Top 10 Instagram Marketing Strategies For Brands In 2024

Instagram is one of the most highly engaging social media platforms for brands to engage with their audience and drive sales. With over 2.35 billion monthly active users, there’s huge potential for growth on the platform.


Turn Posts Into Storefronts with Shopping Features

The Instagram Shopping tools offer a major opportunity for brands to turn their feeds into literal digital storefronts. When you tag products in posts, Stories, and Reels, users can learn about what you offer and buy seamlessly without leaving the app.


Jump on the Viral Reels Train

At this point, Reels are pretty much unavoidable on Instagram. And for good reason – these short, fun vertical videos are a prime way for brands to flaunt their personality and creativity to new audiences.


Go Live to Engage Followers in Real Time

Live video used to feel intimidating, but it’s time to get over that Instagram Live fear in 2024! Going Live allows you to have raw, authentic conversations with your audience in real time.


Partner With Nano and Micro-Influencers

Big celebrity influencers with millions of followers may seem super appealing. But for many brands, nano and micro influencers are much more accessible financially while still providing stellar ROI.

Top 10 Instagram Marketing Strategies For Brands In 2024