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Defining Your Target Audience

What is a Target Audience? To put it simply, your target audience is the segment of people you are providing your products and services for.  Sometimes this group of people is also referred to as your “target market”. Examples of business ideas and their target audiences would be:   Online meditation course – Stressed professionals […]

The Best Times to Post on Instagram in 2018

Over 70% of businesses in the US currently use Instagram and a majority anticipate that number will rise. Regardless of whether it’s captivating photos or amazing videos, Instagram is the home of visual content. The main issue is, much like Facebook, it’s getting harder to organically show up in front of your followers. Instagram says […]

Instagram Detox, Your “Fake Follower Purge” Checklist

Instagram has a user base that has climbed up to over 800 million active accounts since it’s launch in 2010 and as a top social platform shows no sign of stopping there.  Just as one might assume however, a percentage of those 800 million users are not actual people utilizing the platform but are bots […]

Organic Instagram Growth and The Law of Reciprocity

What is the Law of Reciprocity? Have you ever noticed that you feel moved to do something for people who have done something to help you – even if they haven’t asked you to? Social psychologists call this compelling feeling the Law of Reciprocity. The law of reciprocity essentially states that when someone does something […]

Instagram Best Practices to Grow Your Account Organically

Best organic growth techniques to grow your Instagram Here are 20 Instagram Do’s & Don’ts to help you optimize your account growth.  By implementing Instagram best practices into your social media strategy you will gain more followers and increase engagement. Instagram Don’ts 1. Don’t be afraid to be creative when it comes to content Experiment!  […]

4 Keys to Avoiding an Instagram Shadowban

Are you experiencing significantly less engagement?  Do your posts not seem to be getting the same exposure they did before?  Are they reaching anyone at all? If these are things you’re observing with your Instagram account, there’s a good chance you’ve been shadowbanned.  Normally you will receive a notification if your Instagram account has been […]