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Best New Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency of 2021

If you’re scouting for the best new Instagram Influencer Marketing agency, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a startup, a business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a future influencer—there’s an Instagram influencer marketing agency here for you.

For marketers today, using influencers to blast your message to the public is one strategy that “keeps the steel sharp” in the vicious battle to create authentic connections with target audiences in every niche. However, the agencies that offer influencer marketing services have a wide range of advertising models with vastly different pricing structures.

We understand not everyone reading this article is running a Fortune 500 just yet—so, we made sure to add in a number of affordable options, too.

Here’s a list of top Influencer Marketing Agencies to help you reach your business goals at any budget:

Social Sensei (budget-versatile)


Social Sensei is a highly versatile influencer marketing agency, with a wide range of solutions tailored to virtually any budget. The agency is capable of comfortably serving individuals, startups, agencies, and businesses of any size—and they have multiple campaign types with diverse options for audience targeting.

Their powerful network includes A-list celebrities and famous influencers of all sizes within virtually every niche (from nano-influencers to mega-influencers). Depending on the campaign you choose, you can enjoy a great deal of freedom and fun working with influencers and collaborating in the creation of your promotional posts.

Social Sensei is a passionate group of entrepreneurs that’s fully capable of accelerating your audience with digital marketing services, such as:

  • Instagram influencer marketing,
  • Instagram engagement services,
  • Instagram mass DM services,
  • Social media strategy development,
  • TikTok growth services (automation),
  • And search engine optimization.

Here’s a list of this versatile agency’s primary services:

Social Sensei services

Instagram Influencer Marketing 

Do you want thousands of new followers overnight? The ability to target by age, location, gender, and even interests? Brand exposure and social proof? Or do you just want to create a stellar ROI on your next campaign?

No matter what it is you want to accomplish on Instagram, Social Sensei can make the journey to your mountaintop an easier climb. Here are a few Instagram influencer marketing services Social Sensei offers:

1. General Instagram Loop Giveaways


Pricing: $299-$999/mo.

Targeting: Broad (global + major countries)

Goals: Get thousands of Instagram followers in just days, brand exposure, social proof

Get access to promotions with A-list celebrities that would usually cost you more than $50K for just a tiny, itsy-bitsy fraction of the price. These promotions can get thousands of Instagram followers in just days, massive exposure, traffic to your profile, and brand awareness. Plus, results are backed by Social Sensei’s minimum follower promise that goes like this:

“If you don’t get all the followers you signed up for, we’ll keep promoting your account for free until you do—no questions asked.”

How do General Instagram Loop Giveaways work?

  1. You sign up for one of Social Sensei’s affordable plans (you can target by location).
  2. No need for your password! Social Sensei can operate with just your account handle. So, your account is always safe.
  3. You watch hundreds or even thousands of followers pour into your account in just 7-days.

That’s it! You can kick back and relax as you watch your following grow. To learn more about these promotions, just click here: Grow My Following!

2. Targeted Instagram Loop Giveaways


Pricing: $3,000 retainer/mo.

Targeting: Targeted (demographics + interests)

Goals: Targeted follower growth, engagement, lead generation, sales opportunities

Social Sensei has a broad network of influencers in virtually every niche imaginable. Leverage them to rapidly build your Instagram following with new people who are targeted by:

  • Age,
  • Location,
  • Gender,
  • and even Interests.

Here’s how Targeted Loop Giveaways work:

  1. We ask you a few simple questions so we can align with your brand.
  2. Social Sensei will match you with creators that are an indelible fit for your brand.
  3. Together, you’ll collaborate and strategize with the agency and influencers to come up with a rockstar promotion.
  4. You’ll get the last “okay” before the promotion goes live.
  5. The promotion begins, and you’ll begin to see targeted followers pour into your account on autopilot while you just “do you.”

These campaigns produce followers who will be more likely to engage with your brand and convert to sales as you continue business-as-usual. To learn more about these targeted campaigns, just click here: Target My Followers!

3. Creator/Micro-influencer Campaigns


Pricing: Contact Social Sensei

Targeting: Hyper-targeted (strategic niche targeting)

Goals: Conversions only (sales/leads)

Want to knock your ROI out of the park? Use Social Sensei’s network of micro-influencers to drive home your next promotional campaign and take the results to the bank. These campaigns are strictly sales-performance oriented—not for building new followers.

When you run a micro-influencer campaign, you get:

  • Access to hyper-targeted audiences for highly authentic and powerful promotions that drive sales.
  • Freedom to work with influencers to create an epic campaign that fits your brand.
  • Plus, an entire agency of digital marketing pros and your own success manager to make sure you’re on target to reach your goals.

This influencer marketing strategy “converts with authenticity” by leveraging the voices of people your audience respects for recommendations and introductions to your brand. And since influencer marketing has an average 5.78X return-on-investment—it’s definitely worth a try.

To learn more about these ROI-driven campaigns, just click here: Rock My ROI!

Instagram Engagement


Pricing: $29–$99/post

Targeting: Not-applicable

Goals: Engagement, increasing reach, going viral

Want to make your next Instagram post go viral? Social Sensei’s Instagram engagement campaigns (also called Social Superstars) can help make it happen. Social Superstar’s huge network of real people will like, comment, view, and engage with whatever post on your profile that you choose.

Wondering how that can help you go viral? Here’s how:

Instagram’s algorithm decides if it will show a post to more people based on its current engagement rate.

  • If your post isn’t getting very much engagement, Instagram won’t show it to more people.


  • If your post is getting hundreds or even thousands of real likes and comments, it signals the algorithm to “PAY ATTENTION”—potentially landing your post at the top of your chosen hashtags.

Social Superstars can help you get the extra boost you need to get more eyes on the posts that matter most. To find out more about this Instagram engagement solution, just click here: Get Me Engagement!

Instagram Mass Direct Messages


Pricing: $499–$999/mo.

Targeting: Hyper-targeted, look-a-like audiences

Goals: Highly flexible (exposure, leads, sales, etc.)

Did you say, “Target and DM thousands of Instagram users all at once?” If you’re interested in blowing the doors open on sales opportunities, generating leads, and creating conversations around your products/services—Instagram Mass DMs might be right for you.

Standard plans allow you to send out 50K–150K messages to your competitors’ audiences all at once. Use this service to leverage a giveaway contest, drive traffic to your account, create a promotional sales campaign—or whatever strategy you want to use.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for the service.
  2. Give Social Sensei your Instagram account handle (no password necessary!).
  3. Craft the message you want to send out.
  4. Grab the account names of your competitors (accounts that have the type of follower you want to contact).
  5. Watch the results of your campaign and close the deal with your new leads!

If you’re interested in running a campaign like this, just click here to learn more: Broadcast My Message!

Search Engine Optimization (additional service)


Pricing: $499–$999/mo.

Targeting: Not applicable

Goals: Increase search presence (exposure, website traffic, lead gen, sales)

Let’s be honest. Tackling search engine marketing is tough for marketers of many stripes. But Social Sensei can help. The agency has a group of SEO pros who can help you:

  • Create quality backlink profiles.
  • Improve positive user behavior.
  • Stay up-to-date with machine-learning signals.
  • And optimize on-page elements, linking structure, and content.

This can help you rank higher in search, generate more leads, and build more authority and trust with your website viewers. After all, 47% of buyers view 3–5 pieces of content before speaking with a sales representative, according to IronPaper. And all that traffic leads to more sales opportunities and a big boost in revenue long-term.

Social Sensei’s SEO team will:

  1. Set up all the technical parts of SEO (like creating analytics and search console accounts).
  2. Do keyword research (research competitors, keyword gaps, backlink opportunities, etc.).
  3. Launch and Optimize strategy (every month, Social Sensei will compile reports and make strategic improvements for the following month).

To learn more about Social Sense’s SEO services, just click here: Get Me Traffic!

Tiktok Automation


Pricing: $75–$150/mo. (or $25/weekly)

Targeting: Hyper-targeted (look-a-like audiences)

Goals: Rapid follower growth, lead generation, sales opportunities

If you’re not familiar, TikTok is an international social media platform that’s all about fun and catchy video content. Its primary users are in a younger age group, with over 50% under age 30. The platform is unique, in that it doesn’t allow users to scroll through videos without their volume on.

In order to engage on the platform, users are prompted to “turn on the volume” first, making TikTok a powerful tool for grabbing attention with video marketing. Since it’s so powerful, Social Sensei created a strategy for building their client’s TikTok accounts.

Social Sensei’s, TikTokBot, can directly target people who are following your competitors and engage with them through automated liking. All this, while you use your account completely normally.

And the results are astounding. You get hyper-targeted followers that perfectly match your ideal audience—resulting in powerful lead generation and tons of sales potential.

To find out more about TikTokBot, just click here: Skyrocket My TikTok!



Pricing: $25,000–$100,000

Targeting: Versatile

Goals: End-to-end influencer marketing solutions (primarily for E-Commerce and fashion)

This company is a powerful agency that works with E-Commerce companies and those in the fashion industry. They have an enormous array of influencers (some 400,000 plus) and are capable of tackling all the tasks of influencer marketing—from innovative marketing packages to product shipment.

The Influencer Marketing Factory


Pricing: $15,000–$1M

Targeting: Versatile

Goals: End-to-end influencer marketing solutions

With clients like Google, Snap, and Bud Light—The Influencer Marketing Factory is one of the most elite influencer marketing agencies in the world. They offer Instagram influencer marketing services—but they also run campaigns on YouTube and TikTok.

Other miscellaneous Instagram Influencer Marketing Agencies:

August United


Pricing: High-end (expensive) contact company for details

Targeting: Versatile

Goals: End-to-end influencer marketing solutions

August Media is a full-service influencer marketing agency that unites impressive brands with impressive people—and ridding the world of boring marketing that doesn’t move people to action.

Services offered:

  • Influencer Strategy

They identify influencers, develop a campaign and create a sustainable strategy for your brand.

  • Influencer Activation

They amplify your marketing campaigns through content. They improve engagement and drive your audience to take action. 

  • Network Development

Build influencer communities of brand advocates that your organization owns. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Craft a strategy and execute it to achieve your marketing goals.

  • Influencer Brand Retreats

They work with brands and influencers to set up your content strategy.

  • Content Creation

Maximize your budget by creating materials with agility to deliver great content.

Pulse Advertising


Pricing: High-end (expensive) contact company for details

Targeting: Versatile

Goals: End-to-end influencer marketing solutions

Founded in 2014, this agency builds a bridge between influencer activations and performance marketing. They tailor their process to the specific objective at hand. From micro-influencers to large-scale ambassador programs.

Services offered:

  • Social strategy

Make an impact on various social networks including Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, and Wechat.

  • Creative campaign design

Create innovative concepts to tell your brand story.

  • Influencer sourcing  

Works with influencers to deliver quality content that drives traffic to your page.

  • Execution 

Use content to target influencer audiences.

  • Analytics reporting

Gives a rundown on results and checks on reviews to empower future activations.

American Noize


Pricing: High-end (expensive) contact company for details

Targeting: Versatile

Goals: End-to-end influencer marketing solutions

This agency helps in setting up the best strategies and campaigns for Influencer Marketing. They create relevant and strategic influencer marketing to boost your brand’s exposure. Their aim is to strategize, create, and execute influencer marketing campaigns that are effective in growing a brand’s following, value, and sales.

Services offered:

  • Tailor fits the campaign to your goals and vision
  • Finds the right influencer who will speak directly to your targeted audience
  • Content creation, provide everything your business needs for a significant online presence
  • Ecommerce Management/ Instagram Management

Takes care of logo design and product branding.

Socially Powerful 


Pricing: High-end (expensive) contact company for details

Targeting: Versatile

Goals: End-to-end influencer marketing solutions

This agency is a global influencer marketing agency that offers campaigns at scale. The influencer agency connects brands to content creators across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,, and Twitter.

Services offered:

  • Influencer Marketing Services  

Build your brand, generate awareness, connect to new audiences, drive traffic to your social media accounts, generate downloads, and hit sales targets. 

  • Social Media Marketing Services 

They aligned your business objectives and your marketing strategy to generate a measurable return of investment.

  • Micro-Influencer Marketing Services 

They will help you achieve your goals and achieve success. They will find the right influencer for your needs and will measure how effective the campaign is.

  • Social Video Production

Create content to entertain and incite a reaction for audiences to share and remember.



Pricing: High-end (expensive) contact company for details

Targeting: Versatile

Goals: End-to-end influencer marketing solutions

is an influencer marketing agency that helps brands to engage and reach audiences on a global basis. They feature a network of over 20,000 influencers and will match a brand to one of them based on data.

Services offered:

  • Influencer Marketing Strategies

They develop innovative influencer marketing strategies with long-term.


  • Influencer Matchmaking

They connect you with influencers who will create engagement.

  • Content Strategies

Content gives influencers the freedom to be original on social media platforms where they’re most comfortable. 

  • Social Media Advertising

They use paid media to support an influencer marketing campaign to ensure the best results.

  • Campaign Management

They offer hands-on support during an ongoing campaign.

  • Tracking and Measurement

They’re goal-oriented and data-driven with KPIs at the start of every campaign. They monitor and measure progress from the start and till the end of every campaign.

  • Production and Content Creation

They combine ideas and traditional productions with influencers to elevate content creation.

  • Legal and Compliance

Provides a run-down on relevant partnership and disclosure regulations to ensure seamless contracts and collaboration.

  • Payment and transaction services1

Takes care of all financial admin with influencers.

Closing thoughts…

We hope you’ve found what you’re looking for, but remember, these are just a few of the most sought out agencies that can give you leverage online. There may be agencies missed. So, we encourage you to always do your research and make sure that you’re equipped with the right partner to achieve your goals.

One thing’s for certain: Influencer Marketing is a powerful industry your competitors will be using throughout the decade. So, don’t fall behind. Make sure to get involved and maximize the strategy to reach your goals.


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