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The Latest Instagram Updates for 2020

Instagram 2020 Update

Are your Instagram strategies for 2020 still up-to-date?

Here are some key updates to Instagram’s features that you should know so you could continue monetizing your account big time.

Upcoming Ads on IGTV

One exciting update for IGTV is that soon you can start putting your ads on IGTV videos that perform really well. Right now Instagram is in the process of testing this feature to see which advertising experience works for its users, but you can definitely look forward to this in the near future. 

The goal here is to make sure that advertisers get great results and see more conversions for their ads while keeping users happy and without affecting the number of views that the creators get.

Shoppable Posts on Instagram

This is one of the most exciting feature updates on Instagram, especially if you have an online store and are advertising on the platform. Isn’t it great to finally make it easier for your followers to get their hands on your product without having to redirect them all the time to the link in your bio? 

To access this feature, make sure that you have your Instagram business account up to date. This clickable product tag feature is available not only for your posts but also for your Instagram Stories.

So if you’re interested in boosting your website traffic as well as improving your conversion rates, you’d better start making use of this clickable product tag feature to start monetizing your Instagram account real time.

Seamless Integration of Messenger and Direct Messaging Features

Now this update is still in the works and won’t probably go live until maybe later this year or early next year. But we already know that Instagram is looking for a way to seamlessly integrate its messaging functions with that of Facebook and WhatsApp. Once that happens, it will be easier for you to advertise your brand across platforms and generate even more sales online.

Paid Badges for Influencers’ Live Videos

As we know, Instagram’s IGTV feature has yet to gain real traction on the platform. So Instagram has launched the paid badges feature to increase the appeal of IGTV as well as keep the population away from its competitors. Plus, influencers are beginning to play an increasingly important role in marketing products online, which partly explains why Instagram rolled out this paid badge feature.

So with this recent update, followers can now purchase badges during an influencer’s live video. Remember Facebook’s badges? Instagram’s paid badges are roughly similar to that. Users who purchase an influencer’s badge get more chances of standing out during the live video, since their comments are spotlighted because of their badge.

And it does give influencers added motivation to do live videos on IGTV right? And with influencers dominating the marketing landscape these days, it would do you real good if you start investing in influencer marketing as early as you could. 

Instagram is Upgrading to Beat TikTok

Instagram is finally going to get a new upgrade to level with its competitor, TikTok, with the new Instagram Reels feature. This feature, which has already been released in countries such as France and Germany, will finally make its debut in the US next month. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect, with the US (as well as other countries like India) trying to ban TikTok because of its ties with China.

Instagram Reels is largely similar to TikTok’s, allowing IG users to record and edit videos straight from the Instagram app. This is not the first time that Facebook has tried to compete with TikTok. In fact, in November 2018 Facebook launched the app Lasso as a direct competitor. Unfortunately, that app didn’t get the reception Facebook hoped for and it was ultimately discarded. Now Facebook is relying on Instagram Reels to accomplish what Lasso did not.

As to whether IG Reels will prove to be more user-friendly than TikTok remains to be seen, but we’ll definitely be back with an update for you once this feature launches here in the U.S.

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