The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

In the world of social media, making real connections is everything. Instagram influencer marketing is the gateway into the hearts and lives of your ideal audience. It’s the not-so-hidden doorway between where you are now and a powerful marketing strategy that is so genuine—and so authentic—it doesn’t even feel like selling.

This article is your guide to Instagram influencer marketing in 2024. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about this extremely effective marketing strategy. You’ll learn:

  • What Instagram influencer marketing is,
  • How and why it’s so effective,
  • And EVERYTHING you need to know to get started.

We left nothing out. For real.

So, are you ready to become an expert on Instagram influencer marketing?

Then, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Before you dive deep here’s a quick overview of what Influencer Marketing is.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone (typically a content creator) whose opinions and preferences matter within a specific group of people (niche). These individuals can be:

  • Celebrities,
  • Well-known personalities,
  • Thought leaders, or
  • Subject matter experts…

…and what they say and do has a big effect on the choices their followers make. 

Each influencer has a different level of influence which is measured based on a few major points. The first (and most often mentioned) of these points is the size of their following—which is also how we classify influencers into their different categories.

Note – If you’re interested in growing your own following past 10K, check out this article: Get 10K Instagram followers fast.

Influencer Categories

There are five categories of influencers on Instagram. All five types of influencers are key individuals in their own social groups and have a huge potential to generate sales when teamed up with the right brands.

When compared with Instagram ads, influencer posts tend to generate more traction, which explains why an increasing number of brands consider influencer marketing to be a viable strategy. To keep things simple, we’ve classified influencers into a few major categories.

Here are the five major influencer categories:



Nano-influencers have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. But even though their following is the smallest of all influencer categories—that’s not necessarily a bad thing. These influencers are some of the most authentic you can work with, and they actually have the highest engagement rate per post on average, according to Statista.

They’re also the most cost-effective, often because they have fewer opportunities to collaborate with brands when compared to influencers with a larger following. They may even accept free products or services in exchange for promoting your brand. The combination of high engagement and low-cost campaigns gives nano-influencer marketing the highest potential return-on-investment (ROI).

We’d classify campaigns run with nano-influencers as “hyper-targeted.”

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Micro-influencers have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers. These influencers have more reach than nano-influencers, but their following is still highly engaged. Running a promotional campaign on Instagram with a micro-influencer has one of the highest ROI potentials when compared to other sponsorship strategies.

These influencers are more expensive to work with than nano-influencers—but they’ll often have more experience working and communicating with brands. They know their audience very well and have become skilled at creating content that fits their niche and delights their audience. We’d classify campaigns with these influencers as “targeted to hyper-targeted.”

While a micro-influencer can’t give you the kind of reach that macro or mega-influencers can—they can give you access to highly defined audiences. This makes it easier for you to gain insight into your consumers’ preferences through the campaigns you run.

Working with micro-influencers is ideal if you want to gather feedback and generate powerful “word-of-mouth” advertising.  For example, brands such as Marks & Spencer and b.box have leveraged micro-influencer marketing campaigns to gain feedback from their customers.

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Mid-sized influencers


Mid-sized influencers (a.k.a., the “in-betweeners”) have between 50K and 100K followers. These influencers have a more substantial reach than nano or micro-influencers—but they are slightly less targeted.

But mid-sized influencers still have plenty of loyal followers—and we’d classify their campaigns as “targeted.” They provide a fairly balanced approach to influencer marketing.

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Macro-influencers have 100K to 300K followers on Instagram and have some of the greatest reach of all influencer types. However, followings of this size have usually become broader and more diluted—reducing the potential for targeting a single niche.

Running a campaign with macro-influencers is a great way to get your message out, create brand awareness, get views, or other top-of-the-funnel goals you might have. We’d classify macro-influencer campaigns as “semi-targeted to broad.”



Mega-influencers have 300K to 1M+ followers and account for only 1% of all Instagram influencers on the platform. These influencers have the largest reach and are made up of well-known celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Kylie Jenner, Kevin Hart, Cardi B., and many others.

Running a mega-influencer campaign can be a great way to:

  • Create massive brand awareness,
  • Get lots of exposure,
  • Gain thousands of new followers practically overnight,
  • Get social proof,
  • And credibility.

However, these campaigns are expensive and often far outside the budget for many brands. For example, Kylie Jenner charges $1.2 million per sponsored post in 2021—and even though not all mega influencers charge this much—many of them charge $50K or more per post.

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What Is Influencer Marketing?


Influencer marketing is the art of collaborating with (or paying) key thought leaders, famous celebrities, or subject matter experts in a specific niche to promote you, your brand, or your products. There are plenty of applications for influencer marketing for every level of the marketing funnel—and research shows it’s extremely lucrative.

  • According to DataBox, for every $1 a brand spends on influencer marketing they make an average of $5.78.

Wow, right? So, what does an influencer promotion look like?

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Instagram Influencer Marketing Examples

If you’ve spent time on Instagram, you’ve probably seen one or two sponsored posts—although, you might not have realized it. Some sponsored posts are obvious, while others are more obscure and natural-looking.

However, to give you an idea of the most common influencer marketing strategies (that work well)—we wanted to give you a few examples of influencer marketing in the wild.

Here are 5 Instagram influencer marketing examples:

1. Sponsored Post


With a sponsored post, you can use an influencer to promote your brand or products. These posts are often friendly purchase advice or coupon offers from an influencer to their following. You’ll often see the influencer posing with (and, in some cases, wearing) the product and showing their following how amazing it is (or looks on them).

When you use a sponsored post for a sales objective, it can be easy to track your results by using a special “coupon code” for the post. That way, you can measure your ROI from the campaign.

2. Running A Contest Through An Influencer


Running a contest can be a lot of fun for you, the influencer, and their audience. You can send out products to one or more influencers to achieve your business goal. Brands will often use these contests to get more exposure and get thousands of followers quickly.

Here are some tips for running an effective contest on Instagram:

  1. Set your goal (brand awareness, engagement, followers)
  2. Choose the prize (something relevant to your audience)
  3. Set the rules (what do they have to do to enter? who do they have to follow?)
  4. Define how the winner will be decided
  5. Find the right influencers
  6. Run the campaign
  7. Measure the results!

One strategy for using contests to gain thousands of new followers in 2024 is called an Instagram Loop Giveaway Contest. It’s the method we use to get brands thousands of new followers in just days—or to gain targeted followers extremely quickly. To learn more, read this post: What is an loop giveaway?

3. Branded Content Influencer Campaigns


Instagram now has a new feature that allows you to run a sponsored post from an influencer’s profile with their permission. That means you can have an influencer create some user-generated content (UGC)—and put some advertising dollars behind it to boost it even further.

That’s pretty neat, considering that:

  • 80 % of people say that UGC has had a heavy effect on their purchase decisions.
  • Word-of-mouth advertising generates double the sales that paid advertising produces.
  • As per Forbes, 81% of people rely on social media when choosing what to purchase.

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4. Create A Review Campaign


Who do you believe? Someone who “talks a good talk” or someone who’s “been there, done that?” You’ll probably trust the person who actually has an experience they can honestly describe to you. And chances are, your future fans and customers feel the same.

That’s why there are few things more powerful for generating sales than a genuine and honest review from a customer who’s tried your products or services. To leverage this form of word-of-mouth advertising—you can have an influencer shoot a review video (honestly giving feedback), get their permission, and run a paid boost straight from their profile.

If done right—you’ll be watching the sales pour in like rain.

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5. Influencer Brand Representative Programs


Don’t want to take a risk on your campaign? You might want to set up a brand representative program.

A brand representative program is basically “affiliate marketing” for Instagram influencers. You simply find your ideal influencers, give them special affiliate links (to track sales), and then arrange to provide a percentage of each sale they bring to you.

Setting up a brand rep program takes the risk out of running your campaign because you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying for each sale. When done correctly, you’ll create a network of influencers to promote your brand with an incentive to make sales and even compete with one another.

Why Influencer Marketing Works


What if your best friend walked up to you and said:

“Hey, you’ve gotta’ come check out this sale. They have this amazing {thing we both love}. I just got one myself, and just look at how amazing it is. I love it!”

Your friend then points to the open door of their car, smiles, and tells you to, “Get in… Let’s go!”

Are you going to respond? Get into the car? Maybe, even go to the store with your friend and buy one for yourself?

This is essentially what happens when you use influencer marketing. Instead of relying on obnoxious digital billboards that no one wants to click—you get the opportunity to advertise naturally—straight from the mouth of your target audience’s friends.

With influencer marketing, you get to bypass the regular “ignore” response most people offer when they spot a paid advertisement—and, instead, “hi-jack” word-of-mouth advertising for your brand’s benefit. Your advertisement shouldn’t feel like an advertisement. It should feel like an authentic piece of advice from an esteemed friend.

And that’s what makes influencer marketing so powerful.

Benefits Of Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2024

We already mentioned that the ROI for influencer marketing campaigns is more than 11X the initial investment on average—but are there other benefits of Instagram influencer marketing? Absolutely.

Here are 7 benefits of Influencer Marketing you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Promotes trust


How do you feel when someone you deeply trust introduces you to a new aquaintance and tells you, “They’re a really good friend of mine?” Naturally, you feel more at ease and trusting toward that person than you would if you had met them while running through the park at night.

With influencer marketing…

  • You’re the “new friend.”


  • The influencer you hire is the person your audience deeply trusts. 

If you pick the right influencers to work with, your brand will come off as authentic and genuine. That’s why it’s best to choose influencers who already have a genuine love for your brand or similar brands—so, that you’re a perfect match for their audience!

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2. Looks extremely authentic


Authenticity is the key to your success in anything you do with social media. At the end of the day, we’re just people trying to connect with something or someone meaningful.

But after years of being marketed to, your audience has grown increasingly “thick-skinned” against disingenuous attempts to fabricate a connection for the sole purpose of “making a sale.” With Influencer marketing, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Influencer marketing is the gateway to a deeper and more genuine relationship with your audience. It allows you to become a well-known part of their communities and lives—which is a powerful way of saying:

  • “You’re my kind of people…”
  • “We’re on the same side…”
  • “We think alike… you and I…”

3. Harnesses User-generated content (UGC)


According to a report by Smart Brief, 50% of millennials trust UGC more than any other type of marketing material. In fact, UGC overpowers pretty much every other kind of advertising. Just check out these statistics:

  • 92% of consumers turn to referrals from people they know when making a purchasing decision,
  • According to a survey by Stackla, 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands to like and support.
  • And 70% of people say that UGC has highly impacted their purchasing decisions.

If you’re interested in running advertising campaigns that get real results—then take Instagram influencer marketing seriously.

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4. Creatives that resonate with your audience


If there’s one thing all successful influencers are good at, it’s capturing their audience’s attention.

  • They know just what makes their followers tick.
  • They know what time they should post.
  • They know what kind of content their audience will engage with.

When you use influencer marketing in 2024—you get to take advantage of your influencer’s expertise in content creation—which means your sponsored posts will have an enormous chance of success. Make sure to give your influencers room to breathe and enjoy the fact that they can take some of the work out of content creation.

5. Massive reach


According to Adspresso, Instagram is home to over 1 Billion users in virtually every niche—making it the second most popular social media platform available. That means you can get incredible reach, especially if your goals are brand awareness, exposure, or credibility.

6. High engagement rate


People don’t just look at all the fun photos and videos on Instagram. They engage with the content more than on any other social media platform! Instagram is notorious for keeping people scrolling and taking action.

7. It’s fun and personal


It may not sound “objective”—but collaborating with influencers, creating together, and connecting on a deep level with audiences is a whole lot of fun. But not just for brands. It’s fun for the people in the audience too!

People come to Instagram to share life together, relax, live vicariously, and enjoy what it means to be human. It’s highly personal and fun—and you shouldn’t try to fight against it.

Instead, go with the flow. Fit in together with the fun—and that’s how you’ll meet your goals.

*A powerful way of fitting in and having authentic fun with your audience is to run a giveaway. It can really excite your audience and get them to happily follow you. To learn more just click here: Run A Giveaway!

What Makes A Good Influencer?


Your results, your reputation, and your money/products are on the line when you run an influencer campaign. So, it’s important you choose the right influencer to carry your brand’s message to the public.

But what makes a good influencer? Is it their hairstyle? The clothes they wear? The car they drive? Their favorite kind of ice cream?

Actually, it could be any of these things, depending on what your brand sells—but none of these things can be the reason by themselves

Choosing the right influencer for your campaign is something that should rely on a number of different things. Here are 5 things that make a good influencer:

1. Relevant content


What kind of content does the influencer post? Does it fit with your brand? If the creator’s typical posts don’t fit in naturally with the content you’re asking them to produce—chances are good that the results of your campaign will suffer. The influencer probably won’t be happy about it either.

Their audience is familiar with certain types of content. So, if you do choose an influencer who is an “on-the-border” fit for your brand—just because their audience is relevant—you should remember to let your influencer have some freedom with the content creation. They know their audience best.

2. Posting frequency


When selecting an influencer to run your sponsored post, you’ll want to make sure they are already posting frequently. If they aren’t, it can have a negative impact on both their reach and the effectiveness of your campaign.

Posts by influencers that engage frequently with their niche will have a higher chance of getting seen by more people—because Instagram’s algorithm sees frequent engagement on the platform as a sign that an account is a healthy and active member of a community or niche.

Also, the influencer’s audience tends to be more engaged with their posts when they post often. If an influencer is inconsistent and posts sporadically with long periods in between posts—you may not want to use them for your campaign.

3. Quality of content


This is one of the easiest ways to tell if an influencer is right for your influencer marketing campaign. One quick look at their profile and you can vet out low-quality content. But what you’re looking for really depends on the type of content you want them to post.

Do you want your influencer to tell a good story?

  • Some influencers may take terrible photos—but they’re a superstar storyteller on video.

Do you want your influencer to shoot an awesome photo with your product?

  • Some influencers may not be able to write a catchy caption—but they have serious photography chops.

When you’re vetting out influencers for quality of content—just make sure to see if they do a great job with the type of content you need. You might just find a diamond in the ruff. If they have trouble in other areas (like writing captions) make sure they get the help they need to make your sponsored post come to life.

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4. Audience engagement


This is maybe the most important variable to look at when deciding on the influencer you’ll use to run your sponsored campaign. You don’t want to hire an influencer who posts “duds” that fall flat and get zero engagement. You also may not want to hire an influencer that doesn’t get consistent engagement.

Instead, you want to hire an influencer with a tribe that supports them in everything they post. Make sure to look through their previous posts and see if their engagement is consistent. If their engagement is “hit or miss,” you don’t want your sponsored campaign to be one of those “misses.”

5. Responsiveness


When you get to the “influencer outreach” stage of preparation for your influencer marketing campaign, you’ll actually be reaching out to communicate with these influencers. When you do, take note of which ones respond and how long it takes.

  • Do they take days to respond—or do they answer quickly?
  • Is the communication professional—or difficult to understand?
  • Are they friendly?
  • Can you imagine yourself working with this person for years to come?

The outreach phase is an opportunity to build relationships with influencers that will last a long time. You can save yourself a huge headache by simply watching out for red flags in the beginning. Take your time, and you’ll find an influencer who’s a delight to work with!

Finding Influencers On Instagram


So, now that you know what to look for—how do you find influencers on Instagram?

Fortunately, Instagram is very search-friendly if you know what you’re looking for. Plus, if you’re having any trouble, there are a number of tools out there (that may cost money) to find the influencers you want to work with.

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Here are a few strategies for finding influencers on Instagram:

1. Check out your branded hashtags


If you’re an established brand (and have branded hashtags), you may have fans who are already posting content about you or your products/services. In order to find out, just search all your branded hashtags in Instagram’s search bar.

Look to see if anyone else is posting in your branded hashtags and talking about your brand. If there are—then, check out the users who created the posts. You might have some eagerly awaiting brand advocates awaiting you. And some of them may even agree to do promotions for free products (if they love your stuff that much)!

2. Look through relevant hashtags


If you don’t have branded hashtags, ask yourself this question:

“What hashtags am I posting in right now?”

Chances are, there are some great influencers who already post in some of your hashtags. These people are some of the most likely to have a similar worldview and be a fit for your brand. Check out the accounts that come up, and you’ll probably find an influencer or two that fits in nicely.

3. Use the right tools

If you’re still having a hard time finding influencers on Instagram that fit with your brand—there are a number of tools you can use to make your search easier. Most influencer search tools have already done the work of classifying these influencers for you, making it possible to search with criteria-laden filters.

Tools like BuzzSumo and BuzzWeb are on the top of the list for people who use this method. However, you may have to subscribe to and pay for their services to use them.

How Much To Pay Influencers

The amount you pay your influencers should be based on a few primary pieces of information.

  1. How many followers do they have (influencer category)?
  2. What is their typical engagement rate?
  3. Will some of the sponsored content be provided, or will the influencer be creating all of it?
  4. What kind of content do you want them to produce (single picture post, carousel, story, or video)?

Micro-influencers and nano-influencers are usually the most budget-friendly choice for a marketing campaign, while celebrities are the most expensive to hire. But Influencer rates are a bit tricky to define as most influencers don’t indicate their rates publicly.  

Note: Kim Kardashian, for example, reportedly charges $500,000 for every promotional photo! 

To get a rough estimate of potential cost, you can use the one cent per follower rule. In other words, that’s $100 per 10,000 followers. But keep in mind, this isn’t a strict rule and an influencer’s rate will end up being whatever they agree to.

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Instagram Influencer Endorsements vs Instagram Celebrity Endorsements

Do you know the similarities and differences between influencer endorsements and celebrity endorsements? 

They may sound like the same thing—but they’re actually not. Here are some similarities and differences you’ll want to know:

1. Both influencers and celebrities dominate a particular niche online

Both types of endorsers have command over a specific group or community of Instagram users. This means that their opinions and recommendations are well-respected by their communities. It also means that their actions have an impact on the choices that their followers make.

2. Both influencers and celebrities are experts in terms of content strategy

Since both types of endorsers dominate a specific niche on the platform, they’re kings and queens of creating catchy and irresistible, niche-specific content. After all, that’s how they gained the level of trust and credibility they currently have.

Now, here’s the difference between a celebrity and an influencer:

3. Celebrities are followed because of their talents and skills; influencers are followed because of their expertise in a niche

A celebrity may have a huge follower base consisting of adoring fans, but these fans are often interested in a variety of different niches. Influencers, on the other hand, usually possess a more topically specific audience. It’s for this reason that promoting niche-specific content to a celebrity’s fan base may not get as much engagement as it would when posted by a niche-specific influencer.

Goals-Based Instagram Influencer Marketing influencervscelebrity

The type of Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign that’s right for you depends on your goals. You may be wanting:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Credibility and social proof
  3. More followers
  4. To build a highly targeted audience
  5. Or maybe to make sales directly from your Instagram account.

Whatever your goal is, you’ll need to run the right campaign to reach it. Here are a few campaign types you can utilize to meet your social media goals.

1. Run a General Instagram Loop Giveaway (massive follower growth, exposure, brand awareness, social proof)


Running a General Instagram Loop Giveaway will help you reach a broad audience of millions of people. You’ll get a flood of traffic to your account and thousands of new followers in just a matter of days. This works by using A-list celebrities’ accounts to promote a list of accounts (that you’re on) and offering a chance to win grand prizes for following the accounts on that list.

This kind of campaign is best for gaining a ton of exposure, social proof on your Instagram account, and creating more brand awareness. It should be used primarily for top-of-the-funnel goals and doesn’t provide a deep level of targeting or campaign control.

However, it’s extremely cost-effective, because it allows you to gain access to campaigns that would usually cost upwards of $50K for a tiny fraction of the cost.

If you’re interested in running a General Loop Giveaway, just click here: Give Me Thousands Of New Followers In Just Days!

Next up, we have a more targeted strategy for you.

2. Run a Targeted Loop Giveaway (targeted followers, campaign control, authenticity)


If you want to build an Instagram audience that’s targeted—then, you’ll want to look into running a Targeted Loop Giveaway. A Targeted Instagram Loop Giveaway will allow you to target by:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • and even Interests

Plus, you have more control over the campaign. You’ll be able to work with the influencer who’s running the promotion on their account and approve the creatives before they’re published.

Targeted influencer promotions are better for middle to bottom-of-the-funnel campaign goals, like building a targeted Instagram audience that’s more likely to buy your products. Your promotion will come off as more authentic, and the followers you get from these campaigns will be of a higher quality.

To learn more about our Targeted Instagram Loop Giveaway Campaigns, just click here: Build My Instagram Audience With Targeted Followers!

And lastly, we have our most targeted option…

3. Run a Creator/Micro-influencer Campaign (hyper-targeted followers, promoting products, creating sales)


The most targeted approach you can take to Influencer Marketing is with Creator/Micro-influencer Campaigns. Campaigns with micro-influencers have the most limited reach, benefit from the highest level of targeting.

This makes Micro-influencer promotions best for bottom-of-the-funnel operations like promoting products and making sales. Once again, running a campaign like this gives you the maximum amount of control over the creatives that are used—and the campaigns are hyper-targeted and tailored to your needs.

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What are Instagram Loop Giveaways?

If you scroll through your feed right now, chances are you’ll probably see a giveaway post. These giveaway posts will usually have a caption that says something like, “Want to win {big juicy prize}? Go to @accountname and follow everyone they are following for a chance to win {the prize}!”

Simple, right?

But these campaigns can generate thousands and thousands of followers when they’re run with the right influencer or celebrity. Now, think of an Instagram Loop Giveaway like the giveaway we just mentioned—except on steroids.

Here’s how Instagram loop giveaways work:

  • 5 to 10 businesses agree to participate in a loop giveaway, where they’ll post the same photo on their feeds at the same time.
  • Business 1 tags Business 2 on their post caption and asks those who enter into the loop to follow Business 2 to get a chance to win a giveaway.
  • The caption on Business 2’s post tags Business 3 and asks those who joined the loop to follow Business 3 as well. This goes on until the loop giveaway’s participants have followed all the businesses who hosted the giveaway.
  • After the giveaway period, a winner is randomly selected from the participants. Then, the giveaway hosts untag the other businesses from their posts so that the giveaway participants who do not win will have a hard time figuring out who to unfollow.

If you’d like to run one of these loop giveaways, we can make it easy. All you have to do is sign up and you’ll get thousands of followers in just a matter of days. Interested? Just click here to find out more: Grow My Following!

Do Instagram loop giveaways actually work?

Loop giveaways can be an effective way to gain new followers on Instagram (and not lose them as quickly as you probably would with the regular giveaway posts). And they’re also relatively inexpensive to run, compared to the cost of posting an ad on Instagram or hiring a major influencer.

The only major expense for a loop giveaway is the giveaway prize, but even that is lessened because you’ll be dividing the cost among yourselves as the giveaway hosts. Remember, your goal for hosting a loop giveaway is to gain more followers who will hopefully convert into paying customers.

So, how do you run an Instagram Loop Giveaway? Here’s how:

How To Run An Instagram Loop Giveaway Contest

  1. Look for four or five other businesses similar to yours. The smaller the loop, the easier it will be for you to manage your giveaway campaign and the more appealing it will be to those who want to qualify for the giveaway. Also, make sure you all have the same target market. That way, you’ll get followers who would likely be interested in your business as well.
  2. Once you’ve found several other businesses to host the loop with you, try to think of a giveaway prize that would best appeal to your audience and then pool in your resources.
  3. Next, think of a holiday or a major event you can link your campaign with. This will help make your campaign more relevant and appealing to your target participants, and will also help you figure out what the best prize is for the giveaway.
  4. When you’ve set all that up, you can now start your loop giveaway.

Of course, you want to make sure that the followers you gained during that campaign won’t unfollow you. So try to come up with other promotions that you can post after your giveaway campaign ends. A good idea would be to offer a discount on your products and/or services, as this would help convert your new followers into customers.

Still not sure how to run an Instagram loop giveaway? You can try searching #loopgiveaway or #loopgiveaways on Instagram to find out how other businesses are running their giveaway campaigns.

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