What is Social Sensei?

Social Sensei drives targeted traffic to your Instagram account.  We promote organic growth that reaches real people that actually care about what you post to follow your account.  This allows you to build your following, increase engagement, spread brand awareness, and helps you convert your followers into leads.

All you have to do is sign up and continue to post content while we take care of accelerating your accounts growth.  Sit back and relax as you watch your following grow.  Social Sensei has helped gain over 1 million followers organically for our clients.  Sign up today for a 5 day free trial to see the results for yourself.



The Law of Reciprocity

Have you ever noticed that when liking or following someone else, they usually come back to do the same. We bet that you’ve even checked out a stranger’s Instagram because they followed you.

Using this natural human curiosity is how many accounts get likes and followers, but who would ever spend their whole day liking and following other people? This is where automation tools like Social Sensei come in.

Social Sensei will automate liking, following and unfollowing just like a human being would.

Attract Your Audience

There is no point in attracting followers if they aren’t going to stay engaged. In order to have good engagement you need to reach people that like your content.

Targeting your potential audience is what Social Sensei does best. Use hashtags or usernames to target people who have certain interests or target by location to reach people that frequent certain places.

Watch Your Following Grow

We are here to make your life easier! So we do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is focus on posting awesome content.  Save time, energy, and money from expensive ad campaigns by growing organically with Social Sensei. If you are looking for some rest and relaxation from the social media hustle then sign up for our free 5 day trial.

How Social Sensei Works


Like & Follow

Ever heard of the social exchange theory?  It’s the theory that as individuals interact over time, they experience the need to reciprocate the support and assistance of the other person, called the norm of reciprocity.  In other words, if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.  By using this tactic you have a higher probability of increasing your following.

Username Targeting

Social Sensei allows you to target Instagram followers or the followings of specific usernames! Just let one of our case managers know the usernames you wish to target, and we can ensure your account will be exposed to that specific following!  This helps to ensure you are targeting the correct audience.

Hashtag Targeting

Popular hashtags in your niche are the best to use.  Example: if you are into the travel industry, we would use tags such as: #travel, #igtravel, #travelgram.  If you need help finding hashtags, just ask our case manager and they will gladly help you brainstorm some ideas!



Don’t have time to create content 7 days a week?  Take advantage of reposting other Instagram accounts content.  We always recommend getting permission to do this first, but more often than not if you credit the original poster they are more than happy to have you promote their content.  This takes the load off of having to create content daily to keep your audience involved and your account growing.  Great for accounts that like to use quotes or memes in their posting schedule.

Advanced Engagement

Optimize your growth with advanced engagement techniques that range from liking comments and viewing users stories.  By adding more engagement you are creating additional touch points for your targeted audience to see your brand more often than not.  This creates a stronger connection between your brand and that user making them more likely to follow you back or think of you in times when they need your offering.

Advanced Targeting

Want to target local businesses or people in a specific area?  Social Sensei can target followers from city, state, or country utilizing geo location techniques.  We can also segment by male or female as well as get granular and target based on keywords in users bio text.



Whether it’s for your business page or for your personal page, comments can be used to drive up sales, traffic, and engagement.  If you’re a business you may want to promote a sale or if you’re an influencer you can start conversations about your passion.  People love comments as much as they love likes and follows, expect to increase your engagement with this tactic.

Direct Messaging

Any new follower you gain will receive a welcome message that can be used to offer them a product or service that you provide to help increase awareness, engagement, and start conversations around your offerings.  We also can setup a complete campaign that offers multiple direct messages sent out at timed intervals.  For example, we could send out 5 automated messages with 2 day intervals in between each message to help move your followers through your sales funnel.

Hashtag Optimization

Start your growth campaign with optimized hashtags as we will research the top 100+ hashtags you should be using to grow your account for you.  In addition you will receive a comprehensive report that shows you exactly how much engagement you need to rank in any given hashtag, so that you can change your hashtags as you grow your following for further acceleration of your accounts growth.

Hashtag reports are free for business accounts & start at $75 per account for influencer or basic accounts.



We maintain a network of influencers across Instagram that are happy to collaborate with you to promote your content on their feed.  Use this valuable opportunity to get in front of an engaged audience that aligns with your offering to accelerate the growth of your account.  There are many opportunities to get creative with shoutouts and cross promotion, so schedule a call with us to discuss how your account can leverage shoutouts.

Shoutouts start at $25 per 10k followers.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Drive more leads to the doorstep of your business by taking advantage of Facebook & Instagram Ads.  We can help you find your target audience while driving your business through the roof.  If you are interested in running an ad campaign with Social Sensei we do have a minimum ad spend of $1500 per month in addition to our monthly service charge.  Schedule a call with us today to see if your business it the right fit to turn your Instagram into a marketing channel for revenue generation.

Campaign management starts at $1500 + ad spend per month.

Targeted List Creation

Need new sources to target but don’t have the time to find relevant ones for your brand?  No need to worry as Social Sensei is happy to do the work for you.  We can create user lists from a variety of sources across Instagram.  Just let us know what type of list you would like to create and we will create one for you to target.

List creation starts at $85 per list

Enterprise Options

Need a more hands on approach?  Our account managers can help create & curate content for your feed, schedule posts, and manage your community. 

Contact us for a custom quote.

Content Filter

Worried about inappropriate content?  Worry no more!  Social Sensei’s content filters can regulate out all of the spam and inappropriate content, that way you are left interacting with only the relevant content to your brand or niche.

Free for all Social Sensei accounts.


Avoiding someone?  Social Sensei lets you choose specific user accounts who you do not wish to interact with – such as competition or one of your exes.  Social Sensei will avoid any profile that you blacklist.

Free for all Social Sensei accounts.

We Deliver Results

The Social Sensei team has been working in the social media industry for over 5 years with hundreds of accounts.  We’ve figured out safe & organic ways to best grow your audience on Instagram.  Utilizing our strategies you can save the time & money of going through the trial and error to find the audience that resonates with your Instagram page.


Sign up today to start building your Instagram audience organically.