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Please review our frequently asked questions first and if your question can not be answered please submit a support ticket below.


Our team will e-mail you back at the contact e-mail you used when signing up.  If you have not received an e-mail from us please contact us using the form below.

Once your account is all setup you will start seeing growth within hours & real results within days.  Please keep in mind we attract authentic followers to your Instagram account as such growth is slow & steady.  You will not receive thousands of fake followers instantaneously like some other services offer.  Remember the turtle wins the race!

Tip: You can increase your growth by upgrading your plan to the more robust business plans and working directly with our team of growth specialists.

Once you sign up you are assigned an account manager who will e-mail you directly to setup your account with the proper hashtags & usernames to target a relevant audience and more.

Awesome!  Just make sure to e-mail us your Instagram username, new target hashtags, usernames, or locations and we will update them on for you within 24 hours.

Billing & Subscription

Unfortunately this is not possible at this time.  Please contact us and we can cancel your current subscription and get you setup with a new PayPal account.

Please e-mail us to let us know what plan you would like to change or upgrade to and we can make the change.  PayPal & Stripe do not allow us to change payments 72 hours within a scheduled subscription payment.

Sorry to see you go, but there are two easy ways to cancel your subscription.  You can click here and click on “change subscription” to cancel your paypal subscription or you can email your account manager directly at [email protected] and we can cancel your subscription for you.

If you have insufficient funds in your selected payment method you will receive this message and Social Sensei’s service will be temporarily suspended.  Please ensure that funds are available and the correct payment method is being used within PayPal.  If both of these things are true please contact PayPal or Stripe as there may be an issue on their end.

If you have a concern about a payment or require a refund please contact us and our account manager will work directly with you to resolve the issue.

Social Sensei FAQ

Yes, you can continue to use your account regularly.  You can stay focused on creating awesome content for your followers while we handle all the heavy lifting of growing your account.

Yes, absolutely!  Social Sensei does not sell instantaneous fake followers.  We drive real followers that actually care about what you post to your account.  You will be gaining authentic followers that are choosing to follow you.

Yes, our service is flexible and if you want to activate or deactivate certain features we can work with you to ensure that your needs are met.  Feel free to contact your account manager at [email protected]  if you need anything.

You can always upgrade your account to the Influencer or Business plan to improve your targeting and accelerate your growth.  In addition you can visit learn about the top 20 do’s and don’ts of Instagram to help optimize your account.

Yes, you can keep your Instagram account private.  However we recommend you keep your account public to maximize growth.

No.  Any followers you have gained while using Social Sensei’s service are yours until they decide to unfollow you.  The followers that you have gained are following you because they chose to and show an interest in your Instagram feeds content.

Please reach out to your account manager and they will be able to assist you in getting the proper hashtags, username, & locations to target.

Yes, you can, but please contact us if you do so that you do not experience any issues with Social Sensei’s service.

Other services set you up and forget you as a client.  Here at Social Sensei we are hands on with optimizing your growth.  The longer you use Social Sensei the better your growth will be as we are constantly tweaking your account to ensure you are getting the best results.  When you win, we win!

We can actively filter ghost profiles and ensure you are only being followed by real Instagram users.

Additionally, we have the best customer support.  We will always respond within 24 hours to e-mail inquiries and you can setup a skype call with us to discuss your account Monday through Friday.  We care about your success and want to ensure you are satisfied with the results you are getting from Social Sensei.

Every account no matter what plan you are on will have a personalized account manager that is available to you to chat with.

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