How to Take Advantage of Celebrity Influencer Marketing

Take Advantage of Celebrity Marketing

Knowing what is Celebrity Marketing

Is there a difference between a local business or a big company? What made it different? The answer to these questions is simple. There’s not much difference between the two; it’s just a matter of time. A big company is the result of a local business. But if we’re talking about having two companies one is now a “big” one and the other one just retained, what made that huge gap between the two if both started at the same time? Well in this case there’s a lot of factors to consider but obviously one did great with it’s marketing.

Having a local business or a big company has something in common. What could it be? It is of course to reach out to further people regarding their brand and services. And the best way to do it is by Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to quickly build your brand online and raise awareness among your target audience. Influencer Marketing is categorized into two; Celebrity and influencers. 

Celebrity marketing is the use of celebrities to advertise and to help brands. So when celebrities are used on social media platforms like Instagram, your brand will reach various people and will be to your benefit. 


Benefit of Celebrity marketing

  • It gives the product credibility. How? The celebrity’s fans trust their idols  that resulted in them using the same products as their idol. For them it’s product worthy and somehow it builds a connection between them. This way it is good for the company because it builds trust to your brand as well.
  • Using a celebrity can make your brand stand out because it helps to differentiate your brand from competitors. It also can improve ad recall, making consumers remember your ad and that your brand is connected to their favorite celebrity.
  • It opens new market where in with the right celebrity endorser, when the brand is successful it can expand into different subsidiary company
  • Celebrities have broad appeal which allows them to reach larger audiences
  • They have the power to influence consumers to do a purchase. 
  • Build brand awareness and they build it much more quickly than the traditional types of advertising. It will help the brand to draw more attention to be more familiar about them 
  • It helps you grow your Instagram by gaining real Instagram followers
  • It can give a second life to a dead/falling brand.



  • Celebrities may misbehave and can affect your brand 
  • When a celebrity is very famous, then their popularity could overshadow the brand. It usually occurs when the advertising focuses on the individual more than the product, or when celebrities are endorsing multiple products at the same time.
  • It is not cheap to secure the services of a celebrity.


Taking Advantages of celebrity Marketing

1.)Celebrity as Presenter

  • the most obvious and straightforward way of using a celebrity is to promote a brand 
  • Celebrities are particularly effective launching a new product or new campaign focusing attention on the brand cutting through the clutter your target audience is bombarded with daily.

2.)Celebrities Playing Themselves

  • Consumers love a glimpse of what their favorite celebrity is really like and what they really think.  

3.)Celebrity as Brand Character

  • Once this has been created, then using a famous star to play the part is one of the most effective ways of establishing a long-running brand building campaign.
  • A celebrity’s acting ability makes or breaks this campaign. Select the most talented actor/actress.

4.)Celebrity Expertise

  • The celebrity’s expertise, personality and performance ability must closely align with what the brand stands for.

5.)Celebrity as Role Model

  • Arguably, the most effective way to use a celebrity especially when used on younger consumers.

6.)Celebrity Cast Against Type

  • One way of doing this is for the core idea to give an insight, real or imagined, into the star’s personality that enhances the entertainment value and thus involvement of the audience. 
  • With a big campaign idea and the right celebrity personality to support, the rewards of exceeding marketing objectives quickly and a long term association with the celebrity are well worth any perceived risk.

7.)Celebrity Acting a Part

  • Taking a big brand idea which can be executed by any actor and making it bigger using a skilled celebrity actor who is capable of bringing the idea to life can be game changing results.

8.)Celebrity Revelation

  • can use ‘revelations’ to communicate key messages about the brand in a more powerful and engaging way.”
  • Revealing something new or very personal raises the interest level with fans especially if several spots are shot with multiple ‘revelations’.

9.) Celebrity Interacting

  • Multiple stars from different parts of the celebrity world put together in a campaign is a powerful way to build awareness quickly and be unique among commercials using celebrities.

10.) Celebrity Representations

  • This creative approach is a fascinating use of celebrities in that it employs emojis, filters, and stickers on Instagram



On picking a celebrity, it is vital that you be more cautious of who you pick because it will always be a gamble. Always base it from their advocacies, their goals, their public image if it’s a fitting representation of your brand. A celebrity is only as valuable as his or her public image, and if that image becomes tarnished in any way, it’s usually bad for business. Just as a celebrity has the power to attract individuals to a brand, he or she has the power to deter individuals all the same.


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