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37 Facts on Instagram Marketing this 2020

Planning your Instagram marketing strategy for 2020? Make sure you know all you need to know about the platform before starting! Here are 37 things about Instagram that we’ve compiled to make your life easier.

1. Instagram ranks second as the most downloaded app on the Apple store.

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram continues to attract new users to its app, second only to Youtube in 2018. But hey! This year’s numbers aren’t out yet so there’s still some chance that Instagram has finally made it to the top.

2. Instagram is part of the top 10 most popular searches on Google

Yup, Instagram has positioned itself in Google’s top-ranking searches, getting the tenth spot in the shortlist. This says a lot since Instagram is not primarily accessed through the world wide web. Other keywords that ranked on Google are Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Amazon, as well as more generic keywords such as videos, weather, and news.

3. Some countries don’t display the number of likes or views that posts have on Instagram

Countries such as New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Brazil, and Australia, have hidden the number of likes and views that posts have on the platform. As a result, some content creators have noted a decrease in the level of engagement. If you are creating content for demographics in any of the countries mentioned, it would be best to come up with powerful content on Instagram to encourage engagement.

4. The number of users on Instagram has hit the 1 billion mark

When Zuckerberg first acquired Instagram way back in 2012, there were only 30 million Instagram users. Now, Instagram is finally logging 1 billion active users per month, coming only second to Facebook as a social networking app. It currently ranks fifth among all social media platforms in terms of its number of users.

5. Some 500 million users post Instagram Stories every day

This feature of Instagram is proving to be more and more effective especially for brand accounts since half a billion of Instagram users are using this feature daily.

6. Users from the US are not the majority on Instagram

You might be expecting users from the U.S. to be the majority on Instagram, but the truth is, they only make up 11% of the total user count. True, the US tops the list in terms of the number of users that come from the country, but they’re only 110 million users strong, and there are 1 billion users on Instagram. 

Other countries that top the number of Instagram users come from Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Russia.

7. It is estimated that there will be 112.5 million Instagram users in the US by 2020

That means, next year, the number of U.S. users will increase by 5.4% from this year. So although Americans are not the majority on the app, they make a significant number, and there are no signs of this increase slowing down in the foreseeable future. 

8. Instagram is gaining the most number of new users in Canada

Canadians are catching up, with a 20.4% user growth to show for the past year. The report from eMarketer predicts more growth for the app’s users by 2020 and estimates that there will be 12.6 million users from the country by that time.

9. Brunei ranks first in the list of highest Instagram percentage reach.

Did you know that 60% of the population in Brunei has access to Instagram? Following Brunei are Iceland, Turkey, Sweden, and Kuwait. So if you are creating content for any of these countries, Instagram posts are the best way to reach your target audience.

10. US teens prefer Instagram over other social network platforms

The only app that US teens open more than Instagram is YouTube, but it’s not even clear whether YouTube can be considered a social network.

11. More than a third of American adults are on Instagram.

Most Instagram users belong to the 18 to 24 age group, but statistics show that American adults are catching up.

12. The proportion of male to female users on Instagram is almost even

Did you know that there are as many males as there are females on Instagram? 52% are females while the remaining 48% are males.

13. More than 60% of Instagram users log in every day

That’s 63% to be exact. And from this percentage, 42% log in more than once per day.

14.  This 2020, users will be spending at least 28 minutes on the app every day

This figure is a 1-minute increase compared to this year. However, it is important to note that users are now spending less time on Facebook. And for the first time, this year, Instagram is getting a bit more attention than Snapchat.

15. Roughly 200 million users check out at least one business account daily

That’s a large chunk of the 63% who open their accounts at least once a day. So, investing in your Instagram feed is well worth the budget. 

16. 62% of users say that seeing a brand or a product’s post on Instagram Stories makes them  more interested in it

So, if you’re not yet posting your products and brand on Stories, it would be wise to start doing so now.

17. 11% of those who use social media in the US do online shopping through Instagram

That may not seem to be a huge percentage, but this is significant. It means that in every ten people who use Instagram, one would check out what you have to offer them on Instagram. Also, did you know that some 81% of users check out a product or company on Instagram before purchasing them?

18. Every month, an average of 130 million users tap on Instagram shopping posts

It is, therefore, no surprise that content creators are now looking at creating Instagram posts as a major part of their marketing budget.

19. Half a billion Instagram accounts use the Explore tab on Instagram every month

This Explore tab feature allows users to navigate to public feeds and see what posts are trending on Instagram. So, this is also a good place to promote your products because it is where your target market usually is. 

20. Instagram users prefer posting red apple emojis than green ones for their #BackToSchool posts

Again, this fact might sound insignificant, but knowing that this is the emoji that the younger generation is using, it gives us insights on how to better reach out to them.

21. Most users like using the heart love Giphy sticker for their stories

Just last 2018, some 14 billion heart emojis have been used, and the most famous face filter used is the heart face.

22. Instagram is considered to be a news source by 14% of US adults

This means that Instagram comes second only after Facebook, so it’s worth considering advertising your products on Facebook. Come to think of it, most users on Instagram are guys, so if you are planning to promote products for girls, Instagram is the best way to go around it.

23. In terms of potential advertising reach, Instagram is reaching 849.3 million users

Did you know that Instagram is reaching at least 14% of those aged 13 and over that? This means that advertising on Instagram is slowly taking traction among the masses.

24. Youth advertising on Instagram can reach an audience of up to 52.9 million

Of the audience that you’re going to reach, 52.9 million are teens. This means that Instagram ranks third in terms of youth advertising, next to Facebook and Snapchat.

25. Instagram influencers are paid between $100 to $2,085 for each post

Yes, influencers are paid that much on Instagram just to model a product. The price goes higher when videos are shot instead of just photos.

26. U.S. marketers mainly spend 69% on Instagram influencers 

There is so much potential in Instagram as a really good advertising tool, and apparently, marketers are sensing that too! 

27. U.S. marketers spend 31% on Instagram Stories ads

Balance is the key when it comes to marketing. So, although marketers are now looking at Instagram Stories as a great way to advertise, the rest of the time, most marketers spend on creating posts to add to their feed.

28. Projected ad revenues for 2020 is $12.32 billion

By the year 2020, ad revenues are foreseen to take the jump from $9.08 billion this year to that amount next year.

29. The best way to promote your products to 73% of US teens is through Instagram

Remember, U.S. teens prefer Instagram over any other app, so if they are your target market, better consider posting on Instagram.

30. This 2020, 75.3% of businesses will be on Instagram

By next year, the competition will be tougher on Instagram as more businesses create accounts on the platform. Of course, Facebook is still the leader in terms of this, but Instagram is slowly catching up. If your company is not yet on Instagram, it’s about time that you are.

31. Business accounts feature an average of 2.5 stories weekly

Relax, you don’t have to post Stories 24/7 just to be noticed by your target audience. Focusing instead on the content of our marketing posts are even more important. 

32. A third of Instagram Stories posts are by brand accounts 

Don’t miss out on this chance to make yourself visible to your target audience. Plan out what you can post on Stories.

33. 60% of business accounts use interactive elements for their Instagram Stories 

That means more than the majority are actually into using those elements such as @mentions, tags, polls, et cetera. These buttons allow for more engagement of posts. And in fact, those who use stickers on their pots generally gain more views than those who don’t.

34. Short brand Stories are more effective for gaining audiences

People just don’t have the time to spare for lengthy videos. So, the shorter your message is on Instagram, the more likely your audience is going to listen.

35. Next to Facebook, Instagram has 10.7% social referral shares 

Compared to Facebook’s percentage, Instagram has a lot more to go to beat that social network giant. But we’re getting there. 

36. Usage of stickers for posts help enhance your brand or product 

Just to emphasize, using stickers for your video posts increase the appeal of your post for as much as 83% of the time. However, just be careful that your use of stickers doesn’t end up cluttering your post’s visuals.

37. Most users prefer viewing How-to video content on Instagram

This is a great tip to remember just in case you run out of ideas for your next Instagram post. The other content ideas that people love are behind-the-scenes clippings, followed by interviews and news.


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