What is a macroinfluencer?

When you choose a macro influencer, It’s macro all the way

What is a macro influencer?

In the world of marketing, I know for a fact that influencers play a vital role. Many of which rely their brands and companies to the power of it. To the point where the influencer’s reputation  is directly proportional to your company’s. That’s how it is considered as well as a game changer. When you have decided to go for an Influential Marketing Strategy it is important to know what type of an influencer you’ll be hiring.

One popular type of an influencer is called Macro influencer. These are social media influencers with the largest followings on major social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and in some cases, individual blogs. They have about 100k – 1M followers/ subscribers. With that great amount of following, no wonder these influencers have that great power to influence other people. Influence them on what to eat, what to buy, where to go, who to follow on their social media and many more. 

It’s a necessity to know whether using a Macro influencer is the best strategy for your brand. Because there are a lot of things to know about it. It has to be the same with your goal. If your goal is about having a broader reach then this might be for you. If it’s about the engagement, then it might not be for you. It’s really great to know the pros and cons of this type so here’s the pros and cons to help you further on deciding if you should pursue it or just go pass it

Why use macro influencers?

These are the factors which you should know when deciding if a macro influencer is for you. 

First is, these types of influencers are known for having a large number of followers which allows them to have a broader reach to different people across the world. If your aim is for your brand to just be known and have different diversity  then this might be for you. Choosing one macro influencer vs many micro influencers is also a benefit because working with one macro saves so much time for you. Given that they can reach incredibly large audiences, the time spent on endorsing is minimal compared to the combined micros. Another would be the influencer’s reputation. 

When a brand collaborates with a macro influencer, consider it an endorsement opportunity. Their reputation helps your brand’s credibility get boosted since their followers are loyal to them. This is also a great way to fast track building trust with you especially if you’re launching new products or services. And lastly if you’re in a testing phase of product development and you’d like to see how it goes in the market, macro influencer is a great way to get valuable insights. Considering how many big companies they have worked for, they generate millions in market value and already know the tactics to use.


When not to use macro influencers? 

Try considering other types of influencer if it gives you a reason to after reading this. There are some challenges in terms of working with macro influencers. Given that they are famous they aren’t as easy to access as their micro counterparts. The entire process of pre-collaboration and even the actual collaboration is not quick and easy. Say you’ve progressed along and both your brand and the macro influencer have determined that the collaboration can proceed, the complications do not end there. Expect to work around the influencer’s calendar and be prepared to comply with their requirements. you’ll need to serve their needs and demands. Working with them is commonly characterized by providing low engagement rates. This is due to obvious challenges such as capacity limitations around responding to comments and DMs. If thousands of followers respond to a post with questions, the influencer does not have the capacity to personally engage with every person that sent a message. Also, depending on the size of the macro influencer, the low engagement rates may not add up to the numbers your brand is targeting for the campaign and that can be a deal breaker, especially if your brand requires engagement support from your influencer. On hiring them, you should be aware of the risk at stake as well because you’re dealing with an audience of millions. If anything goes wrong with the collaboration, the impact, unfortunately, is not small. Aside from it’s really expensive, the last thing you have to worry about is their broad niche. They usually have a general audience demographic – likely spread across the world.  With no real concentrated demographic of people that are interested in a particular niche. So if your product or service is very specialized, a macro influencer may not be an effective channel for you to reach your precise potential customers.


Who are the macro influencers ? 

  1. Celebrity / Public Figure Macro Influencers -These macro influencers are already popular, with or without social media. they naturally have large numbers of people that follow them on social media.  They may not necessarily publish the best content, but they still have many people following them as a result of their fame.
  2. Self-Made Macro Influencers.  These are ordinary ones that built their influence from scratch, thanks to the internet.  These self-made macro influencers are creative with their contents

How to leverage with it ?

It is important to give importance on knowing when to use a  Macro Influencer. On what are the things to consider upon thinking of hiring them. It’s either they give you a  magnitude of great results such as to help you grow your Instagram, gain real Instagram followers, brand awareness, or it’s the opposite- the impact could be great when things go wrong. 

All of these are about what you want to achieve through your influencer marketing strategy whether it’s reach, engagement or just the hype of having a celebrity endorsement and your marketing budget of course. The purpose of using influencers in general is to create awareness and drive sales through their followers using a trusted, authentic source of recommendations. Keep in mind that influencer marketing has its roots in word-of-mouth and ambassador marketing.



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