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Learn how Social Sensei can help you grow your business online.

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Our formula for social media success

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Hop on a call with our team of social media experts and discuss your business while exploring your potential for success by cultivating a more meaningful online presence. Our team will help you determine how Social Sensei can help you succeed in converting your followers for additional revenue, reducing your workload, and increasing the strength of your brand.

Develop a comprehensive social media strategy

Working together we learn your business inside and out to create a social media strategy that mirrors your brands voice while reaching your desired target audience. No stone is left unturned as we touch on everything from content creation and funnel design to community management and cross promotion. This process takes anywhere from one to two weeks and as soon as we have your approval for the strategy we create we are off to the races.

Execute the perfect gameplan

With a solid foundation in place you can take a backseat as we go about producing a plethora of content up to a month in advance. We set up monthly check ins to review analytics and the next month’s content so you can stay focused on building other aspects of your business knowing that your social media strategy is in good hands. Throughout the month we manage all direct messages, comments, and even act as a light customer support and sales channel for your business.

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Who We Are

This is the age of the digital entrepreneur and we hope to bring you closer to living your best life!  We created Social Sensei so that we could help creators, influencers, and brands have more freedom to spend time doing what they truly love!

We are a passionate group of young entrepreneurs that wants you to succeed because we've done it ourselves!  We learned the hard way, the long way, so we know the struggle intimately, as they say, the struggle is real, and we don't want you to have to deal with that the way we did.  We learned so much through the journey of life and continue to learn from the best on how to grow accounts, what makes a good brand, how to monetize and so much more. We are taking all of that knowledge and experience to create a platform that will help you succeed because when you win we win.  If dialing in your social media feels daunting don't worry as our team of social media experts will be here to help you every step of the way.

Let's not kid ourselves here.  We don't want to say that there is one easy quick fix for everyone because it all comes down to one key point, if you are creating content that targets the wrong audience no matter what you do you won't grow.  We can help you understand how to align your brand message with your target audience to optimize your growth. We want people to follow, engage, and support you and your brand. Don't hesitate to reach out to us as we would love to help you grow.

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What We Do

Business Plan

Consider Social Sensei an extension of your team as we dive in head first to understand your core business objectives. Our team will help you create a plan and Instagram funnel to convert your followers into leads. By defining your target audience, conducting a competitive analysis, and designing a Instagram funnel we build a roadmap for your success online.

Social Media Strategy

We help you learn what type of content to post, when to post it, and what hashtags to use to reach a wider audience that resonates with your offerings. Working together we dial in a strategy that is in alignment with your brands core values while finding the perfect balance of selling and keeping your audience engaged.

Monthly Analytics

Each month we review the performance of the current social media strategy taking into consideration follower growth and engagement trends, top performing content, and make suggestions on we can optimize your social media strategy for the next month. We learn what is working and do more of it while finding out what isn’t working and pivot accordingly to ensure your strategy is optimized for maximum efficiency and impact.

Content Creation

Content is king! We have an in house creative team that can create Instagram highlights, stories, retouch photos, edit videos, build infographics, and craft custom typography that will capture the attention of your desired audience. We will conceptualize, design, storyboard, edit, and retouch any media necessary to make sure the content we produce is in line with your marketing and branding guidelines.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to help you craft the perfect business plan, social media strategy, and project manage all of content creation for you. You can rest assured that you have an extra set of eyes that is dedicated to your accounts success so you can focus on what you love to do. Take the pressure off of yourself from having to juggle social media on top of everything else you are doing by allowing your dedicated account manager to run the social media strategy that you have approved. We are here with you every step of the way to ensure you are setup for success because when you win we win. So let’s win together.

Community Management

We provide light customer support & sales via commenting and/or direct message responses. Our team will learn your product and be able to field basic questions or direct potential leads to the right sales or support funnel.

Influencer & Affiliates Market Research

Each month we will compile a list of potential influencers that could be good opportunities to create affiliate partnerships with and/or cross promote your products or services. We aim to find influencers with the perfect balance of reach and alignment with your brands core values to ensure that your collaboration or cross promotion efforts are maximized.

Collaboration & Cross Promotion Campaign Management

We will manage your collaboration and/or cross promotion campaigns with your influencers and/or affiliates monthly to ensure that agreements are upheld, the product is represented properly, and that your account is being exposed to as many audiences as possible.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Management

We will help identify your target audience, craft copy, create ads, and monitor delivery to help you setup a paid outreach program to get your business in front of as many people as possible. Month over month we split test ads and test new audiences to increase conversion rates to meet your business objectives.

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Bots are dead

No Bots, Software or Scripts

Bots, scripts & software are dead. As of August 2019, it's almost impossible to grow your account through these old school methods with Instagram's most recent update to their API. Our team is 100% compliant with Instagram's terms of service.  We are an agency that believes in doing things the right way growing your accounts through manual methods run by our team of experts. Don't risk your account with services that are not run by real people that put your account in jeopardy of being banned by Instagram.

The Ways We Shine

How We Are Different

  • A dedicated account manager that becomes an extension of your team.  We are not in this business for the short term. We look to create long lasting partnerships that create mutual success for both of us.   We learn your business inside and out so that we can represent you authentically online as if we had always been working with you.
  • Avoid wasting your time targeting people that aren’t even interested in your content.  With our advanced targeting techniques you will reach higher quality followers that actually care about the content you post, your message, and the products and services you offer.  This helps increase conversion rates across the board from following, engagement, and sales.
  • We are a full blown social media marketing agency, content creators, and experts in social media strategy.  Unlike other companies setup overseas as quick cash grabs or data mining operations we are in this industry because we love it.  Our passion shows in our customer service, dedication to our clients success, and the results we deliver.