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New Year Gimmicks you can implement on your next Instagram Promo

New Year is one of the anticipated holidays. This is mostly what drives people to start a new, fresher, and better self. People have believed that New Year is the best way to start something because once you start doing it on Day 1, you’ll end up doing it until Day 365. Another thing about it, how do you celebrate New Year’s? Is it just fireworks? Or spending quality time with family and friends? Well for various places, they celebrate it differently. Like in Scotland, they have this what you call “The Shooting”. It is where the first person to visit you in the new year brings whiskey and a lump of coal. In Venezuela, people wear yellow underwear for good luck. While in Serbia, people decorate for a New Year instead of Christmas. Lastly in the United States, where the “ball drop” at Times Square NYC is famous. So there’s really a lot of various celebrations of New year. 


In this digital age where social media is dominant, there are also people who celebrate holidays on social media platforms. These are for separated families, long distances, and many more. But what I really am trying to say is that you can also celebrate New Year with your online community. How? With quick and easy promotions instead. Conducting Social Media contests is what will help you connect, and celebrate New year with your online community/ audience. It is also a great way to start your brand’s/ company’s year to grow and be bigger, to be more known, and be able to reach more people. Here are some tips on what social media contests you could do :



New year’s Giveaways 

  • Who doesn’t want a giveaway? Just like other holidays, people tend to go shopping, cooking, house decorations, visiting family, and of course some of us are simply stressed out. And one way to distress these people is they look at social media platforms to release stress. Why not offer these people a giveaway. Invite them to participate in a quick and easy comment-to-win giveaway. Offer an attractive prize that may be relevant to your product and with the said holiday. And by doing so, it helps your brand boost its engagement and reach a broader audience.

Mini-branded games

  • New Year’s Eve is all about joy, happiness, and celebration, so why not offer some extra entertainment to your online community. And throw mini-games in which the users get exposed to your brand and product while being focused on the fun part of the game. Gain engagement, increase your brand awareness, and most importantly generate new leads.
  • Attract more participants by giving incentives to people who participated. More users will be likely to share their contact details if they get a chance to win attractive prizes. You can raffle one big prize among all registered participants, or you can offer discount vouchers and codes redeemable in-store or online! It’s a clever way to convert followers into paying customers.



New Year Resolution writing contest

  • New Year’s Resolution is very famous during the said holiday. It is one of the things that most people look forward to. It’s where they start a new beginning with their lives and be better versions of themselves. Why not use this craze in which they would share their resolution and give them a chance to win various prizes. Also in doing so, it helps your brand be known more, and attract more users to know about your other products and services. 
  • Start the year by asking your followers about their resolutions for the year to come. Then share a prize to reward and help people stick to their promises.

Share a price when the ball drops

  • This is for the famous “ball drop” at Times square. The idea is simple, set some prizes that are ready to win. Your followers are just gonna sign in with the app to find out if they have been lucky. The app automatically awards prizes randomly at random times and random people. This is a great tactic for them to always check the site and your social media platform again and again just to see if they have won anything. 

Customized new year’s greeting

  • Invite your followers to tag anyone who they want to send their greetings. Make them also use your hashtag for your brand’s benefit. In this way, it reaches broader audiences, and it encourages them to share the event.  This is a great idea if you want to reinforce brand awareness. 


Like- to- win contest

  • Another way to make them more engaged is to make a post in which the people who liked your post have the chance to win prizes. If you make the prizes something really attractive, it will build more engagement in which the person who has seen the post would invite family and friends to do the same. 

If you want to boost your follower count, mention that people also need to follow your profile if they want to be eligible to win.




Selfie contest

  • You can conduct the event on Instagram since it’s the home of selfies. It’s a type of contest that works well with products. With a selfie contest, you ask people to post a picture of themselves while they’re using your product, or with the product somewhere in the background. Or Something related to the New year. 
  • This contest format is especially useful for a business because it helps show potential customers how a product can be used. It’s an excellent form of user-generated content. 
  • At the end of the contest, pick the picture that you think is best. Make sure that, when you create the rules for a selfie contest, you add that you might use the content at a later date. User-generated content can provide an excellent source of social proof. Long after the contest is over, you can repost the content that the contest generated.




New Year is one of the biggest holidays that happens every year. A lot of people really invest so much time preparing for it. So as people prepare time for it, make sure you prepare social media events as well for it will benefit your brand and company. Your New Year social media campaigns are important because it helps you reach new audiences. It also helps you grow your Instagram or other social media platforms through increased followers, generated brand awareness, increases your email list and engagement. The first step is to find your objective, on why you’re gonna do this kind of event and what you are aiming for. Then proceed with the contests and you’ll find the whole process fun. It’s also much easier than you expected. Decide on a contest theme, crease the rules, and establish a dedicated Hashtag. These are just ways on how you would start a new year and celebrate your New Year, so the question is how will you celebrate yours this 2020?


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