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Great Ways to Outreach Influencers on Instagram in 2024

Influencer marketing on Instagram just hits differently. With over 2 billion monthly users, it’s no wonder 92% of marketers crush it with influencer campaigns on the ‘Gram. But every brand and their mom wants a piece of that influencer pie nowadays. So, how do you stand out and land those key partnerships in 2024?

We will spill the tea on tried and true ways to connect with the influencers that matter for your brand. Whether you want to work with nano influencers or straight-up celebs, this guide’s got you covered.

According to a MediaKix report, about 92% of marketers find Instagram influencer marketing successful for their brand.

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1. Find influencers relevant to your brand niche and target audience

One of the most crucial steps is researching and finding influencers that are a true fit for your brand based on niche, target audience, brand values, etc. Search for profiles within your industry/space that regularly post engaging, high-quality content and have a robust and loyal following of active and motivated users. Some factors to consider include follower count, engagement rates, relevance of posts to your offerings, and audience demographic data. Tools like Aspireiq, Hypeauditor, and Twittercard can help discover such influencers.

2. Analyze influencer profiles for authenticity.

While follower count is an important metric, it is equally significant to gauge the authenticity and quality of an influencer’s following. Analyze profiles to check if engagements seem fabricated or genuine. Red flags include a high follower-to-following ratio and engagements mostly coming from spammy accounts. Cross-check fake follower detection tools and look for credible engagement from real people. This ensures your collaboration drives qualified impressions and conversions.

3. Reach out with a personalized, value-driven message

Instead of impersonal cold DMs, take the time to craft a tailored, thoughtful first message highlighting how your brand aligns with the influencer’s interests and values. Mention something specific you appreciate about their content or community. This shows you did your research and are a reliable partner worth their time. It is also a good idea to briefly introduce your brand and the collaboration proposal upfront to pique their interest. Always be polite, respectful, and honest throughout initial communications.

4. Offer a compelling proposal

Influencers receive countless collaboration requests daily, so your proposal needs to stand out. Outline clear objectives, deliverables, expected timeline, compensation details, and other key terms upfront to mutually benefit the partnership. Monetary compensation is standard practice, so be transparent about your budget. But also explore creative opportunities like exclusive product access, early info on launches, brand mentions, behind-the-scenes content, etc. A well-structured proposal conveys your professionalism.

5. Leverage your network and ambassador influencers

A practical approach is partnering with micro-influencers and ambassadors who are already genuinely engaged with your brand. They can recommend your collaboration proposals to their following and influencer friends within your industry. During brainstorming calls or virtual meetups, you can ask existing collaborative influencers to introduce your proposals to their network. Personalized referrals hold more credibility than random DMs and increase your chances of positive influencer responses.

Gaining access to top celebrity social media influencers

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While micro-influencers are a reliable choice, partnering with celebrity mega-influencers with millions of loyal followers can be transformational for your brand. However, outreaching top celebrities requires working with an experienced celebrity influencer agency with an extensive influencer network and vetted relationships. Here are some key reasons why utilizing an agency is highly recommended:

  • Celebrity talent managers carefully screen all incoming collaboration requests for stability, budget, and reputation. As an individual brand, bypassing these filters may be nearly impossible. Agencies handle all communication on your behalf.
  • Agencies continuously foster strong rapport with celebrity teams through previous successful partnerships and referral deals. Influencers are more responsive to proposals facilitated by a trusted intermediary they have worked with before.
  • They possess in-depth knowledge about appropriate compensation ranges for certain celebrity calibers and ensure your offer aligns with industry standards to avoid wasting anyone’s time.
  • Leveraging their exclusive high-profile influencer networks provides access to top talent that may not be discoverable otherwise through open social media searches or communities.
  • Agencies take care of contract drafting, project management, deliverables tracking, payment clearance, and resolving issues to deliver a hassle-free celebrity collaboration experience for brands.

Some of the world’s top celebrity social media influencers that can be engaged through reputed influencer marketing agencies include Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Jake Paul, Cardi B, The Jonas Brothers, Zendaya, and many more. Partnering with such global personalities through celebrity agencies amplifies your reach and brand authority like no other collaboration.

Additional expert outreach tips for 2024

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Here are some additional pro tips for success when reaching out to influencers on Instagram in the new year:

  • Reach out at optimal times based on influencer posting schedules and audience engagement patterns. Avoid weekends or late evenings.
  • Follow up politely after two weeks if you don’t receive a response to increase the visibility of your request.
  • Have crisp, visually appealing brand creative assets ready, like mood boards, social posts, talking points, etc., to share during initial calls for consideration.
  • Offer exclusive early access to new products/services for memorable collaborative content.
  • Suggest niche branded hashtag ideas for their endorsement posts to track performance.
  • Express gratitude and share results even with influencers who couldn’t participate to maintain rapport for the future.
  • Implement an inbox management workflow using tools like Streepass, TapInfluence, and ActiveCampaign to optimize your outreach efficiency at scale.
  • Focus more on relationship building than quick transactions through consistent virtual networking.
  • Continuously educate yourself on the evolving influencer marketing space through top-tier industry resources and communities.

The Wrap

By strategically leveraging these approaches, brands can successfully drive meaningful Instagram influencer partnerships that boost their reach, visibility, and conversions throughout the new year. Let me know if you need other influencer marketing tips customized to your business goals and needs.


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