Gain high quality followers and convert them into sales with targeted loop giveaways.

Work with influencers in your target niche to gain high quality followers that are interested in the products and services you sell to increase brand exposure and make more sales.

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Achieve Social Sensei Success for your brand, product, or service

Launch your next anything with a loop giveaway

Quickly launch campaigns

Schedule a call with our team to let us know what your goals are and you are off to the races.

Match with influencers

Fill out a creative brief and we will pair you with the perfect influencer for your brand.

Run your loop giveaway

Pick the prize and the creative direction for the loop giveaway to ensure everything is aligned to your brand.

Match with influencers who love your brand

Stop using search tools. Use Social Sensei, we find influencers who are the top match for your campaign goals.

"We launched a campaign with Social Sensei quickly and easily and got to choose from such an authentic roster of creators that were the perfect fit for our brand."

Brittany Doll, Marketing Manager

Targeted Followers

Match with the perfect influencer based on their content, target niche, and audience demographics such as location, age, gender, and even interests.  By targeting look-a-like audiences you have a high chance of converting a follower into an authentic lead.

"With #socialsensei, the results have been fantastic.  We’ve seen our CPA and ROI come in well above the bar, and we’ve seen thousands of leads generated."

Eva Tang, Head of Marketing Innovation

Easy Setup - Guaranteed Influencer Matches - Cancel Anytime

How It Works

Build and reach your audience with influencer generated content that’s more relatable to your customers.

Launch your campaign easily

The experts at Social Sensei use your brief to match you with the top influencers ideal for your campaign.

Opted-in: All influencers are pre-qualified before you ever see them—rates and all

Hit target market: Only choose from influencers who reach your target market

Get creative: Influencers pitch their loop giveaway concepts for your review—it's really fun

Let’s create together

Stay in touch, on track, and on time throughout the creative process.

Creative direction: This is a campaign that only features your account, so you can offer creative direction for the photo, story, video and caption and the influencer will create it for you

Friendly reminders: Know when content is ready for approval and when it'll go live

Real support: Your success manager is always there for you, supporting you every step of the way

Approve everything
before it's live

Nothing goes live until you're satisfied.

Brand safety: Jump into each piece of content and preview the exact look, feel, and caption before the world sees it

Feedback: Share feedback directly with your success manager on a preview of each post

Scheduling: Know when content is due for approval and when it's scheduled to go live

$5,000 per campaign - Minimum Retainer


There is a minimum investment of $5,000 per campaign which includes all agency fees, influencer costs, and acts as a retainer from which you will draw your funds for your campaign.  For example:  Based on your specific goals this could be working with one larger influencer that costs $5,000 or it could be working with ten smaller influencers that cost $500 each.  The great thing is that the experts at Social Sensei are with you every step of the way and can help you come up with the perfect strategy to achieve your goals.   To get started all we require is a $999 deposit.

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Average rates based on following and deliverables

Loop Giveaway Influencer Rates

Instagram Influencer Marketing Rates

What is a loop giveaway?


Loop Giveaway Example

You don't have to give away $20,000 and you can customize the caption however you like as it is all custom tailored to your brand and business objectives.  Everything depends on your goals and target audience.  The goal of this campaign was to gain 100,000+ followers in the USA and create brand association with an A-list celebrity.