What is an Instagram Brand Ambassador?

Answers that you’ve been dying to know about Brand Ambassadors

What is a brand ambassador

The concept of brands and brands marketing have evolved over decades. It all started from the rise of brand managers in which the brand manager system refers to the type of organizational structure in which brands are assigned to managers who are responsible for their performance. Then it evolved into brand ambassadors. They are the one responsible for the investment approach of building the meaning of the brand. Communicating it with people internally and externally using the power of “word- of- mouth”. They leverage it to increase brand profitability, brand asset value, and brand returns over time. And now in today’s era where modern technology is dominating, through digital marketing it’s now called social media brand ambassador.

From the word social media, I think it’s quite obvious why it’s called that way. Social Media’s uprise led businesses to go online as well. Majority of the population of the world have their own social media profiles. And the only way to reach them, even the farthest person to you is through social media. People had no choice but to continue everything online and that gave the opportunity for influencer marketing strategy to rise and do its job.

Influencer marketing are people with big influences on other people’s decisions. They persuade people to follow the message conveyed at them through posts, stories, and captions. It has two types originally, but for some reason a third one was born and it’s called Brand ambassador. It is someone who promotes a brand and its product to their network with the objective of increasing brand awareness and helping drive sales. They are real people who love your brand, who want to see your brand succeed, and who genuinely and actively use your products.

Why should you employ a brand ambassador

In this digital and social age, everyone has their own professional network in which they share about the things that happen to their everyday’s lives. Through the use of social media they are able to talk to a significant number of people whom they rapport and trust, may it be personal or work purposes. Trust, rapport, influence – these are more likely the key for a brand ambassador. Through brand ambassadors, trust and influence became the currency of businesses. The more influence and trust a person gains, the more your business earns. And that’s where the ambassador’s value lies. 


Who can be candidates to be your brand ambassador

A brand ambassador program is a special type of marketing campaign that puts your company’s message in the hands of the influencers with a certain goal in mind. So it is important to identify what kind of goal you’re trying to attain to help you further on seeking for a brand ambassador. It depends on the objective of your business, however studies shows that any employee has the potential to be a brand ambassador. 

Here are some examples of the results employees within these teams can drive :

  • Sales
  • They are responsible on reducing sales cycle, 
  • making new opportunity, 
  • increase revenue and lead pipeline
  • HR
  • Increase recruiting and retention, improved latent tool
  • Builds your employer brand
  • Marketing
  • Help you gain brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Social shares
  • Web traffic
  • Product and engineering
  • They are thought leaders
  • Help to gain product awareness


Any employee has the potential to be a brand ambassador. Employees in sales, hr, marketing can serve as effective ambassadors. In general, employees who regularly communicate with people are the ones who will drive the greatest result.  There are two types of brand ambassadors. The first one are famous people such as celebrities or public figures. Companies hire them because the relationship is transparently transactional, and expectations are straightforward.  The second type would be the people who mention or recommend your brand freely.



Where to start?

A great place to start is with your workforce when it comes to putting an employee ambassador program in place. Especially in the beginning, your company should focus on attracting employees to your program that actually want to participate.  With time and success, it is possible for your program to reach a point where the majority of your employees will be participating. Start sall, learn, grow, and repeat because suecress brand ambassadors programs grow from the bottom up as opposed to top down.

How to use ?

These are companies that used brand ambassadors on their own ways :

  • Patagonia – They use Instagram celebrities as their ambassadors where they post pictures of their adventure like climbing mouth Alps, surfing in hawaii. And all are wearing their patagonia gear.
  • Dell- the tech company put their internal workforce and channel partners as brand ambassadors because they realized how much they would have if they reach on social media.
  • Lululemon- Their brand ambassadors are real people who are inspired to do things while wearing their lululemon clothing. They write blogs, host free events and model their clothes. All of these to create a culture for the brand that would make the audience love them more.

Understanding the value of brand ambassadors and how they can best boost your brand is important in this digital age. They drive results through their communication. Their key on driving results is having an organized ambassador program. By then it’ll succeed if the goals of the brand are pointed out and clear, and if all things are managed and measured.

Your relationship your employees have with your networks are stronger than any relationship the people in their networks may have with your brand. Putting a brand ambassador program in place allows you to leverage those relationships for the benefit of the ambassador and the organization.


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