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37 Facts on Instagram Marketing this 2020

Planning your Instagram marketing strategy for 2020? Make sure you know all you need to know about the platform before starting! Here are 37 things about Instagram that we’ve compiled to make your life easier. 1. Instagram ranks second as the most downloaded app on the Apple store. Since its inception in 2010, Instagram continues […]

Direct Messaging and Maintaining Your Followers

For the longest time it seemed that nobody knew exactly how to use Instagram’s direct messaging feature to their greatest advantage.  From spamming and attempts at match-making to countless unsuccessful sales pitches, the potential provided by this personal line of connection was being wasted away by most users on the platform. Thankfully businesses are starting […]

Reposting on Instagram & Why You Should Be Doing It

Why share another user’s content on your Instagram? What if you could “bank” on the next piece of content you post getting TONS of engagement—without ever having to test it? Or what if you could take advantage of a “Viral” piece of content your audience loves and use it to help you grow? If that […]