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How to Become a Brand Ambassador on Instagram

How to become the “face” of the brand

This is what will make you and your brand stand out

For one to stand out on a particular event, class, or whatever it may be. One must be almost perfect, the smartest, the most different, or the most evident. But what if you aren’t the smartest inside a room, not the prettiest, or even not feeling that special, how would you stand out? Well it’s just like marketing, there are a lot of brands to compete with. There are the big companies, the unique ones, and the one that sells the essential ones. How can you compete or be on par with these brands if you’re only starting? Will you just surrender and let yourself be insecure of how big or popular they are or are you willing to do something different to make you, yourself, or even your brand stand out. There are many ways for a person to stand out, but in order to do that one must know where or what he/ she’s good at. One must have the passion and will to grow and succeed. Without those traits then it’ll be harder for you to become your best self and it’ll be harder for you to succeed.

Why am I even saying this? What is the relevance of this to our topic brand ambassador? Yes there is. First is if you want to really stand out or compete with strong contenders, you have to really know yourself, what you want, what you can give, and what you can do. Those are what you need to figure out because by it you’ll be able to understand the options that there are for you in order for you to succeed. In digital marketing, where in social media the trend will still be the trend for the upcoming years, there are a lot of competitors. They’re scattered around the social media platforms and it gives your brand a hard time reaching out to wider audiences, how do you compete with it? It’s just the same as my example with you identifying yourself first. You have to identify the goals of your brand, the goals that you want to have and after those you’ll be able to come up with a strategy. And that is Influencer Marketing Strategy.


Influencer marketing strategy is where your company hires an influencer may it be a popular celebrity or just a regular person who can wield the power to influence a greater audience, to make them trust and believe in buying the brand or services that they are promoting. And one of those is what we call BRAND AMBASSADOR. A brand ambassador is a type of influencer where a person advertises or is promoting your brand and company without being paid or accepting monetary fee. They increase awareness of a brand by publicly representing their products. They act as spokespeople, attempting to influence a community to buy a company’s services. This had led companies to their successes. It helped them outgrew their competitors, and achieve their targeted goals. This just happened because they were able to identify their company’s goals, strategy, and program. So if you wanna stand out for your brand, or you want to be someone who can be of help to others brands, you may choose to become a Brand Ambassador.

Like I’ve said it’s important to have knowledge of what it is. There are different kinds of brand ambassadors: celebrity and social media influencer. The celebrities obviously are famous people capable of reaching broader audiences while the social media influencers are the common people who have great power as well to influence other people with the brands that they’re endorsing. There is also what you call an online- and in-person brand ambassador. 


An online ambassador works through social media platforms like Instagram to raise awareness about a company. Typical tasks include: 

  • Posting about a product on your social media platforms
  • Posting an online message boards or chat groups
  • Writing reviews on customer review sites
  • Reviewing a product on your blog
  • Inviting Friends to events through social media


An in-person brand ambassador works at a large gathering of marketing events and they spread awareness via word-to-mouth. Their tasks include:

  • Distributing stickers or posters
  • Wearing anything that says about their brand
  • Provides samples
  • Running errands for the events


Steps on how to become a brand ambassador

These are steps that you should know if you’re planning to be one

1.) Discover yourself and the brand

  • Everything starts with you. You have to identify what kind of company you want to represent. What brands represent your interest or relate to content that you already produce. 
  • Do your research for the companies you’re trying to consider applying. Look through social media posts and do a research of their current influencers to get an idea of what they’re looking for
  • Being an engaged follower can also improve your chances when you’re applying
  • Make a target list


2.) Build engagement

  • Gather “attention” from other people through likes, comments on your social media posts. This will help you gain a good reputation and a good way to advertise yourself to companies. 
  • Be creative on making contents, posting photos, live stories in Instagram
  • Having a large number of following on social media makes you alluring to potential brands
  • Interact with followers through liking and commenting on their pages or blogs. Respond to them. That’s one way to gain real Instagram followers


3.) Create your own online personality

  • Companies look for brand ambassadors who reflect the same vibe as them. Which means you have to show them yourself on how bubbly you can be, on how you can be so genuine about your fashion and show how you could engage your Instagram followers


4.) Gain followers

  • Build the largest following you can because by increasing your followers. It is important to be able to showcase how you can make your own connections with other influencers to increase your own following. The more followers you have who engage with the brand, the more money you will make
  • One of the responsibilities of a brand ambassador is to build connection to audiences to the brand they’re promoting so it’s very important for companies to know if you can pull it through


5.)Venture out

  • Now is the time to “venture out” – start making your adventures online. DM or message them. Approach them and let them know if they’re hiring or not. 
  • Message them if there’s an opportunity or a possibility of you representing their brand.
  • For in-person opportunities, research events happening in your area. 


6.)Regularly look for a brand ambassador opportunities

  • Try going to their websites and apply. Check online job boards for possible postings.
  • If you love interacting with a community, building a following and presenting your brand loyalty, being a brand ambassador could be a great path for you. Start by working in your free time, after work or on weekends. If you build up enough of a following, you may be able to be a brand ambassador full time.


Responsibilities and duties of an Instagram brand ambassador

  • Positive representation of the brand because the actions they do reflects the brand as well
  • Cooperative in creating contents online such as posting blogs, giving positive reviews, product promoting, and doing live stories
  • Utilizing instagram tools on engaging wider audiences and increasing brand awareness through engagements
  • Interacting with consumers regarding product feedback and listening to recommendations
  • Be expert on what they post and be honest with their opinion
  • Participates on product promotion 
  • Adept at communicating to be able to build connections to other influencers for a broader reach
  • Should have the ability to network like a professional
  • Must work hard to maintain the relationship between the brand and the customer, and brand and associates
  • Being responsible for establishing and maintaining their own image in accordance with the images and beliefs of their employer. They are the face of their brand


Characteristics of a brand ambassador

  • Being an having “the knowledge”
  • Successful brand ambassadors will display an approach to their customers with their skills through instagram to engage them and reach most consumers that’s why most companies want brand ambassadors to exhibit a keen sense of marketing strategies and core principles.


  • Online presence
  • Consumers want you to be available so that they can communicate with you on a consistent basis. You are to establish a strong presence with many followers to optimize their impact on marketing and customer outreach.


  • Passion
  • Passion serves as the fire of your work. It will show your willingness and drive to excel on becoming one and becoming successful to achieve their goals in life.
  • After having established expertise in the product, consumers will look to a brand ambassador for advice. The relationship with the consumer will only prove effective and authentic through passion.


  • Professionalism
  • You represent a company and their ideals. In your interactions with individuals, in your behavior and in your attitude, you should always display an authentic concern for the ideas and feelings of the other person.


  • Trustworthy
  • Brand ambassadors exist to help a brand create a strong, lasting relationship with users/consumers. They both seek a lasting relationship that is built with trust and consistency. Your followers would always want to believe in someone they can trust and connect with and that is a great factor to guarantee the success of your brand.


Reasons on WHY you need Instagram brand ambassadors

  • They protect your reputation online. They can defend you from critics or any defaming news against your company because they are an unaffiliated that voices their opinion.
  • They are trusted by people that’s why followers will listen to them because they are able to come in with influence and form a personal connection with the audience
  • They can help your brand grow especially grow your Instagram through brand awareness, engagement and etc
  • They are people who are willing to test out your brand and give an honest review of it
  • Ambassadors will usually create digital content for your brand regularly. Unlike influencers, who agree to post about your brand only once or twice, ambassadors will share about your brand often on their social media accounts or blogs.
  • They’ve likely promoted your brand regularly already, without any prompting.
  • People trust the opinions and recommendations from others who have used the product in real life, far more than they trust ads.
  • Provides powerful testimonies about your brand that can lead to conversions
  • They are not that expensive because these individuals are  passionate influencers who’ll wholeheartedly do things for free 



Being a brand ambassador should start within you. You first have to identify yourself on what you want to be and what you want to do. You serve as the face of the brand, anything that you do will reflect on whatever brand you may represent. So if you aren’t passionate about being a brand ambassador it will radiate immediately. Your followers or audiences want something authentic and transparent and that is your job if you’re wanting to be one. It is your responsibility to build connections, build awareness, and be authentic with your audiences because only  by doing that will you be able to become successful and be able to achieve your goals as a brand ambassador.


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