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16 Social Media Strategies for Your Instagram Content

16 Social Media Strategies for Your Instagram Content

There are a lot of social media strategies that you can use for your Instagram feed, but if there’s one thing that you should always remember, it’s this: CONTENT IS KING! In this article, we’ll look at what social media strategies you can incorporate into your Instagram content, and here’s why: If you forget to optimize your content, no amount of social media strategy will work to boost your brand. Whatever you may implement on the backend will end up useless if your content doesn’t perform well or is not at least visually or intellectually stimulating to the viewers.

It really is all about curating nowadays. If you want to have better traction on Instagram, you need to master how to diversify your content. Additionally, you can integrate a grid strategy for your account wherein you plan the type of content you curate on your feed so that once a user views your account, a visual story is evident. 

In this article, let’s look at some tried and tested techniques you could employ to brighten up your feed and drive new visitors so you can gain Instagram followers organically.

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Social Media Strategy for your IG Feed
Have a grid strategy for your Instagram feed

Making Use of the Grid Strategy

The Grid Strategy is basically the curation of different types of content in your main page to tell a story about your brand. This feed by blogger @ellesenparlent is an excellent example of how following the grid strategy can work to tell a brand story and at the same time capture attention. 

Notice how it follows a certain formula: AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action)

When posting content, your primary focus is on creating awareness for your brand. Next, you need to come up with a creative way to pique the interest of your target market so that they’d desire what you have to offer. And then, incorporate a powerful CTA in your content so they’ll act on their interest and desire for your brand.

You can incorporate the AIDA formula in your posts, no matter what type of content you plan on using. Below are 16 of the best social media marketing strategies that you can try to grow your brand on Instagram.

Social Media Strategies for Your Feed

  • Holiday content

    Content that is related to a holiday or celebration relevant to the account. Example: Christmas, Valentines, International Women’s day

  • Trendjack content

    Content that follows the trending issues currently viral on the net.

  • Behind-the-scenes content

    Content that lets your followers see the raw and unpolished part of your brand’s life. 

  • User-generated content

    Content that crowdsources posts from followers and the best way to engage with followers 

  • Text-based content 

    This could include quotes, infographics, announcements

  • Giveaway/Contest content

     This is the best type of content when you want to gain followers or have high reach on your post

  • Ask-a-Question content

    This type of content that engages your followers and humanizes the brand by interaction of followers

  • Tutorial content

     Content that teaches followers how to do certain type of product or skill

  • AMA content (Ask-me-anything)

    Content that bares it all to followers. Ideal for influencers or people with large following

  • Instagram influencer marketing campaigns

     Leverage the power of Instagram influencer marketing by posting content of an influencer patronizing your brand. Influencer marketing is exceptionally effective if you want to generate more followers for your Instagram account. So try researching for influencers who would fit your brand best and do a promotional campaign with them.

  • Video content

    Your video content can either be raw or edited content

  • Photo collage or carousel

     If one photo isn’t enough to tell the whole story, this is the best type of content

  • Visual Filler content

     This can be any type of content that aren’t really photos of your brand but might be related to its aesthetic. 

  • Daily Hashtag content

     Try coming up with a unique hashtag series for your weekly content. For example, #MotivationMondays, #TriviaThursdays, #FlashbackFridays, etc.

  • Inspirational content

     This can be a photo, text or video content with the purpose of inspiring followers

  • Memes

    This is your ticket to engagement, you can use memes to promote brand culture, mission and products. 

Social Media Strategy Influencer Marketing

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