Custom Social Media Management Plan

$125 p/week & 5 hours p/week

Save time and drive demand with top notch Social Media Management

For as little as $12/hr, our entire team of social media experts and digital marketers will quickly optimize your social media strategy, take the “posting pressure” off your shoulders, and grow your social media presence for you. Plus, wherever you lack expertise, we’ll deliver it! Mix and match from a variety of skill sets to accomplish all of your social media goals with one simple plan. You’ll get a set amount of hours per month that you can divide however you want between Social Sensei’s various specialists. Need someone to do community management? No problem.  Want awesome infographics?  We've got you covered there too!  How about creating a compelling social media strategy? Yup, we have experts in that as well. Looking for a video editor?  Of course, we’re a one stop shop for all things social media.  Whatever your perfect social media world looks like, there’s someone on our team that can help you make it a reality.

Custom Tailored Social Media Management Plans Made For Your Business

Why Work With Social Sensei?

The Benefits Of Working With Social Sensei

Reduce Your Workload

Reduce Your Workload

Your plate is full. Let us help you clear it. Our team can take the burden of social media off your shoulders so you can focus on the vision and direction of your business, your customers, or your creativity.

Save Money

Save Money

For as little as $12/hr, you can hire an entire team of social media experts, digital marketers, graphic designers, and more. That’s like paying $5 for a car wash and getting new brakes, an oil change, bodywork, and a brand new engine as a bonus.

Focus On What You Love

Focus On What You Love

You can finally get back to what you love most. Whether that’s building your business and focusing on growth initiatives, creating new products, spending time with your family, or traveling the world - you’ll have more freedom and flexibility to do it.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Hiring Someone

Take The Guesswork Out Of Hiring

Forget about filtering hundreds of candidates on job boards online. Our team of social media experts are pre-vetted and ready to quickly align with your brand. Our team can handle almost any task you throw at them - from post scheduling to graphic design & video editing, campaign development & strategy, community management, and much more.

Hire One Of Us And You Get All Of Us

Hire One Of Us And You Get All Of Us

Get specialists “on tap” in influencer marketing and outreach, social media campaign and funnel development/strategy, web and graphic design, conversion and growth optimization, and much more. Whatever your need, you’ll have an expert eager to help with it.

We Guarantee Our Work

We Guarantee Our Work

Your happiness is our #1 priority. If you hired us to do something, and we didn’t do it right, we’ll make it right with absolutely no additional charge to you. Our service-first mindset ensures your choice to hire us is absolutely risk free.

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Trusted By 5,000+ Businesses

At Social Sensei, we’ve helped over 5,000 businesses raise awareness on social media and drive more demand for their products & services.

You can trust our team of dedicated virtual assistants, digital marketers, graphic designers, video editors, copywriters, and influencer marketing experts to handle just about anything you throw at them.

  • 5,000+ Happy Clients
  • 25M+ Followers Gained
  • 147% Increase In Followers
  • 33% Increase In Leads

How It Works

Onboarding Call

Your dedicated account manager will hop on a call with you and discuss your social media business objectives. Our team will help you determine how Social Sensei can best help you succeed in converting your followers into additional revenue, reduce your workload, and increase the strength of your brand online.

Develop A Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Working together we learn your business inside and out to create a social media strategy that mirrors your brands voice while reaching your desired target audience. No stone is left unturned as we touch on everything from content strategies and user personas to funnel design. Each strategy is custom built bespoke to your individual business needs and goals.

Execute The Perfect Gameplan

With a solid foundation in place you can start to drive traffic to your social media account knowing that you have been setup for success. We set up monthly check ins to review analytics and performance of your content so you can stay focused on building the other aspects of your business throughout the month. Rest assured that your account manager is focused and dedicated to the growth of your account.

Our Specialities

Social Media Strategy

Community Management

Post Scheduling


Graphic Design

Video Editing

Direct Message Campaign

Follow/Unfollow Campaigns

Engagement Campaigns

Funnel Optimization

Landing Page Design


Influencer Outreach

Administrative Work

Email Management

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Social Sensei Testimonial

"I always knew social media was a marketing channel I needed to use, but running my business and staying on top of it was difficult. In order to post, I had to cut into my free time. Who knew social media could feel like so much pressure!

Social Sensei really understood us. They aligned with our company and audience, took the pressure off, and created real demand for our products. We're forever grateful!"

Testimonial Head Shot

Danna Kobo, Owner & Designer at Sashi Inc.

The Social Sensei Guarantee

We stand by and guarantee all of our work. If it's not done right we will make it right for you for free.

Select Your Plan

Select your plan based on how many hours you will need managed each week.  You can always upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime with our flexible month-to-month plans. You can mix and match your hours for whatever your social media needs are. Once you sign up we will setup an onboarding call with our team of social media experts to come up with perfect game plan to help take your social media presence to the next level.

Essential Plan

20 Hours Per Month
Dedicated Account Manager
Monthly Meetings

Business Plan

30 Hours Per Month
Dedicated Account Manager
Monthly Meetings

Enterprise Plan

40 Hours Per Month
Dedicated Account Manager
Monthly Meetings

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Social Sensei guarantee for social media management plans?

We stand by our work therefore if we make a mistake on our end our team is happy to correct it at no additional cost to you. We always strive to ensure the satisfaction of our clients needs are met.

What happens to my hours if I cancel?

If you have unused hours when you cancel then they will be stored in your account for up to 30 days. You can use these hours at any time with our team to complete tasks, but after the 30 day period the unused hours are unrelinquishable.

How does your refund policy work?

Unfortunately there are no refunds on social media management plans because when you sign up for our service you are retaining the time of our team. Therefore, we block out time in our teams schedule for you so that they are available to complete your projects. However, know that you have the Social Sensei guarantee on your side. We stand by our work and if we make a mistake then we will correct it at no additional cost to you.

What happens to hours I don’t use in a month? Do they rollover to the next month?

Yes, all unused hours will rollover into the next month and have a 30 day period to be used. After 30 days, unused hours are unrelinquishable. Do not worry as there are countless tasks that can be done and we are happy to help you best prioritize your hours to get the maximum benefit for your business.

How does the mix and match service work?

You sign up for one plan with a set number of hours which gives you a la carte access to our team of specialists. You will work with your dedicated account manager whom will oversee project management to get all of your tasks done. You will not need to manage multiple people and can use your hours spread out over any of our specialists. For example, you could use a few hours for someone to schedule posts, then other hours for a graphic designer, and a few more for a video editor. It makes getting all things social media related done quickly and efficiently.

Do I need to give you my passwords to my social media accounts?

Most of our clients do, but if this is a concern for you it is not required. There are several ways to manage password security. Our favorite password management tool is Last Pass. Ask our team about this if it’s a concern for you and we would be happy to help you get it setup properly.