The Evolution of Instagram Fitness Influencers & How to Become A Fitness pro

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else; it’s about being better than you used to be. Heard this statement –from top fitness influencers on Instagram? Or a swipe down your feed, you find life coaches sharing motivational tips with their followers? What’s the entire craze about fitness influencers and life coaches? Why brands are going ga-ga over these much-hyped influencers. Need an answer to all these questions? If so, you have landed at the right place.

The hottest and the most coveted topic on Instagram at present is fitness influencers. You would be surprised to know that they earn a handsome amount for each post these influencers share. And, the best thing is you don’t need a degree to share fitness inspiration and tips with others. It’s incredible how even micro-influencers with a small following display even the simplest everyday activities in an inspiring way. 

 Do the popular Instagram influencers inspire you? You are a fitness freak and have all it takes to become a popular fitness influencer, but don’t know where to start? Social Sense is there at your assistance! 

How did Influencing Become a Real Career?

The popularity of fitness influencers and life coaches is because of the paradigm shift social media has bought to perceive and process digital content.

Access: By connecting people worldwide, Instagram has created new degrees of accessibility that were not there before. With the new level of connectivity, just like celebrities that entice the audience, fitness influencers can do the same thing by displaying their everyday lives and routines.

Reliability: Fitness influencers can better relate with the audience as compared to celebrities and traditional athletes. The audience better perceives any advice or recommendation from an influencer. 

Fitness Influencer/Follower relationship: There is a close-knit relationship between influencers and followers. Influencers have established careers across different fields like (lifestyle, beauty, traveling, etc.). But, fitness influencers have become the most popular across popular social media networks.



Why Fitness and Life Coach is a Great Career Option for Influencers?

The only reason fitness Influencers have become so popular amongst the general public is that they are more relatable. Earlier people believed achieving a dream body is only possible if you work hard like bodybuilders. But, influencers have shattered the idea by making fitness easy for everyone. However, to become a successful influencer, you have to work very hard. It’s not one day you will get up and start giving fitness tips, and people will listen to you. To gain Instagram followers, you have to create an online presence. This is where Social Sensei will help you!



How to Become a Fitness Influencer/ Life Coach?

Pick a Niche

Fitness, spiritual, or business coach is a crowded industry and already has successful fitness influencers. Kayla Itsines, Jow Wicks, and Adriene Mishler are a few names that have created a mark for them. So, to stand out, you have to offer something different. One way of doing so is by picking a niche and owning it like a pro. 

Start Building your Audience

Your success as a fitness influencer depends on your audience. You need engaged followers to maximize the chances of success. But, the question is, how do you do this? For this, you need to treat your followers as individual friends. Have two-way conversations, ask questions, respond to their feedback, run contests, and show that you are interested in them. If you are looking for a brand partnership, how engaged you are with your followers matters more than reach. 

Cultivate your Personal Brand

To differentiate yourself as a fitness influencer, present yourself as a brand. Branding is crucial for business, aligning with a niche style of health and fitness that will make you more identifiable and more influential. 

Become a Fitness Brand Ambassador or Sponsored Athlete

The popularity of fitness influencers & motivational speakers on Instagram has made top brands, and nutrition companies join hands with influencers to promote their brand. In addition, they use influencers to endorse and market their products. Influencers endorse brands through numerous techniques like product reviews, unboxing videos, and instructional how-to-videos on a product. Product and brand endorsement is all about creating a mutually advantageous relationship. Large fitness brands like Gymshark, Women’s Best have built big names by collaborating with influencers.

Overdeliver & Track Results

To become a successful fitness influencer or life coach, go all out to create an outstanding post. Boast your content, promote it on different platforms, pay for ads to make sure brands get value for money.

Fitness Influencers turned Entrepreneurs

Want to become a fitness influencer? There is something really rewarding for you? Many top fitness influencers have become international celebrities like Christian Guzman, Karena, and Katrina, and Tammy Hembrow, to name a few.

Life Coaches turned Entrepreneurs

Here are some examples of social media coaches who have become popular entrepreneurs.

  • Kamelia Britton
  • Lissette Calveiro
  • Jera Foster Fell
  • Sorya Goddard


How Fitness Influencers and Life Coaches can Increase their Following on Social Media?

Want to become a successful Instagram fitness influencer or a motivational speaker on Instagram? Or, wait, you want to take part in the online coaching trend and grow you life coaching business? Becoming an influencer is fascinating, with all the fame, brand promotions, and not to forget money involved. But is it that easy to become one! To make your journey to becoming a successful influencer, Social Sensei, the leading influencer marketing agency, is here to help you out. Want to know how? Let’s find out!

Find your Target Audience

Well, social media is like a vast ocean, and you can’t discover it all at once. If you don’t have a perfect plan, you will be lost. Whether you a life coach or a fitness influencer, you have to find the specific walk of life you want to target. Figure out your niche by looking at your competitor’s audience, conducting a market study, and defining your audience correctly.

Tell a Sparkling Story

To hold the audience’s attention, you have to go beyond publishing and promoting your content. Give them something to connect, and storytelling is the best way to do so. Promote your content by introducing a story first; you can share your personal growth or create one that represents your beliefs. 

Make use of Bespoke Pictures

What looks good feels good. We are not saying you have to become a professional photographer or a selfie whizz. A little practice, good lighting, and perfect editing will do the trick.

Engage Audience Like a Social Butterfly

The key to becoming successful is Engage, Engage, and Engage

You can’t measure success by how many likes you got. Liking a picture is just the tip of the iceberg; your posts must engage the target audience. Your followers must have positive communication with the brand you are promoting. You can create engagement by going live, adding Instagram polls, running contests and stories. 


How Can Social Sensei Help You?

Have you finally decided to become a pro fitness influencer or start your online life coaching business? Congratulation, you have taken the firsts step; now, let Social Sensei guide you on the path to becoming a successful one.

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Boost Credibility & Trust

We understand the immense impact of receiving endorsements from trustworthy brands to improve your account’s credibility through brand association. For example, if two accounts are selling the same product, you can bet that a follower will trust the account with 20,000 followers over the account that only has 2,000 followers. This is based on the simple fact that social proof means that other people trust this account, and so can I.

Increase Leads & Sales

Turn your following into a goldmine by setting up an Instagram funnel to help convert your newfound followers into leads and sales. 

Save Time & Money

Tired of wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing strategies? Save money so you can continue to help grow your business while still driving thousands of new followers to your account.



Guaranteed Account Safety

Social Sensei guarantees the safety of all of our client’s Instagram accounts. We never ask for your account’s password, and we are 100% compliant with Instagram’s terms of service, so you are never at risk of having your account shadow banned or action blocked.

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The Evolution of Instagram Fitness Influencers & How to Become A Fitness pro


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