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Instagram Stories: To post or not to post?

Instagram’s story feature has been around since March 2017 but we still get a lot of businesses asking if they should be utilizing them in their daily content creation.  The answer is YES!  The great thing about Instagram stories is that there are so many different ways you can use it. If you’re a blogger […]

Tips and tricks to improve your Instagram engagement

With Instagram changing what seems like every week, a primary concern that a lot of people ask us is about their suffering engagement.  Well you’re not alone, since Instagram has been implementing their new algorithm everyone has been taken a dive in their engagement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it back, so we’ve […]

How to use #hashtags on Instagram

Although social media is still relatively new to society, its becoming more and more the norm of everyday life, so much that the word hashtags is now recognized in the Oxford dictionary in 2010.  By simply adding the (#) pound sign next a word or even emoji, categorizes the content and then makes it discoverable.  […]