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Gain Influence on Instagram and build a career out of your lifestyle

Most people nowadays are so much attached to the different platforms of social media that we have created an entirely new dictionary for the lifestyle or trends that came from the platform. One of which is the term influencer.  The term is contestable among many but what does it really take for a person to be an “influencer”?  And lastly, how to gain influence on Instagram and build a career out of your lifestyle.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is simply someone who influences others’ buying decisions. In other words, it’s someone who has the influence, the authority over or trust of, a certain group of people. In marketing parlance, an influencer is someone who causes others to make specific consumer decisions.

Unlike celebrities, Influencers can be anywhere. They can be anyone. What makes them influential is their large followings on the web and social media. Your science teacher and the government officials can also be influencers.

As an influencer, you need to have a powerful presence on the internet. However, that doesn’t mean that you should use every social media platform and distribution channel out there. Depending on your niche, certain platforms might be better suited for your content than others. To be effective influencers you have to choose wisely what platform you will use.

If you happen to be a designer, photographer, and travel advocate, Instagram is the best fit for you. Instagram is more of pictures and illustrations, so you can post your artwork, design, and places you’ve been to here.

You should also consider the platform that your audience is most likely to use. If your target audience is millennials you can use Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. But if you are more of the professional sides, like gurus, educational/professional speakers you can use and sell your talent through Linked In.

Instagram is one of the famous and effective social media platforms. You should take advantage of it. You should know how to use this platform to build a career and gain influence.

Yes, you absolutely can make money and build a career on Instagram by marketing your business and brand here. When you have millions of followers, brands are willing to pay pretty hefty sums to get your products featured  —meaning some influencers earn absolutely crazy amounts of money. But the question is how you will gain influence or followers? These are some of the tips.

Know your Niche.

Know what your niche is on Instagram. Pick that topic and know your potential audiences who you want to influence and stick to the topic, period.

Create a likable content.

Instagram is more on the visual content so make sure to be more creative on posting. Show all the talent and skills you learned in your photography lessons. Great photography is always appreciated on Instagram and other social media alike.

 Post consistently.

Brands that post regularly tend to have more successful accounts on Instagram. You must give your followers something to notice you — your posts are what makes you noteworthy on Instagram.

Take advantage of the Hashtags.

Adding relevant hashtags to your photos lets your posts be visible to the users interested in your niche. Load up on good hashtags to target your audience.

Ask the audience to participate.

Most of the time your audience wants to be involved in your post. Engagement is one of the key indicators if an Instagram account is performing well or not. So, it is to your benefit if you let your audience be involved. Ask your audience for feedback. Host a photo contest and give out rewards. That helps you grow your network and influence.


Use collaborative social media to cross-promote. Cross-promotion is a great way to get some extra exposure. Instagram allows you to share your photos with other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. It also lets you embed Instagram photos in your blog posts.

Make use of Instagram analytics tools.

There are free tools that help you measure your social network influence. You can use Hootsuite to create a customized dashboard that enables you to monitor analytics for multiple channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Make use of these tools to keep track of your Instagram presence and understand where you need to improve.

Hopefully, these top tips have given you some inspiration and insight to kick off your social strategy to gain influence on Instagram.

Remember success doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistency and commitment to your social channels, you’ll soon start to see a return in your efforts.

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