering the social space. They not only abide by the theory “content is the king,” but work on it in reality. They are responsible for creating content revolving around e-commerce products, customer service, and what new the brand has to offer. Through content, social media professionals will help brands in increasing leads, conversion rates, and customer engagement.

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Social Media Managers can Help in Lead Generation

Generating potential leads is the dream of all e-commerce business owners, and social media is the key platform that helps in this. Through social media, potential customers express interest in your product and services with minimal effort and commitment from the business end. Social media managers use advertising formats to generate leads through social media.
Are you still lacking the target leads? If so, Social Sensei, your reliable social media management agency, will help you out!

Develop a Cost-Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

Want to drive leads to your e-commerce business through influencers? But, you don’t know how to communicate and collaborate with influencers? Fret not! Hire a social media manager who will deal with influencers on your behalf. They will find the right influencers whose values align with your brand, choose a cost-effective influencer marketing plan and track results on a regular basis.

Gain organic Social Media Engagement

To gain active organic and dynamic social media engagement, count on social media assistants. They know how to humanize your brand to create a long-lasting relationship. Brand loyalty will lead to community building increasing conversions and sales for the e-commerce business. The virtual assistant knows the role of existing communities, helps create advocacy programs, effectively targets strategic influencers, and deploys employee evangelists.

Increase Sales and Establish Brand as a Thought Leader

Social media offers a great platform to build your network and reputation as a thought leader in the industry. Once your brand is looked upon as a thought leader, customers will seek accurate information and guidance from you. Social media professionals have the best tools and platforms to share valuable content that potential customers and brand advocates will like. They establish your status as a thought leader, thus increasing social media engagement and brand visibility.

Keep a Check on Online Brand Reputation

Social media virtual assistants play a key role in managing your brands and business reputation. But how do they do it? Through prompt response to customer complaints and baseless comments posted on your account. They mitigate any risk that may damage your brand’s image. They have the tools and the right skills to take you out of any challenging situation, redirect people’s focus to the benefits they will receive, and maintain trust from the brand’s end.

Social Media Managers Prove Less Costly in the Long Run

Are you satisfied with your social media campaign results conducted by your in-house team? If your answer is a big No, trust us, it’s better to hire a social media account manager who will do the heavy work for you.But, is it a good strategy to pay a good amount to a social media firm and see your budget go topsy-turvy. Trust us a seasoned social media professional is more cost-effective, and you will be rest assured to receive top quality work and better results.

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Keep a Check on the Latest Market Trends

Social media assistants closely watch the latest trends and keep themselves updated about the latest digital marketing news. They will help you find the target market, create the appropriate content, and identify a strategic way to deliver it. They will help you find the target market, create the appropriate content, and identify a strategic way to deliver it.

For instance, if social media manager is handling e-commerce influencer marketing for the brand, they will keep track of the latest e-commerce marketing trends for 2022 make changes accordingly to increase ROI from the influencer marketing campaign.

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Reporting and Tracking Made Easy

To get desired results from the social media campaign, hire a social media assistant who manages all your social media activities. Social media expert will constantly monitor your campaign, keep your brand agile, and makes the necessary changes to bring your social media campaign on track. Social media virtual assistant will provide the following answers at the end of the month.

  • What did we execute at the end of the month?
  • Compare the results with the previous months
  • What do to next?

You have a great e-commerce business idea; next, you need a well-defined social media strategy to boost your business? With so much on the plate, you need a social media agency to manage your social accounts. You have come to the right place. The leading social media marketing agency, Social Sensei, will create effective social media campaigns for e-commerce retailers. Need our help? Give us a call!

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