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Increased sign ups by 105%

Nu Mundo was looking to increase brand awareness through driving traffic from their social media page to their website.  By increasing traffic Nu Mundo expected to get more sign ups to build an email list.

Problem: Not enough traffic being pushed to website.

Solution: In a 4 month campaign Social Sensei targeted demographics directly correlating to Nu Mundo’s brand.  Through targeted community engagement and specific call to action’s Nu Mundo was able to see an increase in sign ups by 105%.


Increased engagement by 60%

The DNA Life needed to increase their engagement percentage to appeal to brands looking to sponsor influencers.

Problem: Engagement was at an all time low due to inactivity.

Solution: Create a 14 day schedule of content, discovered 30+ active hashtags to rank in, targeting community engagement.  Over a course of 4 months The DNA Life saw a 60% increase in engagement.


Increased followers by 85%

@g.klang22 wanted to increase her follower count and engagement for her personal page.

Problem: Unsure how to use hashtags to drive traffic to their Instagram page.

Solution:  Social Sensei discovered 30+ hashtags that were active.  By using these hashtags, @g.klang22 was able to rank in the top 9 tiles of those hashtags, thus resulting in more traffic from people searching those hashtags.  @g.klang22 saw an increase of 85% in follower growth over a 2 month period.



"I've been pleasantly surprised with the results that Social Sensei was able to deliver.  Engagement & followers are up across the board.  Certainly looking forward to see what the following months bring."

"100% of our clients are from social media so naturally we wanted to try out Social Sensei's service.  We would recommend using Social Sensei to help you procure more clients on Instagram.  It works wonders."


“I’ve kept a close eye on who was following me during the weeks I’ve used Social Sensei.  I can confirm the engagement & conversations were real.  It's great to know that I'm building a loyal audience that loves my videos. All around awesome service!”


“Amazing results within the first week!  I've doubled my followers in a month.  Thank you so much Social Sensei, highly recommended!”


“With the help of Social Sensei's team we went from around 1,000 followers to over 20,000+ followers in a few months.  Couldn't be happier with the service & strategies provided by Social Sensei.”



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