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What Instagram Loop Giveaways Are and Why You Should Be Interested

Ever heard of Instagram loop giveaways?

It’s a new social media marketing strategy you can use to get Instagram followers fast. And when we say fastwe mean really fast. Instagram loop giveaways can get you thousands of followers in just days.

But you might have a few questions, like:

  • How does a loop giveaway work?
  • Do they get results?
  • Can I get targeted followers?
  • Am I just throwing money into the wind—or will I get a return on my investment?
  • How do I join a giveaway?
  • How do I run my own Instagram loop giveaway?

So, get ready—because you’re about to get your Ph.D. in Instagram loop giveaways.

Let’s get started.

What is a Loop Giveaway?


A loop giveaway is an Instagram influencer marketing strategy for getting tons of followers really, really fast. It’s a sponsored contest hosted by famous influencers or celebrities that offers a chance for their audience to win huge prizes if they follow certain accounts.

And depending on the number of sponsors involved, the prizes can get pretty enormous.

Loop Giveaway prizes often include:

  • $20,000 or more in hard cash,
  • Designer clothing,
  • Brand new cars,
  • and more.

The sponsors of the contest pull resources together, paying the influencer to host it and providing the prizes for their followers. The more accounts that are involved, the bigger the prize that can be offered. 

The results? 

  1. Hundreds or even thousands of new followers in just days.
  2. A flood of new traffic to the sponsors’ Instagram accounts.
  3. More credibility and social proof.
  4. Potentially more opportunities to collaborate with other brands.

So, what’s this look like on Instagram?

*Note – If you want to run an Instagram loop giveaway but don’t want to do all the work of setting it up, we’ll do it all for you. Just click here to find out how: Grow My Following!

What is an Instagram Loop Giveaway?



If you scroll through your feed right now, chances are you’ll probably see a giveaway post. Big accounts like @KevinHart4Real, @IamCardiB, and even @KylieJenner host these contests on their personal profiles.

The posts are usually a short video or photo announcing the giveaway (featuring prizes like cars or cash)—and a caption that reads something like:

“Enter to win a {big juicy prize}! Just go to {@accountname}’s profile and follow everyone they’re following. When you’re finished, come back here and comment ‘DONE.’ And your in!”

*Note – We run our general Instagram loop giveaways with A-list celebrities just like the ones we mentioned above. If you’re interested in being part of one of these campaigns—just click here: Get Me Followers!

So, how does this Instagram influencer marketing strategy work?

An Instagram Loop Giveaway Works Like This:


  1. 5 to 10 businesses agree to participate in a loop giveaway, where they’ll post the same photo on their feeds at the same time.
  2. Business 1 tags Business 2 on their post caption and asks those who enter into the loop to follow Business 2 to get a chance to win a giveaway.
  3. The caption on Business 2’s post tags Business 3 and asks those who joined the loop to follow Business 3 as well. This goes on until the loop giveaway’s participants have followed all the businesses who hosted the giveaway.
  4. After the giveaway period, a winner is randomly selected from the participants. Then, the giveaway hosts untag the other businesses from their posts so that the giveaway participants who do not win will have a hard time figuring out who to unfollow.

Do Instagram Loop Giveaways Really Work?

After running campaigns for literally thousands of clients—we can confidently say:

“Yes. Instagram loop giveaways work phenomenally well.”

Whether your goal is to get:

  • Thousands of followers fast

Or to get:

  • Targeted followers who are part of your niche/community

…an Instagram loop giveaway is a powerful and flexible strategy you can use to do both. However, the type of Instagram loop giveaway you run should be based on your goals.

Here are two options for running a loop giveaway based on the level of targeting you need:

1. General Loop Giveaways


If you want brand awareness, exposure, social proof, and thousands of followers in just days from a broad range of niches—you may want to run a General Loop Giveaway.

With these campaigns, we typically see people’s accounts grow with thousands of real followers practically overnight. They produce traffic to Instagram accounts at a level no other Influencer marketing strategy comes close to touching.

In fact, at Social Sensei, we’re so confident about this—we back up our global campaigns with a no-risk-to-you minimum follower promise. It goes like this:

“If you don’t get the number of followers you signed up for during your promotion, we’ll keep running promotions until you do—absolutely free.”

Obviously, we’re not going to throw free money out the window, right?

You’re correct. We’re not in the business of burning money. Our promise is based on the fact that these promotions almost always deliver more followers than our clients actually signed up for on the first try.

If you’re interested in running one of these campaigns, just click here: Get thousands of followers in just days!

However, this broad approach isn’t for everyone. Many brands are seeking a solution for quickly getting targeted followers in specific niches. And that’s what we’re going to talk about next.

2. Targeted Loop Giveaways


If you want more engagement, more authenticity, and a higher potential to generate sales—you’ll probably want to run a Targeted Loop Giveaway.

With a Targeted Loop Giveaway, you can target your audience by:

  • Age…
  • Location…
  • Gender…
  • …and even interests.

Plus, you’ll get more control over the creatives that will be posted—so it fits in with your brand, niche, community, and message. If you’d like to run a Targeted Loop Giveaway, just click here: Get me targeted followers fast!

So, now that you know Instagram loop giveaways work—but do they fit into your budget—and are they really worth it in the long run?

How Much Do Instagram Loop Giveaways Cost?


Loop giveaways are relatively inexpensive to run when compared to the cost of running ads or hiring a major influencer or celebrity yourself. For example:

Kylie Jenner makes an estimated $1.2 million per sponsored Instagram post, according to Allure. And while most influencers and celebrities don’t cost this much—many celebrity promotions cost $50K+ or more to run.

You don’t pay anywhere near that amount for one of our giveaways.

Our strategy allows you to pool together resources with a list of other accounts, giving you a “wholesale” price for the campaign. The most expensive part of a loop giveaway is the cost of the prize. But even that expense is split multiple ways between the accounts sponsoring the giveaway.

What’s this mean in dollars and cents?

It means our General Loop Giveaways can get you thousands of followers for approximately 10 cents per follower! That’s without the hassle of learning to run ads (which costs money and time to test)—and your results are 100% promised.

Are Instagram Loop Giveaways Worth The Price?


Let’s be honest. You’re not going to pay hundreds of dollars to get a bunch of Instagram followers without expecting some kind of a return on your investment (ROI). So, let’s talk about it.

Do the results of a loop giveaway justify the cost?

To answer this question, let’s create a realistic scenario and test the theory:

Imagine you’re selling a product that costs $65 (the average order value on Instagram is $65). You decide you want to get the message out about your product to a broader audience using social media. So, you make two goals:

  1. Get 10K Instagram followers, and…
  2. Get access to Instagram’s “Swipe Up” feature in stories…

* Note: The “swipe up” feature allows you to drive people to your website straight from your Instagram story. And according to, swipe-up rates are an incredible 15–25%!

But you don’t want it to take years to grow your following from scratch. So, you decide to sign up for Social Sensei’s General Instagram Loop Giveaway, which promises to get you approximately 10K followers for just $999.

The campaign runs and you get your 10K followers. Now, it’s time to start marketing. The question is, are you going to make your money back? And what kind of return might you get?

Calculating potential ROI of your Instagram loop giveaway


The average conversion rate per post on Instagram is 1.85%. And that’s just a regular post—not a branded Instagram story with a higher conversion rate. Add the fact that you’re able to market with the “swipe up” feature, and your chances of making a conversion are even better.

Now, add the fact that you’ll have more than one opportunity to post. Because, after all, these people are actually following you now. What if you converted 10% of these followers into a sale during their entire lifetime? And if so, what would your return be?

  • If you converted 10% of your 10,000 followers into a sale, that’s 1,000 sales…
  • Your product is $65, so that’s $65 per sale…
  • $65 multiplied by 1,000 conversions is a total of $65,000…
  • Minus your investment of $999…
  • Equals a $64,001 profit—or approximately 64X return-on-investment (ROI)!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Using this broad approach, it’s likely you’ll have followers from many different niches—not just your own. So…

What if you only converted 1% of those customers during their entire lifetime? Would you still make a profit?

  • If you converted only 1% of your 10,000 followers into a sale, that’s 100 conversions…
  • 100 times $65 is $6,500…
  • Minus your initial investment of $999…
  • Equals a profit of $5,501—or an ROI of approximately 5.5X!

So, it’s no wonder that:

  • According to DataBox, for every $1 a brand spends on influencer marketing they make an average of $5.78.

Are you beginning to see why using an Instagram loop giveaways service might be worth the cost?

How To Join A Loop Giveaway


Wondering how to find Instagram loop giveaways that get results? Joining a “secret loop giveaway” isn’t really that much of a secret. It’s actually super simple.

Here’s how to join an Instagram loop giveaway service:

  1. For a broad approach, go to our General Loop Giveaway page and sign up by clicking here: Get me thousands of Instagram followers!
  2. For a targeted approach, go to our Targeted Loop Giveaways page and sign up by clicking here: Get me targeted Instagram followers!


  • If you have any questions about Social Sensei’s services, just click here to set up a call in our Calendy: Get my free consultation!

Not interested in running it with us? Here’s how you can set one up yourself:

How to Run A Loop Giveaway On Instagram


Here’s how to run an Instagram Loop Giveaway yourself:

1. Look for similar businesses

Look for four or five other businesses similar to yours. The smaller the loop, the easier it will be for you to manage your giveaway campaign and the more appealing it will be to those who want to qualify for the giveaway.

Also, make sure you all have the same target market. That way, you’ll get followers who would likely be interested in your business as well.

2. Come up with a prize

Once you’ve found several other businesses to host the loop with you, try to think of a giveaway prize that would best appeal to your audience and then pool in your resources to obtain (or present) the prize.

3. Get strategic

Next, think of a holiday or a major event you can link your campaign with. This will help make your campaign more relevant and appealing to your target participants. Get creative with this. The more catchy and fun your giveaway is—the more results you’re likely to get!

4. Find the right influencers or celebrities

Make sure to find celebrities and influencers that have high engagement rates and a tribe of superfans that love everything they post. This will give you the greatest chance of campaign success—and also make it more likely that the followers you gain stick around and are of a higher quality.

5. Create the creatives

Collaborate with your influencers and brainstorm ideas with your other collaborators to create an amazing post. Make the post as eye-catching as you can while remaining as authentic as possible to both your brands and the influencer’s regular posts.

6. Run the campaign

All ready to go? Then, get ready for the fun part. Just run the campaign, and watch new followers pour into all your accounts!

7. Keep your new followers engaged

It’s important to start building a relationship with your new followers. So, try to come up with other promotions that you can post after your giveaway campaign ends. A good idea would be to offer a discount on your products and/or services to help convert your new followers into customers.

*Note – Using Social Sensei to run your giveaway campaign can save you all this work! Just click here to get started: Run My Giveaway!

Still not sure how to run an Instagram loop giveaway? You can try searching #loopgiveaway or #loopgiveaways on Instagram to find out how other businesses are running their giveaway campaigns.

What Other Marketing Campaigns Can I Run On Instagram?


So, what if your goals are strictly sales and conversions oriented?

If you have bottom-of-the-funnel goals like:

  • Downloads (leads)…
  • Filled out forms (leads)…
  • …or Conversions (sales)…

…you might benefit from running a Micro-influencer campaign. These campaigns are hyper-targeted and are specifically intended to create ROI. But remember, this strategy is not for gaining tons of followers—it’s for making sales within your intended niche.

To find out more about Creator/Micro-influencer Marketing, just click here: Create Sales With Creator Marketing!

Or if you have any questions, just schedule a call.

Buying Fake Followers?

There are several other campaigns that you can try for your Instagram business account—but buying fake followers is not one of them. Don’t do it. You’re better off with a hundred real Instagram followers than with a thousand bots who won’t even engage with your posts.

Plus, Instagram is smarter these days and can identify if a follower is fake or not. So, it won’t help you, in the long run, to buy a batch of fake followers just to make your numbers look good.

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