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Top Reasons Your Business Need A Social Media Management Team

Are you on the fence about whether to hire a social media management team? Want to create an online presence that sets you apart from the competition? Social Sensei can make your dream come true with an in-house team that will do the work for you.

Does your brand have an FB and Instagram account where you publish content, post pictures, and stories of your brand? Still, your online visibility is nowhere closer to your competitors? Have you ever thought about why? Building an online presence is not a one-day or one-person task. Social media is not a large space to fill but a place to grow. Social media requires a lot of effort and energy that usually comes from a team.

Social media team includes dedicated people who perform certain functions to boost brands’ online visibility and help them relish the bigger share of the pie. In this blog, we will talk about the role of the social media team in boosting a brand’s online visibility and talk about the key team members.

So, buckle your seatbelts as we will take you on an adventurous ride!!!

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What Functions Does a Social Media Management Team Perform?

Social Media Management Team

First, let’s define what a social media team is. If we look at the broader definition, the main role of a social media team is to grow the business strategically by creating content, ads and engaging with the target audience on multiple social media platforms. So, before you hire a team, define your goals, needs, challenges, and budget. Here are some factors to consider before hiring a social media team.

  • Define your social media strategyand lay down your campaign objectives.
  • Set your budget for hiring the team and for fulfilling team needs.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Members of a Social Media Team

Functions Performed by Social Media Team and Members

Social Media Manager: Heads of the Team (One Who Holds the Team Together)

The social media manager is the person who knows the team and brand quite well. The manager is responsible for managing the company’s brand, product, and the team itself. The key tasks performed by the manager include:

  • Develop the strategy, and campaigns, set goals and deadlines
  • Create a brand, product awareness, and online reputation
  • Generate leads and conversions
  • Ensure the team’s functions properly
  • Communicate with the key stakeholders (client, other marketing departments in the company)

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Key Skills of A Social Media Marketing Manager?

Skills of A Social Media Marketing Manager

  • Soft Skills: social media marketing manager has a huge impact on a firm’s marketing strategy and must possess strong, soft skills.The three important soft skills the manager must have include; creativity, copywriting, and designing skills. 
  • Hard Skills: most important hard skills, managers must have included digital expertise and know-how to use social media tools.
  • Experience: manager must have at least three years of working experience.

Social Media Content Manager, Creator- The one Who Masters the Words

Social Media Content Manager

The content manager is a hybrid job wherein the candidate has to perform the key role in fueling the social media campaign for the brand. Content curators are responsible for bringing unique and creative content to the plate (that audience loves and expresses brand values and products with perfection). The key responsibilities of a content curator include:

  • Stay current on the industry news
  • Responsible for creating both micro and macro content
  • Create and publish content on different platforms
  • Create engaging content designs by collaborating with the graphic designers

Key Skills of a Content Curator

  • Copywriting skills
  • Ability to manage social media platforms and content management systems
  • Time management skills.
  • Research skills
  • Must have 1- 3 years of industry experience

Social Media Advertiser – The Person with The Money

Social Media Advertiser

A social media advertiser is a specialist in advertising strategy, has a strong sense of budget, and knows about every social media platform. The advertiser is responsible for adjusting ads to get the most out of every campaign and the lowest price possible. Key responsibilities of an advertiser include:

  • Create ad copies with a content curator and a designer
  • Set up the target audience for every campaign
  • Conduct A/B testing

Key Skills of a Social Media Advertiser

Social Media Analysts- One who Knows Everything

Social Media Analysts

An analyst is a person who provides direction and insights to the social media management team. Your business needs a person who knows everything about numbers and understands business and social media. Key responsibilities of a social media analyst include:

  • Keep track of the industry trends, tools, and social media platforms
  • Make sure the brand achieves the social media goals
  • Define the audience for your new business
  • Provide reports

Key Skills of a Social Media Analyst

  • Strong communication and analytical skills
  • Know how to use social media tools
  • Experience: 1-3 years

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Social Media Graphic Designer/Video editor- The One with the Visuals

Social Media Graphic Designer

Your social media team is incomplete without a graphic designer who converts simple posts into lively posts. They have a keen eye for details and knowledge of design tools. They deal with logos, illustrations, and video content. Key responsibilities of a graphic designer include:

  • Work according to the client’s requirements
  • Collaborate with the content creator and communicate with other members of the team and stakeholders.
  • Create images, videos, animations, logos, and other visual materials.

Key Skills of a Social Media Graphic Designer

  • In-depth knowledge of the design tools and software
  • Strong communication skills
  • Key eye for details
  • Experience: 1-3 years

Why Do Businesses Need a Social Media Management Team? Let’s Find Out!

We all know social media is a powerful tool for making the business stand out in the crowd. Since social media platforms are constantly changing and new algorithms are updated, businesses can’t manage everything independently. That’s why businesses need to hire a social media account manager who will look after everything.

Still, confused about whether to hire a social media team? Read these points to clear your doubts.

Establish a Unique Online Presence for your Brand

Establish a Unique Online Presence

You can’t increase your sales if customers can’t find your brand online. Customers must be able to find your website and view your social media account. People want exciting and interesting news online, and your social media management team will make this possible by:

  • Creating clever posts about your brand
  • Sharing information about your industry
  • Creating fun visuals that align with your follower’s interests

Create Long Term Engagement with Customers

The key reason brands love social media is that it helps build long-term relationships with customers. The social media team will interact with your customers efficiently and effectively and continue to turn customers into loyal followers. So, how do they do so? By sharing:

  • Helpful tips and valuable information
  • Create announcements about special events
  • Ask questions to customers
  • Take customer feedback
  • Share behind the scene information

Whether you want to build your social media account or strengthen customer loyalty and gain recognition, count on the social media team.

Boost your Business Growth

Boost your Business Growth

Social media team help brands in building a relationship through online interactions with:

  • Business partners
  • Stakeholders
  • Customers
  • Industry experts
  • Potential clients

The social media team acts as a reliable information source and influencer in the industry to boost the firm’s online reputation. To build followers and credibility online, they can show the brand’s social media profile to clients, potential customers, and partners. This, in turn, will help increase Instagram followers, likes, and shares.

Gain New Customers at a Faster Rate: The more your followers, the more people would love to check about your brand, increasing the chances of gaining referral customers. The social media team will help you to grow your Instagram account by creating content that:

  • Inspires customers
  • Motivates them
  • Entertains
  • Educational content

The social media team uses trending hashtags and brand keywords on various social media networks to help people easily find your content.

Keep a Check on your Customer’s Buying Habits

Check on your Customer's Buying Habits

Yes, it’s true through social media; you can keep a tab on your customer’s buying habits and behavior. When brands share the link on social media about their products, services, or sale events, they can track:

  • Number of people who clicked on the link
  • Number of people who viewed a video
  • Number of people who reached the sales page

Social Media Virtual Manager uses social media analytics to monitor online customer behavior. Brands need to track customers buying patterns and behavior to optimize the advertising campaign and improve ad copy.

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The Social Media Team is Hubspot of Professionals

Social Media Team is Hubspot of Professionals

When you build or hire a social media management team, you hire a team of experts in their field. Each member exhibits expertise in a different area and helps the brand create eye-catching creatives. For example, the social media manager will look after the entire team, the social media analytics responsible for tracking results, the content writer will create compelling content, and the graphic designer will work on the illustrations.

H3: Get a Lot of Ample Time

Creating social media posts and managing your account takes time and effort. Doing it on your own can be nerve-racking. To get rid of this headache, brands can count on social media team who will do the hours of fine-tuning for you and boost your social media presence. This way, brands will get ample time to focus on other operational work.

Hopefully, by now, you will have a fair idea of why brands need to hire a social media campaign management agency to look after their social media accounts. Social Sensei is the reputable social media agency brands can count on to enjoy soaring returns and increase visibility on major social media channels. Our in-house team of experienced professionals will get the ball rolling for your social media campaign; get in touch with us to avail our services.

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