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Who are we and why you should trust us to grow your client's accounts

About Social Sensei

Over 30+ years of combined experience in social media

We’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, and brands of all sizes to successfully achieve their Instagram growth goals. We’ve transformed new companies into market leaders quicker than anyone thought was possible.

Access to A-list celebrity talent all over the world Our industry experience means we have unprecedented access to the biggest brands and celebrities in the world. We’ll make sure you or your brand are on the lips of the stars with the biggest audiences and the widest possible reach.

The world’s most exclusive Influencer network

We have a network of millions of influencers in various parts of the world ranging from the United States, South America, and European regions.  We cover all industries and niches - from laser-focused micro influencers to A-list celebrities and Hollywood stars.

Your success is our success No matter how small or big your account is, we will put in the work to make sure your account will receive the recognition it deserves.  You will have a dedicated success manager that ensures your accounts are delivering results.  If you don’t see the results you were looking for we will continue working for you for free until you do.

How we grow your followers

Interested in hearing more about how it works?  Find out how we get the most famous faces in the world talking about you or your brand.

Social Sensei will run a promotional giveaway through a celebrity or influencers page.  They will post about the promotional giveaway on their feed while telling their followers that if they want to enter the giveaway all they have to do is follow certain accounts.  We put your account on that list of accounts that have to be followed! Within 7 days of the giveaway running you will gain thousands of followers depending on the plan you have chosen.  The bigger the plan, the larger the celebrity or influencer that we run the giveaway with!  This means more exposure, more followers and more growth. Instagram influencer marketing has been proven to be the most organic, fastest and safest growth strategy available right now.

Why partner with us?

Learn why agencies like yours love to partner with Social Sensei.

Time is money

Our services allow your company to do what you do best, while we handle what we do best - all while tapping into the influencer industry.  You will have a dedicated account manager to ensure your clients accounts are taken care of.  There is little to no work on your end other than marketing a new service on your website and light email correspondence with our team.

Agency discounts & upselling to maximize profits Social Sensei will give your company an agency discount to help you maximize your profits. Additionally our packages are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the industry so you will be able to upsell a 3,000 follower package for $500 plus per month easily as people will pay that without batting an eye.  This gives you a healthy profit margin of $200+ per month on our cheapest plan.

We make you look good

Social Sensei has built a credible reputation in digital advertising that guarantees account safety and results.  Your clients will learn that they get exactly what they pay for when they sign up for your services which will result in happy customers, amazing testimonials, and increasing your agency's reputation across the web.

Your clients accounts are safe with us Your clients accounts are safe with us - Our services do not require a password login, we only need the username that is going to participate in the campaign.  That means it's a seamless process when we operate.  Your client can rest assured that we are 100% compliant with Instagram’s terms of service, so there won’t be any messages about a foreign logins or action blocks.  We work in the background and deliver results we know your clients will love.

Top Reasons To Partner with Social Sensei

Save Time & Money

Save Time

Increase Leads & Sales

Maximize Profits

Boost Reputation

Boost Reputation

Regional Targeting

Regional & Niche Targeting

Creator Marketing

Creator Marketing

Celebrity and Influencer Promotional Campaigns

Associate With Celebrities

Let's Partner

Instagram Growth Facts

In the past, building a world class audience on Instagram has been expensive and time-consuming, but when you work with Social Sensei, it’s simple, straightforward - and extremely cost-effective.

  1. In 2019, 8 billion dollars were spent on influencer marketing and spend is expected to reach 15 billion by 2022. 
  2. There is a high demand for Instagram growth services.  In 2019 Instagram stopped all automation and bot services.  Thus forcing millions of users to look elsewhere for a platform that can grow their Instagram accounts without risk.
  3. Influencer marketing does not require your password, is 100% compliant with Instagram’s terms of service and is proven to be one of the safest methods to grow your account.

Instagram Paid Ads
Average Cost Per Follow

Influencer Marketing
Average Cost Per Follow

Social Sensei Campaigns
Average Cost Per Follow

At an average cost of just .22 per follow, we’ll help you build an audience quicker than you ever thought possible.  Time is money - and as more and more brands engage with influencer marketing, now is the time to grow.