Are you or do you manage a powerful influencer or celebrity?

We are always looking to expand our network of influencers

Social Sensei is constantly looking for high performing influencers and celebrities that can drive traffic and conversions for our clients. If you feel that you manage talent that can meet our standards of quality then we want to work with you to create a partnership where we can create a steady workflow of promotional campaigns via various social media platforms.

Currently we are offering two different types of opportunities for partnership. Promotional giveaway campaigns and creator marketing campaigns.

Promotional Giveaways

Social Sensei will run a promotional giveaway through a celebrity or influencers page (Talent you manage). The influencer will post about the promotional giveaway on their feed while telling their followers that if they want to enter the giveaway all they have to do is follow certain accounts.  The giveaway runs for 7 days and the influencer can create additional posts on their stories, highlights, and IG TV to help promote the campaign.

This has been proven to be the most organic, fastest and safest growth strategy available right now.

If the influencer proves to drive enough traffic Social Sensei is willing to create a long term contract to secure the influencers exclusive rights to all future promotional giveaway campaigns.

Creator Marketing

Collaborate with micro influencers and creators in a fast, easy & fun way to get consumers talking about your brand and buying your products. Leverage the power of creator marketing to advertise your brand in innovative new ways to reach niche target markets.

The experts at Social Sensei will research the top influencers that will help you reach your desired target audience and business objectives. You will be presented with creative ideas on how to promote your business from your top 5 influencer matches. Each influencers follower base is broken down for you in detail from location, age, gender, number of followers and engagement rate for their followers. From here you can select the type of content from stories, photos, or videos and mix and match them to create a compelling campaign. You are also invited into the creative process to present your own ideas to our team as well.

We will add your influencer to our roster of potential niche marketing influencers for our clients to select from.  If selected during our research process your influencer can come up with creative ideas on how to promote our clients brand or product.