Have you seen a spike in Instagram loop giveaways recently? Want to know why there is so much buzz around them. Well, Instagram giveaways means more exposure, more followers, and ultimately, more sales.

To put it simply, Instagram giveaways can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to grow their audience. Here is a visual depiction of the importance of loop giveaways for businesses.

Are Instagram Loop Giveaways Worth It in 2024?

If your business is on Instagram (and it should be) you probably are aware that there’s quite a lot of creative ways for you to promote your products and/or services and get them in front of your target audience. 

Sure, you can always invest in Instagram ads to get your message out there to a huge number of potential clients, but you actually don’t have to these days. We’re not saying that Instagram ads are less effective than other marketing strategies, but if you’re trying to save on ad spend, then you probably would want to look at other options you have for your Instagram promotional campaigns.

For example, you can invest in influencer marketing influencer marketing 2024. These are marketing campaigns where you work with brand influencers—people who have a huge following on the platform—so you can get your brand in front of a larger audience. 

Or you could try running contests on Instagram to increase your engagement and at the same time get a lot of User Generated Content (UGC) which you could repurpose for future posts.

Or you could try doing an Instagram giveaway, where you offer to give something to a random Instagram user in exchange for following your account. And you’ve probably been seeing a lot of giveaways on your feed recently. 

But what we’re going to talk about in this article is all about Instagram loop giveaways—one of the marketing strategies in 2024 that are trending these days. Since this strategy has gotten pretty famous recently (especially with the Kardashians joining the trend), let’s go ahead and take a closer look on this to see whether it’s actually worth investing in.

What are Instagram Loop Giveaways?

Let’s begin with some definitions, shall we?

Basically, Instagram giveaways follow the same principle as regular Instagram giveaways. What we mean by that is you are expected to give away something of value, and as much as possible relevant to your brand, to a random Instagram user who participates in the giveaway.

So what’s the difference between a regular giveaway campaign and a loop giveaway? 

Well, with regular giveaway campaigns, those who want to participate will have to follow only your account. In a loop giveaway campaign, however, you work with a couple other businesses on Instagram. Instagram users who want to get the chance to win the giveaway prize will not only need to follow your account but will also have to follow the other businesses that are part of the loop before they qualify.

In straight forward terms, loop giveaways are contests involving multiple accounts looking for ways to reach out to new audiences and increase their following. With big-name influencers like Jake Paul, loop giveaways have become a hit amongst marketers.

So here’s a breakdown of how that works.

First, you need to  identify several other businesses who are not your direct competitors but have the same target market as yours. So what you want to look for are businesses that offer products and/or services that complement yours. Now it’s important that you work with brands you share the same market with so that you get followers who would more or less be interested in what you have to post on Instagram.

Once you’ve identified these businesses, you can now organize your loop giveaway. Note that you can be a small group of businesses—around five brands—or you can be part of a loop of 30 brands or even more than that! The more businesses there are on the loop, the bigger the value of the giveaway, since each of you will be pooling in your resources for the ultimate prize.  

When choosing a prize, you need to make sure that it is valuable and appealing enough for people to actually want to participate in the giveaway. Otherwise, people won’t bother going through the whole loop at all. 

While an expensive giveaway can draw people like a magnet, it is also important for you to make the prize as relevant to your brand as possible. That way you attract high-quality followers—those who are actually interested in what your business has to offer and not just on claiming the giveaway.

Once you have your giveaway prize in place, the host organizer then comes up with a graphic for the giveaway campaign which all of you in the loop should post on your feeds at the same time. This is where it can get tricky, especially if your businesses are based in different time zones. It is the organizer’s responsibility to ensure that the posts are synchronized, otherwise the loop will be broken and the entire campaign will fall through.

It is also crucial that you use a catchy graphic for your giveaway campaign to easily catch the attention of your followers. Because obviously, if you post something boring and uninteresting you won’t get much traction for your campaign.

Your giveaway post caption will instruct interested participants to follow your account as well as the account you’ve tagged in your post. Once they follow that account, they’ll be instructed to follow another account. So they’ll have to follow all the businesses tagged in the loop until they are redirected back to your page before they can participate in the giveaway.


What’s all the fuss about Instagram loop giveaways?

It’s the fact that Instagram loop giveaway campaigns are one of the easiest ways especially for startups a to gain new followers on your account in 2024. All you have to do is team up with other brands who already have a huge following to improve your chances of boosting your follower count. 

So if you’re just starting out on the platform, Instagram loop giveaways can be a great way for you to increase brand exposure and at the same time improve your engagement. 

Instagram loop giveaways also allow you to reach a greater number of followers in a shorter period of time. For example, if there are 10 of you in the loop and each of you gets 1,000 interested participants to join the loop, that means you get 10,000 new followers instantly. 

That means, if you’re planning to launch a new product or service it would be a great idea to schedule it around the same time as the loop giveaway campaign. That way, you get to promote your new product line or service to as many people as possible. 


Reasons why Businesses use Instagram Loop Giveaways

Boost your Follower Count:  With the Instagram loop giveaway, you will see a remarkable increase in your follower count.

Instant User Engagement: The higher the user engagement, the more new users you will attract. Unexpected gifts and freebies generate higher engagement.

Secure Collaboration with Influencers: Brands can collaborate with micro-influencers and run Instagram giveaways to establish a connection with the opinion leader.

Brand exposure: Instagram loop giveaways is an effective strategy to improve brand exposure in the shortest amount of time.

Reach target audience:  Instagram loop giveaways can help you identify people who are most likely to buy your products.

Build Trust and Credibility: By collaborating with influencers, your marketing becomes more credible in the eyes of potential buyers.

Caution: Instagram loop giveaways can have an adverse impact on the brand if you’re not careful. If you want long-term success, consider structuring your content the right way!

Cost of Taking Part in Loop Giveaway

How much money you require to run a giveaway on a popular social media network depends on many factors.

  • The influencer/brand you are working with
  • The type of prizes
  • Number of followers you want

So, how much does it cost to take part in a loop giveaway?

Well, that would depend on who you’re participating it with. If you’re working with big brands and famous personalities on Instagram, then expect to pay thousands of dollars as an entry fee for the loop giveaway campaign.

To give you a rough idea of how much you’ll have to pay to be part of a loop, let’s take a look at the factors that play a role in the pricing. And then, let’s check out some of the most successful Instagram loop giveaway campaigns hosted and how much it cost to be part of that loop.

One of the major factors that affect the pricing is the person or business you’re teaming up with. If you’re working with a celebrity, expect to pay a campaign fee. So if you’re going to work with Jenner, for example, expect to pay thousands just to be part of the loop. After all, rumor has it that Jenner charges $1M just for a single Instagram post. That should give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay to be on the loop with her. 

The number of brands who are joining the loop is also a primary factor for pricing. The bigger the loop, the higher the number of followers you’ll ultimately expect to get, and that in turn pushes the entry cost even higher.

Another factor is the cost of the giveaway prize itself. The one good thing about Instagram loop giveaways when it comes to the prize is that you’ll be sharing the cost of the giveaway with the other businesses and brands that are in the loop with you. That means, you get to offer something of big value without paying for the entire thing.

Lastly, you’ll have to factor in the agency fee for the pricing. Most agencies take a 20% agency fee, so that should give you a rough estimate as to how much you should expect to pay. 

In some loop giveaways, brands pay as much as $40,000 just to be on the loop with famous personalities like Jenner. Now that is a significant amount, but considering the millions of followers that Jenner has on Instagram—approximately 192 million followers—that’s not bad at all. 

But it all boils down to this one big question. . .

Are Instagram loop giveaways REALLY worth the investment in 2024?

As we have covered in this article, Instagram loop giveaways can be very effective if you’re looking at growing your follower count and improving your brand exposure in 2024 and that too in the shortest amount of time possible. In fact, successful loop giveaways can add hundreds of thousands of new followers to your list.

But here’s a word of caution: Instagram loop giveaways can also harm your brand if you’re not careful.

Yes, you get to boost your follower count instantly. And yes, your engagement can spike up during the time you run the promotion. But what happens after the giveaway campaign can drastically affect your image on Instagram. 

In many cases, those who participate in loop giveaways find that their engagement levels actually dropped lower than before after the campaign ended. 

And then the follower count is an entirely different story. 

As you should expect, a huge chunk of those new followers you get during the campaign are only there on your list for the giveaway; nothing more. So once the campaign is over, they’ll most likely unfollow you. And sometimes, this can have a domino effect on your existing followers and you could end up with less followers than before.

If you’re an influencer on Instagram, the sudden drop in engagement and follower count can hurt your image. Remember, influencer platforms have all your data, so sudden shifts in engagement and following can raise suspicion and cause you to lose hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in potential partnerships.

So what we’re trying to say is this: If you want long-term success for your Instagram account, you might want to consider another marketing strategy.

That is NOT to say, however, that all loop giveaway campaigns end up harming the brands that take part in them. Some actually see positive results, with the campaign resulting in more conversions and more revenues than their brands normally earn with just regular posting. This is especially true for loop giveaways with carefully planned targeting strategies. Remember how we mentioned it’s important to structure your campaign in a way that would mostly attract high-quality followers? 

Plus, you also need to structure your post-campaign content to keep your new followers from unfollowing your account. You need to give them something interesting to browse so they stay. That way, you increase your chances of gaining new customers who will hopefully turn out to be returning customers in time. 


The best way to grow your Instagram account in 2024

Whatever strategy you end up investing in for your Instagram account, you need to keep in mind that long-term success ultimately lies in how well you structure your content. You need to focus on the quality of your posts if you want followers to continue following your business. 

At the end of the day, content is still king in the online world, and you would do well if you keep that in mind. If you’re not sure how to come up with engaging content, here are some key questions you can ask for a start:

  • What is it about your brand that your followers like the most?
  • Who exactly are your target consumers?
  • What are your other competitors doing right on Instagram?
  • What marketing strategies have you already tried that worked for your account?

Asking these questions will help guide you as you come up with content ideas for your business account. Also, here are some tips on how you can keep your content interesting in 2024 (and get more followers in the process):

Post aesthetic, high-quality photos 

Instagram is all about the visuals you post. The more aesthetic your feed is, the more popular your account would likely be, and the more engagement you’ll get from it. 

Not sure whether you should post more videos or focus posting photos? Here’s a tip: People in general spend more time on a video than they would looking at a photo (no matter how great the photo may be). So posting videos to your feed can be a great way to improve your account statistics.

Keep yourself updated on updates

If there’s one thing that’s constant about Instagram, it would be change. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why it can be hard to beat its algorithm. But keeping yourself updated on Instagram updates can help you structure your content in a way that would maximize the

platform’s features. This is especially important if you are an influencer, as you don’t want to fall behind your competitors in terms of your marketing strategies.

Know your audience well

Remember, your feed is not just about you. It’s mostly about the people who are following you. So when you post content, you need to make sure that it is something that your audience would find value in. If you focus on posting the type of content that your followers and target followers appreciate, you will get more engagement for your page. 

For example, why not try running Instagram contests? Or conducting a quick survey? That can help you get more engagement for your feed. Posting user generated content is also a good way to engage your customers in your posts, which will help you boost your post and reach a greater number of your target audience. 

And one more thing, don’t ignore the comments you get on your post. The more you reach out to and engage with your followers, the higher the chances that they’ll continue to patronize your content. 

Use Relevant and Trending Hashtags: 

Use relevant and trending hashtags because they improve the visibility of your content. When you use a hashtag, your post, video, or reel can show up in search results when someone searches for that same hashtag.

• Use Filters Sparingly: 

Filters are a great way to enhance the overall appearance of our images and videos. However, it’s always a good idea to upload an unfiltered photo or video to showcase its authenticity. By experimenting with various filter combinations, we can achieve the desired results while still maintaining the original essence of the visuals

• Utilize Social Media Ads: 

Paid social media marketing is also a quick and effective way to increase your visibility on Instagram and reach more potential customers. To make the most of your ads, it’s important to target your audience correctly by using features like audience targeting and split testing. These tools will help you ensure that your ads are seen by the right people, which will lead to better results.


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