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Top Ways to Spot Fake Instagram Accounts in 2024

The rise of social media has brought not only opportunities, but also many challenges, especially in the form of fake accounts. As Instagram continues to grow exponentially, so does the number of fake accounts on the platform. 

While some fake accounts are simply bots without any malicious intent, many are used for nefarious purposes like scams, spreading misinformation, impersonation, etc. It is, therefore, crucial for users, as well as brands, to be able to distinguish between real and fake Instagram accounts in 2024.

In this blog post, we’ve tried to educate our readers about the various red flags to look out for in 2024 that could help identify fake Instagram accounts. Read out to know… 

Top Ways to Spot Fake Instagram Accounts in 2024! 

Fake Instagram Accounts in 2024

 Let’s deep dive into the top ways to spot those suspicious accounts!

  • Spotting Inconsistencies in Profile Bios: 

One of the easiest ways to spot a fake Instagram account is by carefully analyzing their profile bio. Fake accounts often copy bios from popular influencers or celebrities hoping people won’t notice the inconsistencies. 

A cursory glance at the bio may seem identical but subtle differences can give them away. For instance, changing a letter, adding symbols or simply making illogical changes are clear signs something’s not right. Typos, bad grammar or excessive hashtags/emojis are also red flags. Sometimes fake accounts don’t even bother having a proper bio. The moral? Carefully inspect account bios for any inconsistencies before trusting their authenticity.

  • Beware of Spammy Direct Messages: 
Spammy Direct Messages

Direct messages are a platform for engagement but unfortunately, they are also misused by scammers with fake profiles. Be on high alert if you receive random, unsolicited DMs promoting dubious links, explicit content or crypto/money making schemes. 

Legit influencers or businesses do not use such spammy tactics. Instead, they focus on providing value through their page content. Fake profiles banking on DMs to scam users will often have generic, copy-pasted messages that don’t seem personalized at all. Always be skeptical of such profiles trying to slide into your DMs unannounced.

  • Watch Out for Suspicious Commenting Behavior: 

One big red flag is accounts leaving unrelated, random or repetitive comments under posts. Fake profiles tend to comment on things like random emojis, promises of easy cash or requests to DM – all without adding value to the actual post. 

Their comments serve only self-promotion. You’ll also notice how they indiscriminately spam the same comments across multiple unrelated posts. The engagement appears artificial. In contrast, real profiles leave thoughtful comments relevant to the post’s topic/context.

  • Beware of ‘Too Good to Be True’ Offers 

We’ve all come across enticing social media ads offering quick money, free products or the next big opportunity. However more often than not, these end up being elaborate tricks or outright scams. Fake profiles posing as influencers or businesses use similar tricks to lure unsuspecting users. Be very skeptical of profiles promising easy cash through pyramid/Ponzi schemes, multi-level marketing programs or get-rich-quick tactics with no legitimate business model. Legit opportunities don’t require you to blindly trust strangers online. Always do thorough research before engaging with profiles peddling seemingly ‘to

  •  High Follower Counts : 
Follower Counts

Building trust and legitimacy is crucial for any online presence. Fake profiles try manipulating this using inflated follower counts. But thanks to social analytics tools, their schemes are easier to spot than before. If a profile has amassed thousands of Instagram followers in a very short period with barely any original content, those followers are likely bogus. Similarly, look out for profiles with relatively low follower count but an unusually high followers – a clear mismatch. While growing organically is possible, sudden ‘spike’ growth or lopsided following-to-follower ratios indicate something fishy is at play beneath the surface.

Additional Red Flags to Consider 

While the above mentioned signals cover the major tells of a fake profile, there are some other minor flags to watch out for as well:

  • Lack of properly filled-out profile details: Legit accounts provide authentic personal/business details
  • Repetitive/generic captions: Originality is key for real profiles
  • Posting the same images repeatedly: Fake profiles reuse content instead of original photos
  • Profiles following hundreds of accounts daily: Unnatural engagement patterns
  • Follower counts not increasing over time: Fake followers don’t equate to real engagement
  • New accounts with years old usernames: Impersonation attempts
  • Requests to chat over unsecured channels: Red flag for potential phishing

These are some additional points to consider when spotting fake Instagram in 2024. Always pay attention to profile details, engagement patterns, commenting behavior and any suspicious promotions before trusting unfamiliar accounts online. Cross-checking profiles on platforms like Facebook and Twitter can also help verify legitimacy.

Staying Vigilant With Social Sensei

As a leading social media management agency, ensuring our clients and readers have a safe, trusted experience online is a top priority for us here at Social Sensei. We hope this detailed breakdown of red flags empowers you to carefully screen profiles and avoid falling for impersonation scams. Our team of social media experts is also always available to provide a second opinion if you ever suspect an account could be fake. Reach out to us anytime with your concerns.


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