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Instagram: Content is king

We’ve all heard the famous quote from Bill Gates saying “content is king”, but what does it really mean in terms of Instagram?  At Social Sensei we strive to bring more traffic and engagement to your profile but we don’t control the content you make.  If you really want to retain followers and attract new ones, you’re going to need to provide value in the content you are sharing.

One way you can do this is presenting some knowledge.  For example, let’s say you’re a healthy toothpaste brand, you can provide knowledge by sharing content that explains why certain ingredients found in regular toothpaste are actually harmful to your health.  You can create blog posts of information to back your statements and administer the link in your bio.  By providing free knowledge, it will attract customers who are actually interested in what you have to say and build trust with them as they will take your word (just make sure your facts are correct so you don’t tarnish their trust).  You cant put information in the captions or create meme’s that boldly express your views or facts.

Aesthetic.  Aesthetic.  Aesthetic.  Let’s say you lack the knowledge for your captions, that’s OK because you still have a vision.  Instagram isn’t just about the dialog written in the captions it’s primarily built around being visual.  If you’re lacking knowledge to provide or maybe your brand isn’t centered around providing knowledge, you’re going to need to have a theme or an aesthetic to attract new followers.  With over 500 million users on Instagram, it’s very competitive to gain a new follower.  What will make your page stand out over a competitors page?  By creating a theme for your grid, it gives a potential follower a new experience that maybe other similar profiles are not providing.  Why not have an edge over the competition?  Sure it takes a little more effort than just saving a pic and posting it, but the rewards in the long run weigh out the negatives.  Think of a grid that’s original.  Don’t be afraid to use negative space, quotes, other peoples images (don’t forget to credit), personal photos, whatever you do just make sure its creative and clean.  Think of your grid like your living room, when you invite someone over you always want to have a clean space to show people, make sure your grid isn’t filled with clutter or images that might not fit your theme, I guaranteed you’ll be having returning guests in no time.

Need help creating a theme?  We can help you!  Our business package includes a social media strategy plan that will break down everything from when to post to creating a successful social media schedule.  Check out our packages and see what will work best for you!


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