Run Your Own Targeted Instagram Loop Giveaway

Run your own Instagram loop giveaway

What does it mean to run my own Instagram loop giveaway?

Social Sensei is a leader in the Instagram growth industry and for 2021 we are revealing our latest Instagram growth strategy that can help you gain new followers, increased engagement, and generate more leads.  Introducing the loop giveaway contest.  Nope, not like our other services where you have an influencer drive traffic to your account from their page.  You get to host your own loop giveaway.  That means, your content, your caption, and your prize.  Social Sensei then sends out hundreds of thousands of Instagram Direct Messages to your target audience to drive traffic to your loop giveaway.

How to grow your Instagram followers

How can I benefit?

You can gain new followers, increase your engagement, or new leads.  In fact, you could request your target audience to fulfill any action you wish to enter the contest.  For instance, you could say something like “Click the link in the bio and sign up for the newsletter to enter for a chance to win XYZ” or you could say “Take a photo with our product and use #XYZ to enter the contest”

It completely depends on what your business objective is.

Our team of social media experts can help you fine tune your direct message as well as your loop giveaway details so that your campaign is optimized for success.

Gain Targeted Instagram Followers

How do I do it?

All we require is:

Your Instagram username.  No password necessary.

3 to 5 target Instagram accounts whose followers you want to send messages to.  Select Instagram accounts with look-a-like audiences similar to your ideal target audience.  Make sure these accounts have a combined 150,000+ followers.

Direct Message you want to send.  Max 1,000 characters.  Do not include any URL links in the message.  Make sure to mention your Instagram account handle.

You then get to pick a prize to entice users to follow the contest guidelines i.e. follow me, comment on xyz, sign up, etc 

Once you are all ready to go coordinate with our team when you will post your loop giveaway and we will start driving targeted traffic to your account.

Can you help me with targeting the right types of followers?

Yes, our team of social media experts can help assist you in targeting the right Instagram followings.  However, you are an expert in your field, so it’s best you understand the guidelines and then we can help in fine tuning your targeting if necessary.

For instance, if you are selling basketball shoes then you may want to target the followings of @nike @reebok @adidas, famous basketball players such as Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Lebron James or influencers that buy, sell, trade, and promote basketball shoes.  This ensures that you will reach a much higher quality follower that is already interested in the product or service you provide and the content you create.

If you are selling bikes and you target a userbase that loves Chevrolet and Ford trucks then when they will receive your message they are going to say “Why are you contacting me?  This is spam.  I don’t care about your bikes or the lifestyle you are promoting.”, but if you can target someone that loves biking they will say “Thank you!  I was looking for this.  It’s a miracle that you found me.”  That’s why targeting the right audience is extremely important.

Instagram Direct Message Campaign

The Power of Direct Messages

Unlike likes, comments, or follows which get bundled up together in other notifications, direct messages bypass all the normal distractions of social media and the world to make it directly to the user you are targeting.  When people receive a direct message they will open it and give it their full attention.  Which means your message gets read and your account becomes known.  Generally people will at least click to view your account to see if what you are posting resonates with them.  Some people even use Instagram DM’s as their primary source of contact beyond text messaging, so it is one of the most powerful ways to reach people with your product or service and rise above the myriad of voices vying for attention on social media.

Our Results Are Promised

What else can I do with this new Instagram growth strategy?

As we have learned marketing through direct messages is extremely powerful and you don’t have to run a loop giveaway to get results.  Your campaign can be customized based on what your goals are.  Here are a few additional primary ways you can leverage your campaign, but don’t let this limit your imagination.  If you come up with an idea or have a goal that isn’t listed here let our team know and we will do our best to help position you for success.

Boost Engagement

Target specific niches and audiences based on their interests and who they follow to drive traffic to your account that already loves the type of content you produce.  This will boost engagement and help you build a community of raving fans that will support all your future endeavors.

Gain Followers

Run your own custom loop giveaway where you get to create the content, the caption, and provide the prize.  Drive targeted traffic that not only wants to win the prize but is already interested in the type of content you create.  Boost your following with high quality followers to help increase engagement and drive more sales.

Increase Sales & Generate New Leads

Pitch potential new clients through third party word of mouth marketing and find people that are actively interested in the product or service you are offering.  Generate more sales and leads by offering a freebie to get them through the door and then close the sale once they are in your ecosystem.  Turn your followers into a goldmine with Social Sensei.

Boost Your Reputation Working With Social Sensei

Can you give me an example of a direct message that works?

Here are some examples of direct message campaigns we have run that are geared towards boosting engagement, gaining followers, increasing sales, or driving your target audience to complete a call to action.  Of course, you can provide your own copy and our team of experts will help you craft the best message possible to help you achieve your business objective.


Hi (insert name here), I stopped by your profile and saw you were interested in x,y,z so I thought you would like to checkout my friends profile/the account (insert IG handle here) as he loves to (x,y,z).  I’ve been following them for a few weeks now and they are always posting interesting content about x,y,z.

Hope you have a great day! 🌞 And let me know of any accounts you think I should follow that love x,y,z too.


Hi (insert name here), I came across your your profile randomly and thought you would like to know that (insert IG handle here) is giving away x,y,z in a contest and all you have to do to enter is follow them.  I love these types of contests because they are so easy to enter.  I already entered so perhaps one of us can win the prize.

Fingers crossed! 🤞 

Hope one of us wins x,y,z because that would definitely make my day. 🌞 


Hi (insert name here), I randomly came across your profile and saw that you were interested in x,y,z and I’ve been following (insert IG handle here) for a few weeks now and they are always talking about x,y,z.  You should check out their x,y,z because I’m sure it can help you accomplish x,y,z in your life/business/etc.

I gave it a try and it was awesome it really helped me x,y,z in my life/business.  If you know any other people offering something similar let me know because I’m always looking for ways to level up. ⬆️↗️📈

Hope you have a great day! 👍

CTA Freebie

Hi (insert name here), your profile was recommended to me because I was following someone that had similar interests and saw that you were interested in x,y,z.  I’ve been following (insert IG handle here) for a few weeks now and they are always talking about x,y,z.  They have x,y,z and all you have to do is x,y,z to claim it.

I gave it a try and it was awesome it really helped me x,y,z in my life/business.  If you know any other people offering something similar let me know because I’m always looking for ways to level up. ⬆️↗️📈

Hope you have a great day! 👍 

Gain Instagram Followers Organically

What can I do on my end to increase success of the campaign?

Your campaign will run for 4 to 7 days, so it’s best to mention that the loop giveaway will run for 7 days.

During those 7 days you will want to make content promoting the loop giveaway.  This can be Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Photos, Videos, or even a Carousel.  Focus on the benefits of the prize that you are giving away and talk about how easy it is to enter the contest.  You will want to make a post at least once per day hyping up the loop giveaway.

Make sure to comment back and engage with everyone that leaves a comment or direct messages you during this time.  Encourage them to invite their friends to enter for more chances for their friend group to win.

If you are trying to gain new followers you can make the prompt “To enter the contest all you have to do is follow me.  If you already follow me tag a friend in the comments below and have them follow me.”

If you aren’t running a loop giveaway then you’ll still want to gear all of your content for the next 7 days towards driving your target audience to take the action you desire.  Talk to our team of experts and they can help you come up with a quick strategy to help you achieve your goals.


Leverage the power of Instagram direct messages to achieve your goals on social media


What if you found an Instagram growth strategy that could save thousands of hours of your precious time and still grow your account, boost your engagement, or increase sales and generate new leads 10X—even 100X as fast—completely organically? 

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Each of them are enjoying their very own dedicated account manager who oversees their campaign and works hand in hand to help them reach success because your success is our success.

Does that sound like some action you’d want in on?

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