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Instagram Marketing—All You Need to Know About It

Don’t quite understand how Instagram marketing works? Don’t worry. It’s not just you. Most people just see Instagram as an online photo album for selfies and snapshots. Nothing more. But the truth is, Instagram is more than just that. This social media platform is a goldmine for both businesses and consumers. And if you’re looking […]

Reposting on Instagram & Why You Should Be Doing It

Why share another user’s content on your Instagram? What if you could “bank” on the next piece of content you post getting TONS of engagement—without ever having to test it? Or what if you could take advantage of a “Viral” piece of content your audience loves and use it to help you grow? If that […]

Targeting Your Audience Through Hashtags

Now that you have taken the time to narrow down and define your target audience you’re ready to maximize the reach of your content.  While the last step was primarily about searching through data and determining how to find your audience, this one is more about finding the best ways to direct your audience to […]

Instagram Best Practices to Grow Your Account Organically

Best organic growth techniques to grow your Instagram Here are 20 Instagram Do’s & Don’ts to help you optimize your account growth.  By implementing Instagram best practices into your social media strategy you will gain more followers and increase engagement. Instagram Don’ts 1. Don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to content Experiment!  […]

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