Gain targeted Instagram followers, boost engagement, or generate more leads with mass direct message campaigns.

Reach up to 5,000,000 people in your target audience via direct messages in a week.

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Send up to 1,000,000 direct messages to your target audience to drive traffic to your account

What can I accomplish with this new strategy?

Identify Growth Goals

Gain Targeted Followers

Run your own custom loop giveaway where you get to create the content, the caption, and provide the prize. Drive targeted traffic that not only wants to win the prize but is already interested in the type of content you create. Boost your following with high quality followers to help increase engagement and drive more sales.

Open The Doors of Opportunity

Boost Engagement

Target specific niches and audiences based on their interests and who they follow to drive traffic to your account that already loves the type of content you produce. This will boost engagement and help you build a community of raving fans that will support all your future endeavors.

Increase Leads & Sales

Increase Sales

Pitch potential new clients through third party word of mouth marketing and find people that are actively interested in the product or service you are offering. Generate more sales and leads by offering a freebie to get them through the door and then close the sale once they are in your ecosystem. Turn your followers into a goldmine with Social Sensei.

How does it work?

Execute The Perfect Gameplan

Select Your Plan

Select how many messages you want to send and sign up. If you want to send more than 150,000 DM’s contact us at [email protected] for enterprise options as we can send up to 1,000,000 DM’s at a time.

Target Audience

Target Your Audience

Provide us with 3 to 5 Instagram usernames that have more than 25,000+ followers, so that we can target their followers with your direct message. You want to find people that have followings of the type of followers you want to engage with that way they will already love the product or service you provide and the content you create.

Creator Marketing

Customize Your Direct Message

Each message is customized with the Instagram user’s name to make it more authentic. Our service will deliver all messages within a few days after you provide us with all of the necessary information to get your campaign started. You can customize your message anyway you would like and our team of experts will help you craft your message with proven strategies that work to help you reach your campaign goals.

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Industry Averages

Cost Per Follower

Online Ads

$2.50 - $5


Influencer Marketing

$1.75 - $3.50


Mass Direct Messages

$.75 - $1.50


Loop Giveaway

$.10 - .25


The Process



Flexible Month To Month Plans

Our monthly plans offer direct message campaigns up to 250k DM's.  We also offer one time enterprise campaigns that can send up to 1 million DM's to your target audience.  You can focus on gaining followers, increasing engagement, driving leads and sales, or do a little bit of everything.  After you sign up, our team of experts will help you craft the perfect direct message to reach your goals on Instagram.


Get the word out about your offering to the world.
100,000 DM’s
Targeted Audience
Fast Delivery
Dedicated Account Manager


Make a splash and let everyone know what you have to offer.
175,000 DM’s
Targeted Audience
Fast Delivery
Dedicated Account Manager


Rocket launch onto the scene and increase brand exposure.
250,000 DM’s
Targeted Audience
Fast Delivery
Dedicated Account Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

It’s simple!

Social Sensei will send your direct message from our network of Instagram accounts to the followers of the Instagram usernames you want to target. We do not send the direct messages from your Instagram account directly. Depending on how many direct messages you want to send it may take a few days for complete delivery.

Select 3 to 5 usernames that have over 25,000 followers that you want Social Sensei to target. We will send direct messages to their followers from our network of Social Sensei accounts with your own custom message.

You cannot include a URL link in your custom message as it will be marked as spam, but we can drive the traffic back to your Instagram account, so that you will gain followers and convert them into sales via the link in your bio and call to actions in your content on your feed.  Max 1,000 characters are allowed in the direct message you send out.

Now it’s up to you to close the sale by engaging with your new followers and leads.

Is my account safe?

In 99.9% of instances yes, but we cannot guarantee account safety. In very rare cases it is possible that your account may get shadowbanned or action blocked. Social Sensei is not liable if your account gets shadowbanned or action blocked and this is a risk that all of our clients have to understand before signing up.

This is due to messages potentially being marked as spam by too many other users, so when you provide us your message you will want to make sure it is not overly salesy. Our team will raise a red flag to you and notify you if we feel your message may be marked as spam before they are sent out.  Working with our team to help you fine tune your direct message will ensure your account will be positioned to not be marked for spam.

How long does it take to deliver all of the direct messages?

It takes anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on how many direct messages you want to send.

Do you need my password?

We do not need your password to your account. We only need your Instagram username.

Are the direct messages sent to real Instagram users?

Yes, prior to sending out the direct messages we do our best to scrape all of the targeted followers for fake accounts, inactive accounts, and ghost accounts and remove them from the targeted list.

Can I use automation services simultaneously in conjunction with Social Sensei services?

We advise against using automation services along with Social Sensei. It can lead to password resets, temporary blocks or shadow bans for your Instagram account.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the delivery of Social Sensei service we do not offer refunds as we guarantee that you will receive exactly what you pay for.  We only offer refunds in the case that the service was not delivered or you cancelled before your campaign has been scheduled to run.

I signed up for Social Sensei, what happens next?

You will receive an automated email within 10 minutes and then your dedicated account manager will reach out to you within 48 hours to let you know when your account has been setup within our system. During this time you’ll want to craft your direct message and select 3 to 5 Instagram usernames, so that we can target their followers with your campaign.

If for whatever reason you do not receive an e-mail please make sure to contact your dedicated account manager at [email protected]