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10 Reasons for Investing in Celebrity Instagram Marketing

Celebrity Instagram marketing is one of the best strategies that you can use if you want to run a highly successful promotional campaign on social media. In this article, we’ll cover ten reasons why celebrity Instagram marketing should be among your top Instagram strategies.

And, we’ll also cover why you should Invest in Celebrity Instagram Marketing for Your Brand.

Celebrity marketer on Instagram
Reach a bigger audience by launching an Instagram celebrity marketing campaign

Increase audience reach with a targeted Instagram campaign 

One of the biggest perks you can get from having celebrities and influencers endorse your brand is that you can reach thousands, if not millions, of their followers. That means a whole new audience for your brand, right? 

Promote brand awareness and get the attention you want

You’ll have thousands of people ‘hearing’ about your brand and your products from someone they like or respect. Imagine getting all that attention in just a single marketing campaign!

Increase brand familiarity through Instagram celebrity endorsements

Ever wondered how a brand can be so familiar to you even if you think you’ve never seen it before? That’s because research shows that people can remember what they see even if they only saw it for a few seconds. So even those who are simply scrolling through their Instagram feed—not liking or commenting on the promotional post—can subconsciously remember your brand and your product.

Generate creative content for your Instagram feed

Remember, these celebrities and influencers got to where they are now on Instagram primarily because they’ve learned the art of selling content to the public. They know how to get attention when they want it, and that is a powerful advantage for your brand. These people can therefore help you come up with creative ways of promoting your brand and your products. 

Boost brand engagement through Instagram influencer and celebrity endorsements 

Instagram posts by celebrities and major influencers are guaranteed to generate a lot of engagement from avid fans and followers. You can almost guarantee thousands of engagement for your promotional campaign, which is what you should be getting given the amount you’ll be paying for that endorsement.

enhance your brand through influencer endorsements
Team up with top social media marketers to enhance your brand image

Enhance brand image by teaming up with top social media marketers 

People associate influential people with top notch brands. Having someone famous vouch for your brand’s quality is key in enhancing your brand image to your target market. It instantly elevates your brand from something that may be somewhat ordinary, to something spectacular. 

Build consumer trust to gain real Instagram followers 

People trust other people before they trust a certain brand. In fact, recent statistics on online consumer behavior reveal that some 60% of consumers made a product purchase simply because it was recommended on social media by a major influencer or a trusted individual.

Generate higher revenues by increasing conversion rates 

Take all of the perks we’ve mentioned above, couple these with a great product and other key factors for sales and you’ll see your sales figures rise after the promotional campaign.

Increase stock prices as you build your brand online 

Consistently hitting top figures in sales as a result of successful celebrity and influencer marketing campaigns can mean an increase in your brand’s stock prices as well. Of course, marketing campaigns alone do not guarantee a sure increase in revenues and stock prices, but they do play a major role.

Keep your account safe as you gain Instagram followers organically 

A lot of brands get banned on Instagram simply because they resort to illegitimate ways of promoting their products and building their following. With celebrity and influencer marketing, however, you don’t have to worry about any of that. 

Gain Real Instagram Followers through Celebrity Instagram Marketing

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