Safely Gain Thousands Of Followers On Your Instagram Account. 100% Organically. In Just A Week!


We do all the heavy lifting. No bots. No automation. No shady tactics. Safe and compliant with Instagram’s terms of service. Plus, you get a dedicated account manager to work for you so it’s easy to reach your goals!

(Not Growing Fast Enough?)

Promote Your Account To Millions With Our Network Of Powerful Influencers & Celebrities...

(We get it. We really do.)

Instagram Can Feel Flooded And Hard To Break Into...

You've probably thought things like...

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

  • "I put so much of my heart, soul, and ENERGY into posting. I just wish more people could see the value I'm offering..."
  • "It's hard to feel motivated when barely anyone notices my posts..."
  • "I'm sick of people telling me things like 'post consistently, post attractive photos, engage with your followers...' blah blah blah... I know all that, but I'm still not growing fast enough!"
  • "It feels like my growth is so SLOW. Even though I'm doing everything I'm supposed to..."
  • "I wish I could just get past [5K... 10K... 50K... 100K+??] followers. But I feel stuck..."
  • "I don't have enough TIME to grow my Instagram account. I have too many other things to do..."
  • "I know my business needs more credibility on social media... But I can't spend 20 hours a week on Instagram... I have a business to run!"

(But when you look for a solution…)

All You Find Is A TON Of Shady Tactics And Conflicting Information…

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

And then. Like everyone else. You end up...
  • 1) ...Watching dozens of webinars—taking online courses—and reading social media marketing books with “expert tips” that don't get you results fast enough... 😐
  • 3) ...Going to Upwork or Fiverr and spending your hard-earned cash to hire an assistant—but it hardly dents your goals... 😑
  • 2) ...Hiring companies that claim to get you followers—but instead, they give you a bunch of fake ones (bots)... 😫
  • 8) ...Purchasing automation software that says it’s safe—but ends up lowering your trust score and getting your account shadowbanned or action blocked. 😭
  • 6) ...Paying extra $$ for the “turbo plan” with “smart reach” (whatever those are)—with NO PROMISES that you’ll see any real results. 😣
  • 7) ...And all the other painful steps you’ve taken to“crack the Instagram code” so far... 😡
(Note! If you've missed any of these steps... and you've already found this page... you just skipped WAY ahead in the Instagram game... Just keep reading...)

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

(All this stuff makes you want to SCREAM...)

“Can somebody PLEASE help me find a legitimate growth tool for my Instagram?!”

(The answer's in the results...)

Results We've Delivered

4,000+ Satisfied Customers Since Launch

250+ 5-Star Reviews

20M+ Followers Delivered to Client Accounts

(Finally. It's your turn to grow.)

Safely Gain Thousands Of Real Instagram Followers Organically In Just A Week With Social Sensei.

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Save Thousands Of Hours

Never feel burnt out again! With Social Sensei, you can get back to doing what's most important to you.

Kick back and relax while we do the heavy lifting—sip a deliciously cold drink on a beach in Tahiti for all we care—and watch us fill your account with REAL followers on autopilot.

It's like magic—but way, way better... 😎

Grow 100% Organically

Social Sensei is NOT the processed food of social media growth strategies. We're more like... Passionate cultivators of social media value... We don't feed your account by cutting corners, using bots, automation—or any unnatural growth strategy. Our method is 100% organic. Because we believe in growing accounts for our clients that are still flourishing with value for years to come.

Target By Location

If you're a business—you know having the right followers can mean finding them in the right place.

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to set up a campaign that targets a location relevant to your goals.

Our hands-on approach and careful campaign setup make geographic audience targeting of your followers possible.


Get Massive Credibility And Exposure

Your account will get exposure to MILLIONS of people within a single week. And that's one of the biggest benefits of working with Social Sensei. By gaining thousands of Instagram followers organically... You gain INSANE amounts of credibility + a social media presence far more powerful than you've ever experienced!

Open Up New Opportunities

Start getting taken seriously by other people and bigger brands.

Once you're endorsed by famous people, have tons of followers, and exposure to millions—you'll practically GLOW credibility and authority!

People are more likely to take you, your business, or your brand seriously.

Just remember... That once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could be right around the corner... Waiting for you to start growing!

Unlock The “Swipe Up” Feature

The "swipe up" feature is a powerful tool if you're a business or brand that has goals with their content—because it allows you to create a "call-to-action" in your stories posts. Using this feature, viewers can simply "swipe up" while watching your story and instantly be sent to the location of your choice. That could be a landing page, your profile, an event or consultation sign-up—or whatever page is most valuable to your business objectives. But Instagram keeps the feature locked until your account has over 10K followers. If you want to start using the "swipe up" feature for your business—we can help you get to 10K followers way faster than you thought possible!

Safely Gain Thousands of Followers on Your Instagram Account

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

(We know. It’s hard to believe.)

You’ve Probably Been Told That: “There’s No Quick Wins With Instagram…”

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

...And that’s at least partly true.

We didn’t learn to deliver these “hard-to-believe” results overnight. It took years of hard work and dedication to master the art of Instagram. It took thousands of hours of work from our team, both as individuals, and together to develop a professional network capable of offering you this service. We’ve been through all the ups, downs, and algorithm changes. And now, for an affordable price, you can put all our expertise—and our incredible network—to work for you! Just check out what some of our customers have to say…

Davide was skeptical, too. But he experienced:


  • Results pouring in after just 24 hours of campaign start.
  • Hundreds of followers pouring in each day (varies based on plan).
  • Fast and smooth growth with plenty of real chances to engage new people.
  • Lots of new opportunities to interact with real followers.
  • More people finding his content.
  • ...and much more...

(“So… how do you do it?”)

How Do We Do The Impossible For You?

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

How Instagram Influencers Marketing Works…

  1. Step 1: We strategically match you with the perfect influencer for your needs.
  2. Step 2: Your influencer works with us to create a stellar post that promotes your account by offering a chance to win some awesome prizes in exchange for following certain accounts (your account is on that list).
  3. Step 3: We run the campaign over a seven-day period. During those seven days, people can join the contest by following your account.
  4. Step 4: That's it! You watch thousands of real followers pour into your account in just a week!

(Are you sure my account will be okay?)

“Will My Account Really Be Safe If I Use Social Sensei?”

No Password Necessary

No need to take a risk! All we need from you is your Instagram handle. You don't need to give us any of your sensitive information.

100% Compliant With Instagram

Our growth strategy is completely compliant and up-to-date with Instagram's terms of service. You're trust score will be safe. And you'll never be action blocked or shadow banned.

Backed By The Social Sensei Promise

You deserve what you pay for! If we don't get you the followers we promised, we'll keep working for free until they're delivered. No questions asked.

Your Own Dedicated Account Manager

We make the whole process easy. You'll be assigned your own dedicated account manager to care for you—each step of the way. Your success is our success!

Safely Grow My Followers!

(You're safe with Social Sensei..."

We’ve Had HUNDREDS Of Happy Customers. And NONE Have Been Banned Or Blocked. Ever.

  • Instagram Celebrity Marketing - @Nickatlas
    “Social Sensei has been extremely helpful with helping me grow my social media presence. Since linking up with them 4 months ago, I have 10 times as many followers. It’s been a smooth experience and the support has been very helpful.  Process itself is easy. Setup took less than a half hour. Since then, it’s been on autopilot so I can focus on creating content. I know that Social Sensei has my back and that they are working behind the scenes. I can’t tell you how valuable that’s been. I recommend this to anyone looking to build their social media presence.”
  • Instagram Celebrity Marketing - @Brianmays
    “Considering about 90% of my sales have come from social media at this point, I wouldn’t have a scalable business without the help of Social Sensei! Recently reaching 15k followers while consistently maintaining a high level of engagement has really helped me define a brand that is beginning to disrupt the natural product space.”
  • Instagram Celebrity Marketing- @Weloveroots
    “I am so happy to be working with Social Sensei, the followers count has exponentially increased, people are contacting me to buy what is pictured and I am getting more likes and more comments all of the time. And it has been so easy, it hasn’t meant more time taken away from what I need to do on a daily basis. Social Sensei has made Instagram a valuable tool to stay in contact with my customers and to reach out to new ones.”
  • Instagram Celebrity Marketing- @Lamb47ance
    “My favorite gift Social Sensei has given me is the ability to connect with so many beautiful people that I would have never connected with if it was not for Social Sensei's help! This is the advantage of the internet, to connect us to each other no matter the distance. Social Sensei has allowed me to use the internet as a tool to connect with others and spread a positive message. Thank you Social Sensei!”

(Okay… so if I trust you…)

“What Results Can I Expect?”

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

Up To 20K Followers Per Promotion

Get massive growth with our premium network of influencers and A-list celebrities. Our network allows us to deliver up to 20,000 followers in a single promotion (depending on budget)! In fact, people often end up getting more Instagram followers than they paid for. And the best part? The extra followers don't cost a dime—they're on the house! However, if you don't get the followers you paid for, we'll work for you until you do. That's a promise!

100% Real Followers. No bots.

You'll only get real Instagram followers from us. No bots. Ever.

Our organic method of growing your followers ensures that real, active users will be the only ones to join the contest.

That means you'll have a real opportunity to engage with thousands of new people!

And although we can't promise it will happen for you—many of our clients have seen large increases in engagement and even sales using our service.

80%+ Retention Rate Of Followers

Get followers that stick with you! We average a retention rate of 80%+... unlike many of our competitors who provide followers that end up disappearing soon after their growth campaigns are complete. But Social Sensei uses a unique strategy called "Instagram Loop Giveaways" to ensure a much higher retention rate of followers. In essence, the followers we deliver stick like glue!

(Still not sure if Social Sensei is right for you?)

Our Customers Were Looking For Answers. Just Like You. Check Out Their Amazing Stories!


⬆⬆ Vera says Social Sensei is a HUGE "Time Saver"  ⬆⬆

Vera (who had about 9,200 followers on her travel account) almost “retired” her dreams of sharing her journeys with the world through Instagram—but using Social Sensei re-ignited her passion and got things moving again!

⬆⬆ Brian Mays saw a huge impact on his business with 28K+ followers ⬆⬆

Brian (founder of Smile Natural Toothpaste) went from “grinding” social media with “about 100 followers”—to having 28,000 engaged followers to his business page in less than a year using Social Sensei.

⬆⬆ Dr. Nick Atlas now shares his passion with THOUSANDS ⬆⬆

Nick went from “fudging around with hashtags” and “getting very little engagement” to putting his core message and values in front of thousands of people and turning the “painful Instagram grind” into a truly rewarding experience he looks forward to.


⬆⬆ Dango Rose had a "nice steady climb in engagement and followers"  ⬆⬆

Dango went from struggling to streamline the process of building and keeping a strong presence on social media and Instagram—to a continuous increase in results in his company’s efforts.

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

Don’t Miss The Opportunity To Get The Credibility And Influence You Need!

(Read below before continuing!)

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

Right now, you have two paths to choose from...

...And your choice is important because each road leads to a VERY DIFFERENT version of yourself.

THE FIRST PATH starts with you—leaving this page—and NOT taking this opportunity.

And since 95% of people never return to a web page once they've left. You'll probably never return.

And a year from now, you'll still be slaving away. Trying to get the growth you want. Running out of passion and motivation.

You'll be watching OUR clients pass you by. They'll have thousands of followers. They'll be getting all the opportunities you feel you deserve.

All the opportunities that could have been YOURS. But they weren't. 😰

You'll be stuck. And you'll be wishing you'd made a different decision right now. This very moment. As you sat and scrolled down your glowing screen and debated whether you should listen to this or not.

And although this WILL surely happen to some people.

We do NOT want to see that happen to you.

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

BUT THE SECOND PATH begins when you step through the door you'll find just a little further down the page.

On this path, you'll experience explosive growth on your Instagram account.

You'll be the one with new opportunities. You can be the one people are taking seriously. You can be the one glowing with credibility and authority.

And you can be the one with the coveted landslide of success.

Is that the world you want to live in?

If the answer is a fervent, hands-shaking, "YES I WANT ALL THAT" then all you have to do is pick from the affordable plans below.

One small decision. One BIG change in your level of success on Instagram.

What are you waiting for?

It's time to choose your path...

What will your future be??

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

We Have The Most Flexible & Affordable Plans In The Marketplace

Pick Your Growth Plan From Below Now!

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

Silver 3k

2,500 - 3,500 followers
South American Based Followers
1 Loop Giveaway
Fast & Safe Delivery
Dedicated account manager

Gold 5k

4,000 - 6,000 followers
South American based followers
1 Loop Giveaway
Fast & Safe Delivery
Dedicated account manager

Platinum 10k

8,000 - 12,000 followers
South American based followers
1 Loop Giveaway
Fast & Safe Delivery
Dedicated account manager

(Still not sure? Let’s get you fixed up...)

Common Questions & Concerns

What happens after I sign up (influencer marketing)?

After you sign up there will be an automated email stating we need up to 48 hours to place you into a promotion. After we find a promotion to put your account into, your account manager will reach out to you via email with all the details.

Do I have to do anything after I sign up?

After signing up the only thing you will need to do is provide your username you’d like to use for the campaign.  Our website will automatically bring you to this page after payment is settled.  After that, all you will need to do is wait for your account manager to reach out with the details of your promotion.

Will you assign an influencer that is catered to my niche?

We will certainly do our best to match you with an influencer that is catered to your niche, but we cannot promise this because it depends on the availability of the influencers we have on our roster.

Why wouldn’t I just contact the influencer myself?

Social Sensei has built an extensive network of influencers already and has access to wholesale pricing. Also important, Social Sensei promotes multiple clients at a time in a single campaign which makes the cost significantly lower than purchasing a one-off from the influencer directly. This drastically brings down the cost while giving you access to a more powerful influencer.

The price is too high per follower. 

Our prices are very competitive to the industry market price. The price you would pay for Instagram ads would not garnish the same results our service delivers. Plus, running an Instagram ad doesn't ensure you'll receive the number of followers you want. It’s a complete roll of the dice. You might outperform our service, but we highly doubt it.

Is there a contract with your service?

No, all of our subscriptions are month-to-month where you are automatically subscribed unless you cancel it.

Is it possible to target 'xyz' country and/or demographic?

We will do our best to pair you up with an influencer that is in your desired demographic, but we only offer advanced targeting at our enterprise levels as we have a rotation of influencers that we work with. Therefore Global & US plans are subject to what influencers we have available to run a promotional campaign with.

The minimum follower to maximum follower estimate is a large gap.

These minimum follower numbers are estimates, in most cases, we have seen the growth exceed this estimate. Don’t forget that your promotional campaign can also exceed the maximum number of followers at no cost to you!

Do you accept checks or ACH?

Currently, we can only accept debit/credit cards.  We do not accept checks or ACH payments.

Is it safe to “buy or gain real Instagram followers organically?

It's important to make a distinction between "buying fake followers" and using Social Sensei. We do NOT sell fake followers for your Instagram account. And buying followers can, in fact, be dangerous for your account. What we do is promote your account through influencer marketing—which is 100% SAFE and super effective!

What is “celebrity endorsements and marketing strategy?”

It's the heart of how we help you reach your goals. We have an amazing network of powerful influencers and celebrities that we use to promote your account to MILLIONS of people in the best-targeted location for you. As a marketing strategy, this helps you drive thousands of new followers to your account—thereby increasing your credibility (through social proof) and giving you a landslide of exposure—faster than any other safe method on Instagram.

Will Social Sensei help me “drive thousands of followers to Instagram account with influencer marketing?”

That's the plan! And one of the greatest things about working with us is—if you don't reach the number of followers you paid for—we'll keep working for you for FREE until you reach your goals. We're the only one in the marketplace who offers our amazing Social Sensei promise—and we do it because we genuinely care!

Are these followers going to be engaged on my page?

We don't sell "mind-control" services. So, we can’t promise you'll get engagement on your page—simply because users still have their own free will. We cannot control their actions.

However, we do have plenty of free content to support you in effectively engaging with your newfound following. Feel free to access our blog posts, ebooks, and strategies to get the most out of your experience.

It’s important that you post quality content consistently to keep your audience excited about your page. We have social media strategy packages as well if you would like a more hands-on approach to ensuring that your account has the perfect game plan to engage with your followers.

⬇⬇                          ⬇⬇

Start Growing Now!

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