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Instagram marketing tips for 2021

Instagram is still the King of visual marketing tools. It  is an ocean of advertisements and opportunities. 

Businesses of much food to fashion, services to luxuries, all are on a marathon to adopt Instagram as not just an advertising tool but also a marketing and revenue-generating tool.

More and more brands are incorporating Instagram strategies into their marketing plans. They can play with videos, gifts, and photos because all are driving high engagement rates.

Over the period Instagram has grown and is continuing to broaden its horizons.

Instagram marketing is competitive, but not impossible. The key to successfully utilizing Instagram marketing in 2021, as with other social networks, is building an engaged following and positioning yourself as part of the online community which could very quickly become your future customer base. These are tips to build a fail proof strategy for 2021 and beyond.

1.  Switch to a Business Profile ASAP

Switching to a business account gives you the ability to access different Instagram feature. This means more ways for your potential customers or clients to reach you

Why create an Instagram business profile

1. You’re taken more seriously

Business profiles share the brand’s industry, an address and a contact button right on the profile. Having the ability to offer even more information upfront, as well as additional contact information, gives your business profile a more professional look.

2. You get access to analytics

 Switching to a business account gives you the ability to access built-in insights about your account and its performance.

You’re able to take a look at your post performance, follower activity and audience insights. While these insights aren’t extremely in-depth, it’s a great glance at your account success and can give you a basic understanding of how well your content is doing.

3. You can add links to your Instagram stories

Using Story links is a great way to highlight your latest content, highlight short-term deals or resurface timely content and products based on what’s trending.

4. You can take advantage of Instagram advertising

Instagram advertising is managed right inside of Facebook’s Ads Manager, giving advertisers access to a plethora of targeting options, as well as making it possible to create ads for both platforms at the same time.

If you’re struggling to increase your reach and overcome some of the challenges brands face from the Instagram algorithm, paid ads can help you target key audiences.


2. Identify your goals

Using Instagram to market your business without clearly defined goals is like driving in unfamiliar territory without a map. Do not kick-start your Instagram marketing efforts without an objective, to guide your strategy and direct your activities.

Typical goals for your business on Instagram include: Increasing product sales. Driving traffic to your website. Increasing customer satisfaction.


3.  Focus on the target audience

Your target audience refers to the specific group of consumers most likely to want your product or service, and therefore, the group of people who should see your ad campaigns. Target audience may be dictated by age, gender, income, location, interests or a myriad of other factors.

The target audience can be of the following three types: The customers that are already paying for your product/service. The promoters that not only are your loyal customers but also influence others to buy what your selling. The potential customers who might be interested in the product/service

Targetting your audience is about understanding who your audience is, what their pain points are, and how they use Instagram.


4. Know your competitors

If you know how to find your competitors on Instagram, you can easily determine your unique value proposition.

Finding and tracking your competitors is important if you want to be ahead of the game. Analyzing their Instagram profiles and content strategies can help you understand what resonates with your audience. All in all, it can help you fine-tune your media, captions, and hashtags.

know your competitor

5. Partner with Influencers

Partnering with Instagram influencers opens loads of opportunities for your brand. It allows your brand to connect with your target audience indirectly and organically. An influencer marketing campaign can help you grow your social media following and increase brand awareness and engagement.

Followers trust social media influencers, which means that when a social media influencer promotes a brand, followers trust the brand, too. By partnering with trusted social media influencers relevant to your target audience, you can build brand trust.


6. Sell Directly from Instagram

Another simple Instagram marking tip is using shopping posts. Because this is an excellent feature provided by Instagram, which increases the opportunities for Instagram marketing.

An Instagram shop meets your customers in the same space they connect with friends, news, and favorite brands. Your Instagram store extends your digital footprint, creating new and engaging opportunities to promote your products.


7. Post Regularly And At On Right Time

Post More During Off-Work Hours Instead of During the Day: Generally, the best times to post on Instagram are lunchtime (11am-1pm) and evenings (7-9pm). But they are very general. As your accounts grow, you’ll want to tweak your posting schedule to better fit your specific audience’s behavior. You may be surprised how much it differs from the general population.

Once you do have an audience though, it’s staggeringly easy to figure out the best time to post for your social media channels—especially if you have the right tools.

Do Not Overpost, 

Excess of anything is bad, and the same applies to post on Instagram. The brand has to avoid posting on Instagram as it might lead to being a turnoff for the followers.


8.Use video

Instagram video (Stories, in feed, Reels, IGTV, and live) is an absolute must-have in your brand’s social media strategy.

Videos are more engaging and fun, and you have multiple ways to post them on Instagram. Clips of up to 1 minute can be shared on the feed, 15-second clips can be strung together on Stories, and there’s even IGTV, the new feature that allows you to post videos of up to 10 minutes in length.


9.Respond to comments

Comments are a form of engagement on Instagram. 

Replying to comments left on your Instagram posts serves more than just the purpose of being courteous. Replying to comments can also help more people discover your page, attract buying advertisers, and incentivize more people to engage with your content.


10.Always Have A Call To Action

A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term relating to the next step that a marketer wants to take with their audience or readers.

It leads to visitor conversion and helps you boost your click-through rate. The better your click-through rate, the better your ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).

CTA  takes the form of an instruction or directive using action verbs (“buy”, “sign up”, “register”, “follow”, etc.) and leading the consumer to the next step of a sales funnel or process.

Calls to action aren’t just important for business – customers want and expect them. Many people depend upon the CTA at the end of the page to take the next step. They’ve read your ad copy, are interested in engaging with your brand, and look for the CTA button to learn what to do next. 


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