Why do the Most Successful Businesses Hire a Social Media Management Team?

You are already running a successful business with loads of foot traffic. Now, what’s next? You want to venture into the vast land of social media, which seems quite daunting and overwhelming. Don’t worry! With its in-house social media management team, Social Sensei is here to make work easy for you!

You own a successful brand and think social media is a waste so you don’t want to venture into it. Many established businesses believe that social media is only for startups and small businesses who want to create an online presence. But, trust us, whether you are a new business or a successful enterprise, if you don’t include social media in your strategy, you will fail to utilize loads of untapped market potential.

Once you decide to make an entry into the social media playing field, you will need a team of experienced social media analysts who will do the work for you. So, it is fair to say that today’s businesses can’t work without a social media team.

Social Media’ the Hottest Way to Market your Successful Business

It’s high time businesses understand that to drive sales, build customer relationships and boost brand awareness; they need a well-established social media presence. Further, businesses need a professional with a better perspective of how customers think than other people in the company. This is where social media managers come into the picture.

They are responsible for interacting with the audience, maintaining a brand’s message and reputation, and gaining insights about the customers. To build a successful social media strategy, you need a social media team who will recognize and support your overall growing marketing strategy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the role of a social media manager will grow at least 10% from 2020 to 2030.

Here are some key statistics that show why brands need a social media presence

social media presence

    • 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social media
    • 43% of consumers have increased their social media usage to find new products
    • 75% of consumers are willing to buy from a firm after having a positive experience with them.
    • 91% of executives will increase their social media marketing budget in the next three years.

So, now you know that investing in social media is a must, and to make the journey easy for you, you need a social media expert.

Tips on How to use Social Media (Real-life Examples from Big Brands)

How to use Social Media

Make Use of User-Generated Content Like GoPro

GoPro- the popular camera manufacturer, uses user-generated content for brand promotion. The brands ask consumers to submit shots and videos they create with a tiny wearable camera. The videos are posted online to show the real experiences with the product and make the user experience focus of the brand’s social media content. Just like the camera manufacturer, brands can use user-generated content campaigns to engage the audience and use their ideas to promote products on their social media platform. UGC can be reviews, photos, raw clips, video edits, and more.

Use Products that Showcases Companies Values like Patagonia

Use Products that Showcases Companies Values like Patagonia

Patagonia- the popular manufacturer of upscale outdoor clothing and fitness gear, contributes to several grassroots environmental initiatives. The brand uses social media to showcase its contribution to the environment and builds a community of people who share the same values. By doing so, their brand’s message and voice remain constant and authentic, which helps connect with customers.

Create a Clear Brand Voice with a Little Humor like Taco Bell

Taco Bell uses the inside information about the customers to create witty, timely, and even sarcastic content. Their advertising is always light and entertaining, focusing on all things tacos with emojis and memes. Just like Taco Bell, asks your social media account manager to create a consistent voice and tone on social media. The brand message must resonate with the audience and influence them to see your brand. Listen to the audience and find innovative ways to relate to their needs while showcasing your brand personality.

Collaborate with Influencers to Promote your Business like Airbnb

Promote your Business like Airbnb

Airbnb uses famous influencers to endorse and legitimize the brand to create visibility among their legions of social media followers. From Mariah Carey to Kin Kardashian, many celebrities have created sponsored posts to promote Airbnb stays. If your business can’t afford a big A-listed celebrity, you can collaborate with micro-influencers with fewer followers but a high engagement rate. Whether you select a celebrity or a micro-influencer, ensure they are the right fit for your brand. And, let the social media management team handle all the influencer collaborations for you.

Make Use of Social Media to Improve Customer Service

An engaging social media presence like the one created by Starbucks can help your business in the long run. Just like the coffee brand, harness the power of social media to provide information and timely customer feedback.

Top Reasons Why Successful Brands Need a Social Media Team

Brands Need a Social Media Team

Get Targeted Traffic for your Business

Top social media marketing companies know how to bring targeted traffic to your business. Hence, businesses must hire an experienced social media management team to handle the social media and the day-to-day tasks needed to boost business on various platforms. Our experienced team of social media managers, content writers, and graphic designers at Social Sensei know how to drive the right people to the right business. We do this through influencer collaborations, community engagement, and several other methods.

They Will Respond to your Messages and Comments

Brands often don’t get the time to reply to every comment on social media; this is where social media team can come to the rescue. They will handle comments and reply to questions asked by the followers. They will tell brands what questions need their attention and what can be managed by them.

Build Long Term relationships with the Community

Achieving a loyal online community is a dream for small and big businesses. So, how can you create it? With the help of a social media team who regularly engages with the community members, responds, and follows relevant people in the community. The concept is simple, everything you do for the company comes back to you.

Enjoy More Sales and Revenue

Enjoy More Sales and Revenue

Yes, a white label social media agency will increase your business’s sales. They will nurture the vast majority of the online leads and develop the right strategy to convert visitors into paying customers. Whether you run an e-commerce store or a B2B business, our experienced managers will encourage people to visit you in person and know the right way to influence customers busing decisions.

Work With a Team or Professionals

At Social Sensei, you don’t hire a single social media person but a team of experienced social media managers, analysts, graphic designers, content creators, and editors. Our team members have all the skills to get your business on track and increase your online visibility.

Now that you know the need to hire a social media marketing company, why not partner with the best. Social Sensei is here to make social media management a breeze for you. We will do the hard job while you sit and track the increased revenue.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us today!

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