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What Instagram Loop Giveaways Are and Why You Should Be Interested

Ever heard of Instagram loop giveaways?

Well if you’re on the platform with the goal of monetizing your Instagram account, then you most probably have. But just in case you haven’t heard about that yet, you’re definitely missing out on some good stuff.

Don’t worry, though. We’re here to talk to you about that.

Let’s jump straight to what these Instagram loop giveaways are, shall we?

So, what are Instagram Loop Giveaways?

If you scroll through your feed right now, chances are you’ll probably see a giveaway post. And you probably know how effective these giveaway posts can be, especially if they’re posted by an influencer on their feed (which is where you’ll usually find these posts).

Now just think of how effective a giveaway post can be if it’s posted by several accounts. If a single giveaway post on an influencer’s feed can generate hundreds of engagements, think of the engagement you’ll get if your giveaway post gets shared by several other accounts. And think of how many followers you’ll gain after the giveaway period.

That’s exactly what Instagram loop giveaways are about.

Here’s how Instagram loop giveaways work:

  • Some 5 to 10 businesses agree to participate in a loop giveaway, where they’ll post the same photo on their feeds at the same time.

  • Business 1 tags Business 2 on their post caption, and asks those who enter into the loop to follow Business 2 to get a chance to win a giveaway.
  • The caption on Business 2’s post tags Business 3 and asks those who joined the loop to follow Business 3 as well. This goes on until the loop giveaway’s participants have followed all the businesses who hosted the giveaway.
  • After the giveaway period, a winner is randomly selected from the participants. Then, the giveaway hosts untag the other businesses from their posts so that the giveaway participants who do not win will have a hard time figuring out who to unfollow.

Do Instagram loop giveaways actually work?

Do Instagram loop giveaways actually work?

Loop giveaways can be an effective way to gain new followers on Instagram (and not lose them as quickly as you probably would with the regular giveaway posts). And they’re also relatively inexpensive to run, compared to the cost of posting an ad on Instagram, or hiring a major influencer.

The only major expense you’ll probably have for your loop giveaway would be the giveaway prize, but even that is only minor since you’ll be dividing the cost among yourselves as the giveaway hosts.

Remember, your goal for hosting a loop giveaway is to gain more followers who will hopefully convert into paying customers.
How to run a loop giveaway on Instagram

Interested in running one on the platform? Great! Here’s what you can do to get started.

  1. Look for four or five other businesses similar to yours. The smaller the loop, the easier it will be for you to manage your giveaway campaign and the more appealing it will be to those who want to qualify for the giveaway. Also, make sure you all have the same target market. That way, you’ll get followers who would likely be interested in your business as well.
  2. Once you’ve found several other businesses to host the loop with you, try to think of a giveaway prize that would best appeal to your audience and then pool in your resources.
  3. Next, think of a holiday or a major event you can link your campaign with. This will help make your campaign more relevant and appealing to your target participants, and will also help you figure out what the best prize is for the giveaway.
  4. When you’ve set all that up, you can now start your loop giveaway.

Of course, you want to make sure that the followers you gained during that campaign won’t unfollow you. So try to come up with other promotions that you can post after your giveaway campaign ends. A good idea would be to offer a discount on your products and/or services, as this would help convert your new followers into customers.

Still not sure how to run an Instagram loop giveaway? You can try searching #loopgiveaway or #loopgiveaways on Instagram to find out how other businesses are running their giveaway campaigns.

What Other Marketing Campaigns Can I Run On Instagram?

There are several other campaigns that you can try for your Instagram business account. For example, you can run Instagram contests or promotional campaigns to attract more followers.

How about buying fake followers to grow your follower list? Nah. That won’t work. You’re better off with a hundred real Instagram followers than with a thousand bots who won’t even engage with your posts. Plus, Instagram is smarter these days and can identify if a follower is fake or not, so it won’t really do you much good to buy a batch of fake followers just to make your numbers look good.

So what strategies should you invest in? There are quite a number of marketing strategies, actually. For one, influencer marketing is a great way for you to gain thousands of new followers with a single post. And this type of marketing doesn’t even have to cost you a huge sum of money to be effective.

Do you know? Influencer marketing campaigns can get you as many as 100,000 new followers from a single campaign! Of course, keeping all those new Instagram followers engaged requires a different set of strategies. But in any case, all you really need to grow your Instagram audience is a dose of creativity plus some expert tips.

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