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Generate stellar ROI's with authentic ads that fit in naturally with your audience by getting consumers talking about your brand and buying your products with micro influencer and creator marketing.

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We’ll send you a smart brief to help us pair you with the perfect content creator/s for your brand.

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Have fun selecting from a variety of ideas and concepts on how to promote your brand to the creators audience.

We deliver creators who love your brand

Meet influencers with hyper-relevant followings who are genuinely excited about your brand.

"We launched a campaign with Social Sensei quickly and easily and got to choose from such an authentic roster of creators that were the perfect fit for our brand."

Brittany Doll, Marketing Manager

Sell like you're not the one selling

Run powerful word-of-mouth ad campaigns directly from influencer accounts.  They perform better than the ads you're used to.

"With #socialsensei, the results have been fantastic.  We’ve seen our CPA and ROI come in well above the bar, and we’ve seen thousands of leads generated."

Eva Tang, Head of Marketing Innovation

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How It Works

Build and reach your audience with creator generated content that’s more relatable to your customers.

Fund your creator account Monthly retainer: There is no minimum ad spend per month month!  Set your budget that you can choose to spend on one influencer or multiple influencers across Instagram stories, photos, carousels, or video posts. Management: We charge a flat rate of 20% ad spend fee per campaign for Social Sensei to do all the research, develop relationships, match you with the perfect influencer, and manage all communication and contracts.  You just focus on picking the influencer and approving the creative for the campaign. Minimum campaign budget must be $5,000. How does that breakdown? As an example that means Social Sensei would charge a $1000 agency fee and you would have $4000 to spend on influencers.

We deliver the perfect influencers

The experts at Social Sensei use your brief to match you with creators ideal for your campaign.

Opted-in: All creators are pre-qualified and professional influencers before you ever see them—rates and all.

Hit target market: Only choose from creators who reach your target market.  You can break down demographics by age, gender, location, and even interests.

Your influencers “pitch” you their ideas Come with creative: Creators pitch their campaign concepts for your review—it's really fun. Add in your two cents: You can pitch your own creative ideas for your campaign. Expert guidance: The experts at Social Sensei will help you craft the perfect strategy and creative to reach your desired goals for your campaign.

We support you through the process

Stay in touch, on track, and on time throughout the creative process.

Centralize communication: Stay aligned with your success manager on your campaign—all in one place

Automated reminders: Know when content is ready for approval and when it'll go live

Real support: Your success manager is in the chat, supporting you every step of the way

Approve everything before it's live

Nothing goes live until you're satisfied.

Brand safety: Jump into each piece of content and preview the exact look, feel, and caption before the world sees it

Feedback: Share feedback directly with your success manager on a preview of each post

Scheduling: Know when content is due for approval and when it's scheduled to go live

Launch and watch sales pour in!

Engage with your audience: Sit back and relax or engage with questions and comments on the post real time.

Powerful call to action: Turn your Instagram into another sales vertical with expert advice from Social Sensei on how to turn your Instagram into a high powered sales funnel.

The Social Sensei Way

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Instagram Influencer Average Rates

Learn why Instagram influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing channel

Why creator marketing?

  • For every $1 brands spend on influencer marketing, they make an average of $5.78. (Databox)
  • 92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source.
  • 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support (up from 86% in 2017). (Stackla)
  • 79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions. (Stackla)

Clearly marketing more authentically through influencers and user generated content is the next-gen solution for stacking your wallet full of paper—and Social Sensei makes it easy for brands to get started.

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